Sunday, August 28, 2016


I'm taking a break.

I'll be back in late September, or early October, or maybe not at all. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do.

I will still check-in every chance I get.

In the meantime, check out the links below ( NOT in alphabetical order ).

Maybe you'll find something you'll like.


The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

Angel's Flight

To My Great Chagrin ( Theodore Gottlieb aka Brother Theodore )

Theodore Gottlieb aka Brother Theodore ( Ludwig )

Theodore Gottlieb aka Brother Theodore ( Lizalotta Bendle )

When Ya Gotta Go...

Diary of a Nudist

64-65 NY World's Fair FUTURAMA Ride

World of Tomorrow ( part 1 of 6 )

Warm Up to Traci Lords

I Got 747's To Miami ( NATIONAL AIRLINES )

Real Don Steele Show ( 1974 part 4 )

Man in Space

Mars and Beyond

Panic in Needle Park

Marathon Man

Taxi Driver

3 Days Of The Condor


All the President's Men Revisited


Final Scene of Mad Men

Wonder Years DVD

The Equalizer DVD


Aquarius DVD

Masters Of Sex

Americans Declassified: The Cinematic Look

Chain Reaction

I Love You, Eddie Deezen

PEZ: From Austrian Invention to American Icon


Barnes & Noble ( store )

Hamilton Book ( store )

Dollar Tree ( store )

The Creeps ( magazine U.S.A. )

Penthouse ( magazine - United States edition )

Hustler ( magazine U.S.A. )

Wheels ( magazine from Australia )

Parabrisas ( magazine from Argentina )

Hemmings ( magazine U.S.A. )

Hot Rod ( magazine U.S.A. )

Car Kulture DeLuxe ( magazine U.S.A. )

Hard Case Crime ( books U.S.A. )

Feral House ( books U.S.A. )

Headpress ( books U.S.A. )

Arcadia Publishing ( books U.S.A. )

Taschen ( books Germany )

Bill Cotter ( writer U.S.A. )

George Pelecanos ( writer U.S.A. )

Robert Rosen ( writer U.S.A. )

Lawrence Block ( writer U.S.A. )

Stephen King ( writer U.S.A. )

Illustration ( magazine U.S.A. )


Salon Internacional del Automovil ( Buenos Aires Argentina )

Vancouver International Auto Show ( Canada )

Tampa Bay International Auto Show ( U.S.A. )

Sema ( Las Vegas U.S.A. - NOT open to the general public )

AIMExpo ( Orlando U.S.A. - open to the general public on Sat. and Sun. )

Seattle International Auto Show ( U.S.A. )

San Francisco International Auto Show ( U.S.A. )

San Diego International Auto Show ( U.S.A. )

Tokyo Motor Show ( Japan )

Mondial de l'Automobile ( Paris France )

Central Florida International Auto Show ( Orlando U.S.A. )

Chicago Auto Show ( U.S.A. )

Los Angeles Auto Show ( U.S.A. )

New York International Auto Show ( U.S.A. )

Detroit Auto Show aka North American International Auto Show ( U.S.A. )

Moscow International Auto Salon ( Russia )

Mid-America Trucking Show ( Louisville U.S.A. )

Expo Transporte ( Guadalajara Mexico - NOT open to the general public )

Geneva International Motor Show ( Switzerland )

IAA ( Frankfurt and Hanover - Germany )

Auto China ( Beijing China )

Salon Internacional del Automovil ( Barcelona Spain )

Orange County International Auto Show ( Anaheim U.S.A. )

Australian International Motor Show ( Sydney and Melbourne Australia )... Apparently, the Australian show is now history.


I Say Nothing ( Voice of the Beehive )

Channel Z ( B-52's )

Jealous ( Gene Loves Jezebel )

Baby I Don't Care ( Transvision Vamp )

Photograph ( Def Leppard )

Valley Girl ( Moon Zappa )

Through Being Cool ( Devo )

Freedom Of Choice ( Devo )

Just Like Heaven ( Cure )

Circus Cosmos ( Alu )

When I Kiss You ( Sparks )

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere ( Dwight Yoakam )

Stratosfear ( Tangerine Dream )

Me Conformo ( performed by Marisol y Robert Conrad - clip from the movie 'La Nueva Cenicienta' )

Vart Skall Min Kärlek Föra ( Agnetha Fältskog )

Night Swim ( Frankie Rose )

Get On The Carousel ( ABBA )

Knock Three Times ( Tony Orlando & Dawn )

Las de la Intuicion ( Shakira )

Fascination ( Human League )

The Locomotion ( Grand Funk Railroad )

FYI - I captured all screengrabs from online videos.

Partial lyrics to I SAY NOTHING ( by Mike Jones and Tracey Bryn ).....

"There is a place somewhere
some times you'll find me there
and If I am alone
I will be sitting on the stairs"

"I'll be as good as new.
one of the lucky few
who's laughing at the joke
and as I leave I laugh for you"

"But I say nothing... I talk to no-one.
I know what I believe... don't need to wear it on my sleeve.
I talk to no-one... I will say nothing.
if we come and go alone... then what's the point of carrying these arcades?"

