Friday, January 25, 2013


If I remember correctly, I was still in school when this movie was released.

I've never forgotten the appearance of SUPER-CUTE Jill Whitlow, or the famous fullfrontals.

This movie is harmless fun. That's all.

The amount of HATE that most professional critics spat at this movie was ABSOLUTELY ABSURD!... They said many vile things. NOT just about the movie, but about it's writer / director Bob Clark ( 1939 – 2007 ).

Keep in mind, that many of these same critics, PRAISED that FUGITIVE-COWARD-AFTERBIRTH called POLANSKI!... That's proof of their TWISTED sense of values.

So who had THE LAST LAUGH?... It sure-as-hell WASN'T the critics! This movie spawned two sequels!

NO one is going to remember those SHIT-HOLE CRITICS! But, people have NOT forgotten about PORKY'S.

All three PORKY'S were released on VHS by FOX.

PORKY'S has been released on legit region one DVD many times, and in many forms - solo discs, and as part of collections ( by FOX ).

It has also been released on BLU-RAY by FOX.

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