Sunday, November 3, 2019


Above is the cover of BLOOD SUGAR by Daniel Kraus ( HARD CASE CRIME ).


Life and art have always been inseparable.

A new novel called BLOOD SUGAR has been released.

The book is about a psycho that uses halloween for homicidal activities.

I was reminded about the book, when I saw news reports about a man being arrested for putting RAZOR BLADES in treat or treat bags.

I have great memories of halloween during the late sixties and early seventies. Actually, that's a LIE! For me, halloween has always been a surreal event.

Once upon a time, it was common for kids to roam the streets from sundown to about nine P.M.

It was halloween night, so that made it ok to stay out.

We usually stayed in groups, but that was NO guarantee of safety.

Above are news reports of another typical halloween night in the U.S.A. ( how sad for all of us ).

I still remember one specific incident, it involved some guys trying to abduct a boy - they ran out of a Chevy/GMC Suburban, or International Travelall. But, as soon as all the kids on the sidewalk started screaming, they jumped back in the vehicle and hit the gas.

Teenage bullies would occasionally arrive in packs and steal bags from little kids - and hit them also. What a bunch of PUSSY LOSERS! However, they weren't so brave when some of the parents chased them down, and gave then the beatings they so richly deserved.

Above are screengrabs of a man arrested for putting RAZOR BLADES in kids candy bags.

There were also countless reports of drugs and sharp objects in candy.

These days, you usually don't see kids going from home to home. In some communities it still happens, but in most areas, that type of interaction is history.


Is there a DACADES affiliate in your area?

During a recent weekend, The DECADES TV channel aired every season one and season two episode of TWIN PEAKS. It was fantastic!

DARK SHADOWS is also shown on DECADES TV.

I think 1970, is when I saw my first episode of DARK SHADOWS. I had arrived home from school early, and was flipping channels, when I stumbled across this show. I remember thinking, "this isn't a soap opera. It has vampires and other spooky stuff".


I do NOT like superheros. However, what I HATE FAR MORE than superheros, are ARROGANT, OUT-OF-TOUCH, SHOBIZ SCUMBAGS, that defend CHILD RAPISTS!

If I remember correctly, Mr. SCORSESE has defended FUGITIVE / CHILD RAPIST Polanski on several occasions! So, where does he get off insulting others?!

COPPOLA is even worse! He has A LOT OF NERVE using the word DESPICABLE! Keep in mind, that he SHAMELESSLY DEFENDS - AND WORKS WITH - THE ABOMINATION CALLED VICTOR SALVA! He looks down on people involved with comic book based films. Really?! Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?! HE's the one that should be ashamed!

Both of these guys think their shit doesn't stink. Even worse, are the folks that proudly kiss their asses - as if, they were deities.

The next time CRAPPOLA - AKA COPPOLA - uses the word DESPICABLE, he better be standing in front of a mirror!

Above is a PIC 'N' SAVE newspaper ad from 1968.


If you lived in the western United States during the sixties, seventies, and eighties, then you're familiar with PIC 'N' SAVE stores. They were similar to DOLLAR TREE, except everything did NOT cost a dollar.

Everything was extremely discounted, and they would occasionally have peculiar items.

As a kid, I was fascinated by that store. I got books, model kits, t-shirts, and even discovered HOT WHEELS at PIC 'N' SAVE.

Above are cell phone photos of a PIC 'N' SAVE bag from the sixties or seventies - I don't know for certain how old it is. The bag is in excellent condition! One of my family members found it in a box.

PIN 'N' SAVE's name was ripped-off by countless companies - both regional and national.

Just for the record, this store did NOT change their name. They were ELIMINATED and then, REPLACED by BIG LOTS. The folks that owned PIC 'N' SAVE, also owned BIG LOTS.

Several other chains were also REPLACED by BIG LOTS.

Above are scans of the front and back covers of PETER GOWLAND PHOTOGRAPHS THE FIGURE ( 1962 ).


This is a great little instructional book.

It was published by WHITESTONE in 1962, and it's been out-of-print for a LONG time.

It's printed on a crappy type of paper.

It's still useful, and contains great photography.

DVD covers for 10x10 and BERLIN SYNDROME.


10x10 ( VERTICAL ENTERTAINMENT ) - I didn't think I would like this movie, but I did. Great acting and action.