"I'll say nothing
I'll talk to no-one
I will say nothing
I'll talk to no-one... but you....."

Friday, August 26, 2016


Newspaper ad above is for a foursome of films... BORN LOSERS, THE HARD RIDE, EVEL KNIEVEL, and CHROME & HOT LEATHER ( from Spartanburg South Carolina, Feb. 20, 1973 )... Plus, screengrabs below are from THE HARD RIDE.

Newspaper ad above is for two rare films, HOT SUMMER SESSION, and SEX MACHINE ( from New York city, 1975 ).

Newspaper ad above is for THE SEX CYCLE, and COME RIDE THE WILD PINK HORSE ( from Youngstown Ohio, 1967 )... Screengrabs below are from COME RIDE THE WILD PINK HORSE .

Newspaper ad above is for a couple of rare flicks, DAISY, and GENIUS IN LOVE... Plus a short film ( from New York city, 1971 ).

Newspaper ad above is for FRIDAY FOSTER, SHEBA BABY, BRUCE LEE SUPER DRAGON, and THREE THE HARD WAY ( from Daytona Florida, Sept. 4, 1976 ).

Newspaper ad above is for three very rare films, THE MODEL HUNTERS, A TASTE OF YOUTH, and GIRLS AND THE LOVE GAMES aka HUNGRY FOR SEX ( from Rome Georgia, Dec. 29, 1978 ).

And last but not least, a letter to the editor of the PRESCOTT COURIER ( from Prescott Arizona, July 9, 1980 )... Some right-wing religious fanatic sent a letter complaining about some R rated horror flicks.

Apparently, movies were invented just for her, and all films must meet HER STANDARDS of 'DECENCY'.

Did someone point a gun to her head, and force her to pay for admission to the theater and watch something she claims she finds offensive?!.....

I never should have gotten rid of all my press kits, press books, posters, and misc promotional materials - I couldn't take it with me, every time I moved.

I also had movie theater flyers, and other related items.

Currently, I only have a small collection of recent ephemera. This time, I'm going to try and keep all of it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dear EQUALIZER... we need you now, more than ever.....


"please leave a message after the beep"

"Dear EQUALIZER... it appears that the urban legend about HITLER and Eva Braun escaping to upper New York state and having a son, are true!... He's going by the name of TRUMP. He needs to be stopped by any means necessary!... Please, help us. The world's future is at stake!"

If only things were that simple.....

Anyway, one of my favorite tv shows of all time, only lasted four seasons. It was called THE EQUALIZER. It was about an ex-government agent that helped people defend themselves against evil individuals.

Countless famous actresses and actors appeared on this show ( before they became household names ).

THE EQUALIZER was a breath of fresh air compared to almost everything else airing on the "free" channels at that time. It was unapologetically 'dark', and that was one of the reasons I loved it.

Most exteriors seemed to be filmed on location in New York. That was another BIG plus.

I don't know if any episodes were ever released on legit VHS.

As for region one DVD, for a long time you could only find grey-market discs. Fortunately, a company called VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT INC released seasons one through four in the United States.

Unfortunately, they only seem to be available via online retailers. I've NEVER seen any of the season sets at WALMART or any other chain store. And even If I had seen them, they'd probably cost more than I could afford.

As I write this, the series has not been released on BLU-RAY.

You can find some episodes and clips ONLINE.

If you live in the United States, the show airs on GET TV ( Monday through Friday - as of August 2016 ).

As for the movie, I've never seen it, and really have no desire to.

There's also a novel called THE EQUALIZER ( ISBN - 9781250041968 ). It was written by Michael Sloan. He was also the co-creater of the tv series ( that's a GOOD thing ).

Screengrab above and quotes below are from the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER website ( Aug. 10, 2016 )


"'Ghostbusters' Heading for $70M-Plus Loss, Sequel Unlikely"

"experts say it will have trouble getting to $225 million despite a hefty net production budget of $144 million plus a big marketing spend. The studio has said break-even would be $300 million"

Far too many man-haters and self loathing males, are still claiming GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 was a hit. They're obviously suffering from some sort of head trauma.

Screengrabs above are of Bill Maher with a fake newspaper headline. Plus, a GOOGLE search of Ryan Lochte.


Two ex-reality 'stars' living in their own fantasy worlds.

LIES, LIES, LIES, and more LIES. If HITLER had apologized, would people have believed he was sincere?... More importantly, why would any SANE person accept his apology?! That's how I feel about NAZI TRUMP and his so-called 'apology'.

There are countless retards, that actually believe he has changed!... Un-fucking believable!

It ain't rocket science, he'll say anything to get into the white house, and then he'll revert to his normal state and become the NEW HITLER.

As for those FUCKING-FRAT-BOY-DOUCHEBAGS led by Ryan Lochte, let me say the obvious, they embarrassed our nation, and insulted Brazil.

AND YET, ass-kissers, right-wingers, and even some companies - NISSAN, GATORADE, and two others - are defending him!

Lochte needs his teeth kicked-in and a severe beating. The companies that defend him will NEVER again get any of my money!

