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In celebration of BIMBOS IN SHOWBIZ, the PULP INFORMER had a chat with one of the most talented BIMBOS currently working in movies.

Ms. Whorenski, or "MEDIA-WHORE" as the public knows her, has been "acting" for over 20 years. She's made a lot of friends AND enemies along the path to SLUT-STARDOM.

She's also won many prestigious awards. In fact, Ms. Whorenski was recently honored with the coveted PLATINUM TAMPON award.

Most people outside of the trash-cinema arena have never heard of her, but that's not the point. I mean, she's "a-legend-in-her-own-mind", and that's the only thing that matters.....

PULP INFORMER: Which famous directors have you worked for?
MEDIA-WHORE: I've worked with countless FAMOUS and talented directors! Such as, Dick Pussini, Charles Pervistein, and Sam Jerkoffsky!
PULP INFORMER: I've never heard of them.
MEDIA-WHORE: What's your point?

PULP INFORMER: Which new projects are you working on?
MEDIA-WHORE: I'm so happy you asked me that... I've just finished working on KILLER KITTENS AND THE KAPPUCCINO KLAN KATASTROPHE!... It should be out next month!... During one scene, I suck on the breasts of five BIMBOS... The director said, it was the most emotionally profound tit-sucking scene he had ever witnessed... In fact, I think the entire crew was moved, because there were used tissues all over the floor...
PULP INFORMER: "MOVED?"... Yeah, right....
MEDIA-WHORE: What do you mean by that?
PULP INFORMER: Nothing, let's move on....

PULP INFOMER: In the past, you've said that you're not ashamed of anything you have done... If that's true, why do still use a pseudonym?
MEDIA-WHORE: Well, if my fans want to see more of me, wink-wink, they can sign up to become a member of my fan club... I've just updated my online gallery... I'm especially proud of a new photoshoot called "OPEN SESAME".
PULP INFORMER: That's NOT answering the question, and you're just using this interview to pulg yourself.
MEDIA-WHORE: What's your point?

PULP INFORMER: Why have you lied about doing porn in the early part of your career?
MEDIA-WHORE: Because, I've NEVER done pornography!... Just because I've stuck my tongue in other women's vaginas - and they've done the same to me - does not make me a lezzy!... It's not real, I'm just acting. BUTT, I'm so talented and enjoy my work so much, that people think it's real... I've performed oral sex on a few actors and actresses, BUTT these roles called for it, and I'm an ARTIST, who was creating ART!... I've also done foot-jobs, hand-jobs, and performed oral sex in print magazines, BUTT, as I said before, I was creating ART!

PULP INFORMER: Doesn't your true "talent" consist of you taking off your clothes in front of the camera?... Also, why do continue to treat yourself like a commodity, and then complain when you're objectified?
MEDIA-WHORE: I purchased a new dress yesterday, like it?
PULP INFORMER: What the hell are you talking about?
MEDIA-WHORE: Thank you for the compliment!

PULP INFORMER: Why doesn't anyone outside the low-budget world take you seriously?
MEDIA-WHORE: I don't know... I mean, I am a serious "actress"!... I spread my legs, on and off the set, to make this a more beautiful world... And what thanks do I get?!... The mainstream media is full of shit!... The major studios won't hire me because the "studio" actresses are jealous!... It's a conspiracy against independent "actresses"!!!!!

PULP INFORMER: What have you, and other BIMBOS, contributed to cinematic history?
MEDIA-WHORE: We've contributed a lot!... and we keep contributing!... BUTT, the "mainstream media" won't publically acknowledge our talents!... sure, some casting directors will PRIVATELY acknowledge our various "talents". For example, I was recently praised for my ability to "SUCK", both on AND off screen, BUTT he never spread the word in public!... ANYWAY, they won't take us seriously because we work in low-budget movies, AND perform sex acts in publications, AND perform sex acts on film, AND perform sex acts on the internet, AND perform sexual favors to get roles in films, AND because we constantly contradict ourselves, AND because we're hypocrite-whores with little or NO talent,... In other words, the "mainstream media" hates us for FRIVOLOUS reasons!... I'll bet you didn't think I knew what that word meant, did you?
PULP INFORMER: No, I didn't!

PULP INFORMER: Why do you and other BIMBOS always say derogatory things about Jennifer Love Hewitt?... Why are you ENVIOUS?
MEDIA-WHORE: I don't understand the question.
PULP INFORMER: There seems to be a lot of things you "don't understand".

PULP INFORMER: You constantly whine about the "studio system", and yet, you never stop trying to get jobs from them, and you yearn for their approval. Don't you think, that's incredibly hypocritical?
MEDIA-WHORE: Thank you for asking about my schedule!... I'll be appearing at HACK-CON in June, and then start filming SLUT-ZOMBIES FROM SINcinnati in July!
PULP INFORMER: I did NOT ask about your schedule!
MEDIA-WHORE: You're welcome!

PULP INFORMER: Is it true, that you get the vast majority of your work AND publicity via nepotism, and certain other activities?
MEDIA-WHORE: WHAT THE FUCK?!, I've had enough of your honesty damn it!... STOP being HONEST!!!!... You're NOT supposed to notice those things!... You're supposed to treat me like a real actress!... You're supposed to kiss my USED-UP-ASS!... You're NOT supposed to be HONEST!... DAMN IT!... STOP BEING HONEST!
PULP INFORMER: So, you admit it's true?
MEDIA-WHORE: I'm sorry, could you repeat the question?
PULP INFORMER: I'm going to end this interview now...

FYI.... If you haven't figured it out, the above post was a rant. It's disguised as a MOCK interview because I wanted to do something different.

I had originally planned a multi-part rant about all the hypocrisy in showbiz. The main focus was going to be on actresses ( low-budget-bimbos VS studio-system actresses ).

However, I thought a shorter, more creative, and humorous rant was more appropriate.

On a related note, I want to say, it's comparatively easier to communicate with folks like David Cronenberg and Al Pacino, than it is to get a simple Q&A with folks that do NOT even qualify as minor-leaguers.

Their EGOS are far bigger than their careers / creative achievements. But you would never know that by their arrogance, narcissism, and boorish behavior....

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