It's in WIDEscreen.

BERLIN SYNDROME ( VERTICAL ENTERTAINMENT ) - The acting is great, and I really enjoyed this movie.

It's in WIDEscreen.

KISS KISS BANG BANG ( WARNER BROS ) - I loved this flick. It's a lot of fun.

It also has a great cast - Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan, and Corbin Bernsen.

It has dark humor, great action scenes, and Michelle Monaghan makes it sexy.

It's in WIDEscreen.

TOMORROW YOU'RE GONE ( RLJ ) - I like this movie.

Willem Dafoe, Stephen Dorff, and Michelle Monaghan are in this film.

It's in WIDEscreen.

SOVIET SPIES ( MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT ) - This 4 movie collection has, The Russian Specialist ( with Dolph Lundgren ), Little Nikita , Man on a String, and A Dandy in Aspic.

LITTLE NIKITA is my favorite. I saw it in the theater. A lot of familiar faces in this flick. Such as, Sidney Poitier, River Phoenix, Richard Lynch, Richard Bradford, and Jerry Hardin.

I did NOT like, MAN ON A STRING.

All of these movies are presented in WIDEscreen, and are on one disc.

I love MILL CREEK collections.

GO ( MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT ) - I think this movie is a lot of fun.

I enjoy watching Sarah Polley. She's genuinely talented and smart.

Katie Holmes, Scott Wolf, and Jay Mohr, also share the screen.

It's in WIDEscreen.

THE WALK ( SONY ) - I prefer the documentary that aired on PBS. But, this is still good movie.

When I first heard Joseph Gordon-Levitt's French accent, I couldn't stop laughing.

I do NOT like Ben Kingsley. So, the less I say about him the better.

I really enjoyed the movie.

It's WIDEscreen.

AFTERNOON DELIGHT ( CINEDIGM ) - In my opinion, Kathryn Hahn is one of the most UNDERRATED and UNAPPRECIATED actresses in hollyWEIRD.

Juno Temple is also an important part of this movie.

I liked this movie a lot.

It's in WIDEscreen

Photo of the 45rpm record of SAME OLD LANG SYNE ( picture from EBAY ).


Some songs are like micro-sized novels, and others like poetry. These types of songs bring out your memories, and raw emotions. They're the types of songs that mean something to you.

For me, one of those songs is called SAME OLD LANG SYNE. It was written and sung by Dan Fogelberg ( 1951 – 2007 ). The song is from 1980, and I remember purchasing the 45 rpm record.

P.S. - Sorry for any grammatical errors. I do NOT have a lot of time to write these blog posts.....

Saturday, October 19, 2019


I scanned PART of a recent DOLLAR TREE advertisement.

DOLLAR TREE flicks... I've purchased a few dozen titles this year. Below are some brief thoughts on a handful of discs.

BAD WORDS ( UNIVERSAL / FOCUS FEATURES ) - I LOVE THIS MOVIE!... Great story, great performances, and great camera work.

It's presented in WIDEscreen, and is a DVD/BLU-RAY combo set.

SUSHI GIRL ( MAGNOLIA / MAGNET ) - I'll get straight to the point, I HATE THIS MOVIE!

Think of it, as a counterfeit seventies exploitation film. This is what happens, when I do NOT read the back of the DVD case.

Also, I do NOT like Tony Todd, enough said.


INFORMERS ( SONY ) - This movie was a BIG surprise to me. I ended up liking this film tremendously. It takes place during the early eighties. It deals with love, sex, drugs, aids, self loathing, wealth, fame, and the way we treat each other.

It's beautifully filmed, and the acting is excellent.

It's in WIDEscreen.

COMPLIANCE ( MAGNOLIA ) - A few years ago, I wrote a rant about this movie. Actually, my rant was about the film's DETRACTORS.

I like this movie a lot. They kept the story as factual as possible. Love the acting and camera work.

It's in WIDEscreen.


ALIEN FROM L.A., THE MAN FROM PLANET X, and THE ANGRY RED PLANET, are FULLscreen. I did NOT watch MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE. So, I don't know if it's FULLscreen also.

It's a two disc set ( double sided discs ).

SHAKES THE CLOWN ( MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT ) - I must have been one of the few people to pay to watch this flick when it first hit theaters.