His 'apology' was NOT a true apology. It was just more BULLSHIT.

Can you imagine crossing the street and being hit by a car driven by this ASSHOLE-EXTRAORDINAIRE?... He'd probably get out of his car and say, "Hey!... I'm sorry YOU broke my headlight, when I ran a red light and ran you over. It's YOUR FAULT, because YOU traumatized me!"

ABOMINATIONS like NAZI TRUMP and ENTITLED FRAT-BOYS like Lochte, think they can get away with anything they want. The saddest part is, they probably WILL get away with whatever they want.

Screengrab above from the NBC website ( Aug. 20, 2016 )


Here we go again... This past year, has seen the apparent rebirth of the MORAL MAJORITY ( by Utah politicos ). Plus, there seems to be an outbreak of Andrea Dworkin and Gloria Steinem clones!

The anti-porn zealots have NO shame. Why?... Because, this time they're 'using' a real victim.

Once upon a time, it was Linda Lovelace, that was 'used' and thrown away, by the anti-porn crowd. Now, it's Elizabeth Smart that's being 'used' by anti-porn fanatics.

Would it have been better if Ms. Smart's abductors had been into hardcore HORROR, or NAZISPOLTATION films?

What she went through was horrible, but it could have been far, far, worse - think john wayne gacy, and numerous others.

I think most SANE people can agree that the folks that abducted Ms. Smart were INSANE long BEFORE they ever watched porn, or doctor shows, or cop shows, or soaps, or anything else!

STOP giving bad people EXCUSES for their bad behavior!

Disturbed individuals that are influence by anything they read, see, and hear shouldn't be allowed to interact with the rest of society!

And STOP blaming inanimate objects for the horrible acts committed by individuals that exercised THEIR FREE WILL!

Most of this ANTI-PORN INSANITY is coming from Utah. A part of the world, that LOOKED THE OTHER WAY, and has ALWAYS LOOKED THE OTHER WAY, in regards to POLYGAMIST MOTHERS giving their daughters to their 'husband' for sexual gratification. And then they have the AUDACITY to justify their DEPRAVITY by HIDING BEHIND THE BIBLE. Are you going to blame the BIBLE for THEIR BEHAVIOR?!.....

Monday, August 22, 2016


Newspaper ad above is for THE YOUNG GRADUATES, CINDY & DONNA, and a rare film called THE FOUNTAIN OF LOVE ( from Miami Florida, 1972 )... Screengrabs below are from CINDY & DONNA.

Newspaper ad above is for THE EVIL EYE, THE TERROR, HORROR HOTEL, and BLACK SABBATH ( from Toledo Ohio, 1965 )... Screengrabs below are from THE EVIL EYE.

Newspaper ad above is for THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, and THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE ( from Reading Pennsylvania, April 22, 1966 )... Screengrabs below are from THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH.

Newspaper ad above is for 3 CONERED BED, and LOVE TOY ( from Milwaukee Wisconsin, May 12, 1973 )... Screengrabs below are from LOVE TOY.

Newspaper ad above is for NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES, and FEAST OF FLESH ( from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Sept. 7, 1972 ).

Newspaper ad above is for OLGA'S GIRLS, and NITE OF EVIL ( from Reading Pennsylvania, June 4, 1964 )... Screengrabs below are from OLGA'S GIRLS ( with Darlene Bennett ).

It pisses me off, that I no longer have all the photos - and negatives - of countless movie theaters I had taken over the years. They either got thrown in the trash accidentally, or were damaged beyond repair by RATS ( I'm NOT kidding ).

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It never occurred to me to write about Rene Bond's game show appearance, I don't know why, it just didn't. Maybe it's because she brings back a flood of memories - mostly bad - about a certain place and time I'd rather forget.

Rene appeared on a really short-lived game show called BREAK THE BANK ( maybe two or three times - it was back in the eighties folks, so I don't remember ).

She had obviously gained some weight, but still looked cute, and had the same voice.

Rene, and her hubby, won a few things. A trip to Santa Catalina island was one of those prizes. I would wager that most of the people in California have never been to that island ( FYI - I never visited when I lived in socal ).

Santa Catalina island was - and still is - one of those places almost everyone takes for granted. It's the same everywhere. Think about it, you encounter places for years and not give them a second thought. Sometimes you need to see things through a tourist's eyes, to see what's in front of you.

Anyway, Rene wasn't the only 'adult star' to appear on so-called 'mainstream' tv during the seventies and eighties. There was also Carol Connors on the GONG SHOW. Plus, familiar x-rated faces on talk shows, tv commercials, and soaps.

Screengrabs above are of Joe Farago and Julie Hayek in BREAK THE BANK.

The host and spokesmodel of BREAK THE BANK also had careers, before and after the show.

Below is a very small part of a newspaper article on Julie Hayek ( from 1986 ).

Just for the record, the only game shows I really liked were LET'S MAKE A DEAL ( original version ), THE GONG SHOW, and another short-lived game show that involved nudity. I don't remember the name of the nudity filled game show, but it obviously aired on a cable channel.

Please, remember to flush.....