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The last time I saw this documentary, was when it first aired on the PBS program called FRONTLINE ( that was a long time ago, folks ).

This is the story of Colleen Applegate AKA Shauna Grant, who moved from a wholesome-small-town, to a big-bad-city... Ok, let me make this perfectly clear... Cities are not bad, or good. They're just dirt, with structures built on them. Humans love blaming anything and everything for their stupid choices in life.

I have mixed feelings about Ms. Grant / Ms. Applegate, and everything that happen.

When she was still living in Minnesotta, Colleen overdosed on pills. Her parents felt, that she was NOT trying to commit suicide. They thought she just wanted attention.

There's a tendency to portray her as some sort of innocent victim. Which, she is not.
She was eighteen, NOT eight. She was an adult, and completely responsible for her decisions in life.

I think she fell in love with the money, the superficial adulation, and drugs. She was not unique in that respect.

In my opinion, the only difference between pornography and prostitution is a technicality in the law.

What's the saddest part of this story?... People like her, crash and burn every day.

When I was still living in Southern California, I knew countless imbeciles, that actually believed they would be discovered via porn movies. Which is absolutely absurd, and delusional!

Yes, sometimes important people in the so-called "legit" showbiz world will notice them, but NOT for the reasons they want!

Below are photos, quotes, and some of my thoughts....

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "This is where the story ends, Palm Springs California. Early in the evening, March 21 1984... A young woman laid thrashing on her bed with a bullet wound through her temple. A rifle laid beside her.

QUOTES BY BRENDA: "There was like two mattresses pushed together... on the bed, there was like a crease, and there was blood going all the way down the crease, but you couldn't see any blood on her"

QUOTES BY DOCTOR: "Her condition was hopeless, she was comatose, and she was going to die"

QUOTES BY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: "This is the weapon that was found at her side"

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "She was known as Shauna Grant, a star of X-RATED films. Her real name was Colleen.... Colleen Applegate from Farmington Minnesota. She left home when she was eighteen. When she died, she was twenty"

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "Mike Marcell, Colleen's boyfriend, soon left her and returned to Minnesota. Where he spread the news, that Colleen was involved in pornography. Marcell won't discuss it now. He says he just doesn't care about her"

QUOTES BY BRENDA: "She went back, to go to a friend's wedding, that was one of the girls that hung around with us, and she was kinda worried, the things they were saying, the girl's mother wouldn't let her in, she wouldn't let her in the church"

MY THOUGHTS: The girl's mother had the legal right to allow whomever she wanted into the church. However, her actions speak volumes about the hypocrisy of all these so-called virtuous folks. They think their shit doesn't stink. People in that town were buying the publications that Colleen was appearing in, and yet, they think they're morally superior to her. The folks that live in that "wholesome" town are just as hypocritical and depraved, as the rest of the world.

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "In that one year, Colleen performed in thirty X-RATED movies. She had an abortion. She contracted Herpes. She performed sex on camera with thirty-seven men"

MY THOUGHTS: Colleen was nominated at the EROTIC FILM AWARDS, and FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA was seated at the same table as Shauna. Folks like him, won't hire people like her, but they don't mind taking advantage of their postion in the so-called "legit film industry" for some good times.

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "Like Dorothy from Kansas, Colleen found herself in a dangerous forest, but there was no scarecrow along to help her find the way out"

QUOTES BY COLLEEN APPLEGATE ( from an audio recording ): "Maybe adults learn too much, maybe we should all go back to being kids. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a kid, and keep the honesty, be totally ignorant to hate, and loneliness, and disgust..."

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I love this documentary. They do NOT sugar-coat the truth.

Although, they occasionally portray her as some sort of angel, I still recommend you watch this.

I do NOT know if this was ever available on legit VHS, or DVD.

It is available on BOOTLEG VHS, and BOOTLEG DVDs.

I watched it ONLINE via YOUTUBE.

A tv movie based on her life, was made. It was called SHATTERED INNOCENCE, and was your typical bullshit version of "true" events... sanitized for your protection...

An actress named Jonna Lee starred in it.

If I remember correctly, SHATTERED INNOCENCE was available on VHS. However, I can NOT remember the name of the company that made it.

It's now available via MOD-DVD from WARNER BROS ( ARCHIVE COLLECTION ).