I LOVE IT!... And I make NO apologies for feeling that way!

It's presented in WIDEscreen.

Above are the front and back covers of BUNNY YEAGER'S ABC'S OF FIGURE PHOTOGRAPHY ( from 1964 ).

BUNNY YEAGER'S ABC'S OF FIGURE PHOTOGRAPHY is a great little instructional book.

It was published in 1964, by a company called WHITESTONE PUBLICATIONS. Do NOT confuse them with WHITESTONE PUBLISHING ( a religious publisher ).

It's a softcover. However, it's constructed more like a magazine. In fact, the interior pages have a brittle newspaper feel to them.

All the interior photos are in black and white.

If you're wondering, yes, there's plenty of ladies in and out of clothes.

It's been out-of-pint for decades.

Screengrab from GOOGLE NEWS, about FAMILY CIRCLE magazine.


FAMILY CIRCLE magazine will soon be history.

So many magazines have disappeared, or are close to disappearing.

Many periodicals SHOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT by doing stupid things, and by continuing to make the same mistakes. They do NOT listen to their customer base.

PLAYBOY is a great example of what happens when you do NOT listen to your customer base, and continuously make STUPID decisions.

The BUNNY RAG is close to extinction. It's been dead to me since the nineties. Read the quotes below ( from the NEW YORK POST - 2019 ).


"Playboy went ad-free with its winter issue"

"hiked its cover price to a hefty $24.99 per issue"

"USPS data that shows that circulation has continued to dip over the past 12 months"

"alienated its loyal older readers"

"Its average total paid circulation was 206,483 for the six issues in 2018, down by more than a third from a year earlier"


From what I understand, they only publish FOUR pathetic issues per year!

Millions of people, like me, watched this publication quickly lose it's magic.

My interest started fading during the early nineties, when they became obsessed with sensationalism.

Remember when they put Tula - a transsexual - in the magazine? At that point, I had enough. If men on estrogen , float your boat, fine. However, that type of material does NOT belong in PLAYBOY. There are specific publications for that.

Remember when PLAYBOY had THE WOMEN OF WALMART issue? How about THE WOMEN OF 7-ELEVEN issue? Or THE WOMEN OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS issue?... OK, I lied about that last title. When they started doing that kind of crap, it did NOT receive a warm reception from most of the folks I knew.

They would also pay whatever FLAVOR OF THE YEAR, ridiculous amounts of money to pose for them.

PLAYBOY used to be a beautifully photographed, well written, and well-thought-out publication. Now, it's just fading wallpaper.

I see the same thing happening to many other periodicals, and it makes me sad.

Above is a screengrab from a Norwegian vacation commercial. I find it very relaxing.

WHY SPORADIC UPDATES?..... This blog is NOT a job. So, when it stops being fun / therapeutic, it's time to stop.

My reasons for NOT posting?... I've been, and continue to be, extremely busy - to put it mildly.

I've been dealing with A LOT of serious issues and personal tragedy. It's been truly horrific in countless ways, and for far too long.

Above is a screengrab from a classic segment of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE... "Jane, you Ignorant slut!".....

Have you ever had a blog comment deleted for NO reason?

I posted comments on another BLOGGER's webpage, and it got deleted. Did I unintentionally strike a nerve?

They had written about a 30th high school reunion ( for a graduating class of 1981 ). The reunion organizers also added THREE more graduating classes ( 80, 82, and 83 ). I guess the response was not what they expected.

If you read one of my previous posts, from earlier this year, you know why I was interested in the 1981 reunion.

Read my comments for yourself. Are my words disrespectful in any way?... Read below.....

"Out of curiosity, do you remember how many people from class of 1981 showed up?"

"I did NOT attend Westlake. However, I did have a special class with two girls from Westlake, and students from many other schools. I doubt they would remember me - at least, not in a good way."

"Just for the record, I like your blog."

You pay someone a compliment, and then, they insult you. We all get enough of that crap in the real world, so why put up with it online?

If you do NOT want people posting on your blog, then simply DISABLE comments. Or better yet, just make the blog PRIVATE. It's NOT rocket science.

Just for the record, I've NEVER attended a class reunion. I absolutely HATED most of my school years. Many of the adults at the schools I attended, should have gone to PRISON for the things they did to us.

Friday, May 17, 2019


Screengrab from the BIG BANG THEORY ( The Change Constant / The Stockholm Syndrome )... Penny gets off the elevator.

The LAST two episodes of the BIG BANG THEORY aired on Thursday May 16, 2019.

I wanted this show to END while it was still loved, and while I still cared about the characters. I think many people felt the same way.

I was VERY happy with the way things ended.

The writing was clever, witty, intelligent, and sincere - the WRITERS were AMAZING.

The characters evolved - as most real people do.

It had a lot of dark humor, but it was never mean-spirited.

There was A LOT of genuine talent, in front and behind the camera.

They were resourceful. The creators of the show, made the most of what they had to work with.

All of the above things, set this show apart from the vast majority of so-called MAINSTREAM NETWORK shows.

Screengrabs from the BIG BANG THEORY ( The Change Constant / The Stockholm Syndrome ).

Screengrabs from the BIG BANG THEORY ( The Change Constant / The Stockholm Syndrome ).

The spin-off series YOUNG SHELDON, had a crossover episode. It had all the BIG BANG THEORY characters as kids.

Screengrabs from YOUNG SHELDON ( A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast )... It was a crossover episode.

It was a fun night. Two BIG BANG THEORY episodes, followed by a crossover episode of YOUNG SHELDON, and then a behind-the-scenes special.


Screengrab of the hand print ceremony at the CHINESE THEATRE ( from an online video - channel 5 - KTLA Los Angeles ).

Screengrab of the last BIG BANG THEORY vanity card.

The cast appeared on the LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT ( screengrab from online video ).

The BIG BANG THEORY was the ONLY mainstream network show I watched on a regular basis.

I don't know the release date for the season 12 DVD.

It ends, as it began..... Screengrab from the LAST episode.

Thursday, April 25, 2019



I'm proudly admitting it in public, I LOVE TOMMY BOY! So, to all the trolls..... GO FIST YOURSELVES!

Screengrabs of Chris Farley and David Spade singing ERES TU ( by MOCEDADES )... Love this scene. They're performing it with so much sincerity. That song was - and still is - extremely popular. I saw a YOUTUBE video, of it being sung in Korea by a man with a bunch of backup singers and full orchestra.

Screengrabs above, a German tv show host introduces MOCEDADES, as they perform ERES TU.... Video found on YOUTUBE and is from the 1970s.

TOMMY BOY was released on region one DVD by PARAMOUNT.


I got a book about NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET for $4.95 at HAMILTON BOOK.

Just for the record, I'n NOT fond of the rest of the movies, just the FIRST flick.

This SOFTcover version is LOADED with pictures and info.

It has over 350 pages, and measures approximately 6" wide, by 9" tall.

It was written by Thommy Hutson, and published by PERMUTED PLATINUM.
The ISBN is 9781618686404.

While I was at one of my local DOLLAR TREE stores, I found three mass market paperbacks.

HUNT: BEYOND THE FROZEN FIRE - I have not had the time to read this book yet.

It's written by Christa Faust.

It was published by TITAN BOOKS, and the ISBN is 9781781169940.

THE NICE GUYS - This is a movie tie-in. I did not see the film, but I did enjoy reading the book.

It's written by Charles Ardai - he's one of my favorite writers.

It was published by TITAN BOOKS, and the ISBN is 9781785652578.

FRINGE: THE BURNING MAN - This is a television tie-in for a show that aired on the FOX network. I found it much more entertaining than the episodes I watched.

It's written by Christa Faust ( I like the way she writes ).

It was published by TITAN BOOKS, and the ISBN is 9781781163115.


I haven't purchased an issue of TV GUIDE since the nineties. It's much bigger now. I preferred the small sized original version. Anyway, I got the issue with Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco on the cover. This issue has an article on the BIG BANG THEORY.

In regards to the tv listings, it's useless to me. Why?... Because, most of the channels listed are pay channels, and I do NOT subscribe to any of them. It's over-the-air or nothing! Just for the record, most of the people I know, have eliminated their cable service.

While I was attending a local auto show, I signed up for a FREE subscription to MOTOR TREND magazine. I've been a GEARHEAD for most of my life, so I didn't have to think about this. plus, I can't argue with the price, can I?

At DOLLAR TREE, I saw four magazine titles that I had never seen before. They're all from last year, and they were in a special cardboard display.

Each periodical seemed to be compiled from previously published stories, that appeared in PARADE ( newspaper supplement ).

The original price for each rag was $4.99.

The subjects were food, hairstyles, health, and entertainment.

Above are photos of southern California yearbooks from 1980 and 1981 ( photo source EBAY ).


If I could travel back in time, what would I do differently? Well, I would try to correct all the mistakes I've made. However, I would most likely make NEW mistakes. I really feel, that sometimes bad things happen for a good reason - and living through bad times makes us better people.

I realize we all do foolish things when we're young. I can NOT take back the stupid comments I made to a girl I cared about. The asinine gibberish that spilled out of my mouth, were the last words I said to her.

Both of us, were part of a special program that was held at a local airport, and the students were from different schools throughout the county. Anyway, she never showed up for graduation ( it was separate from regular school graduation ). I never saw her again. She has entered my mind frequently, during the past few years.

I don't know if she's alive and well, and I've come to the realization that I'll probably never have closure in regards to this matter. This is important to me, for reasons that I don't want to share.

I've tried to find her and others from this class. But, I've had NO luck.

I've been told to use FACEBOOK, but I'm NOT going to give my private information to such a NEFARIOUS COMPANY.

I found a website called CLASSMATES.COM.

I'm NOT going PAY to use any website, especially a company like CLASSMATES.

Screengrabs of the CLASSMATES website.

It seems like ninety-five percent of the reviews I've read for CLASSMATES have been NEGATIVE. The few good reviews must have been written by delusional douchebags on drugs... or maybe employees of the company?

QUOTE below is from the CHICAGO READER ( By Michael Miner and published on Jan. 20, 2011 )

"Classmates made news last August, it wasn't flattering. Andrew Cuomo, then attorney general of New York, announced Classmates was one of a handful of sites that would each pay $2.1 million in fines and restitution over fraudulent hidden fees"

They post digital versions of high school YEARBOOKS online. According to the complaints I've read, they also sell very LOW quality reprints that people can NOT get refunds for.

Apparently, many of the yearbooks they have posted online, have very personal inscriptions in them.

QUOTE below is from the CHICAGO READER ( By Michael Miner and published on Jan. 20, 2011 )

"nestled among the golden oldies of our collective memories is the jagged residue of love, longing, and loss. These are the complicated and eternally painful memories that are no one's business but our own"

In regards to the special class I attended, our instructor had taken a class photo, but I never got a copy. In addition, my graduation certificate had my name spelled incorrectly. Well, I finally got a replacement certificate, but they don't know anything about the class photo.

They also could NOT provide me with a list of my classmates. So, that was my reason for browsing the CLASSMATES website.

Above are photos of southern California yearbooks from 1980 and 1981 ( photo source EBAY ).

They have small thumbnails of yearbook pages and lists of former students. However, it's useless to me. I need to see a photo of the person with their name listed under it. That's the only way I'm going to find out, if they're the individual I'm seeking. Unfortunately, the only way to see the full-sized photo, is by paying them.

There is NO FUCKING WAY am I going to give these assholes my personal information and credit card info!

Just for the record, I doubt they have a legal right to reproduce yearbooks without permission from the schools.

Above is a bumper sticker for KROQ HD-2 ( front and back of sticker ).


Southern California wouldn't have had the same vibe to me, without KROQ ( Los Angeles ).

If you love punk / new wave music, then this is the stations for you.

You can listen to one of their HD channels online for FREE.

Below is a link.....


The above screengrab is from the DAILY MAIL website ( April 2019 ).


I am so FUCKING TIRED of hearing SOME folks in the mass media referring to many YOUTUBERS as CELEBRITIES.

Lori Loughlin's dum-ass daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli, is NOT a celebrity. In fact, even her mom isn't much of a CELEBRITY!

Shit-heads like her daughter are also referred to as influencers. Exactly who the fuck do they influence?! It's certainly NOT sane ADULTS!


Hope you get a good laugh out of these pictures.

LAUGH and CRY as the world crumbles before your eyes... and SPEAK-UP, or FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.....