Monday, August 22, 2016


Newspaper ad above is for THE YOUNG GRADUATES, CINDY & DONNA, and a rare film called THE FOUNTAIN OF LOVE ( from Miami Florida, 1972 )... Screengrabs below are from CINDY & DONNA.

Newspaper ad above is for THE EVIL EYE, THE TERROR, HORROR HOTEL, and BLACK SABBATH ( from Toledo Ohio, 1965 )... Screengrabs below are from THE EVIL EYE.

Newspaper ad above is for THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, and THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE ( from Reading Pennsylvania, April 22, 1966 )... Screengrabs below are from THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH.

Newspaper ad above is for 3 CONERED BED, and LOVE TOY ( from Milwaukee Wisconsin, May 12, 1973 )... Screengrabs below are from LOVE TOY.

Newspaper ad above is for NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES, and FEAST OF FLESH ( from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Sept. 7, 1972 ).

Newspaper ad above is for OLGA'S GIRLS, and NITE OF EVIL ( from Reading Pennsylvania, June 4, 1964 )... Screengrabs below are from OLGA'S GIRLS ( with Darlene Bennett ).

It pisses me off, that I no longer have all the photos - and negatives - of countless movie theaters I had taken over the years. They either got thrown in the trash accidentally, or were damaged beyond repair by RATS ( I'm NOT kidding ).

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It never occurred to me to write about Rene Bond's game show appearance, I don't know why, it just didn't. Maybe it's because she brings back a flood of memories - mostly bad - about a certain place and time I'd rather forget.

Rene appeared on a really short-lived game show called BREAK THE BANK ( maybe two or three times - it was back in the eighties folks, so I don't remember ).

She had obviously gained some weight, but still looked cute, and had the same voice.

Rene, and her hubby, won a few things. A trip to Santa Catalina island was one of those prizes. I would wager that most of the people in California have never been to that island ( FYI - I never visited when I lived in socal ).

Santa Catalina island was - and still is - one of those places almost everyone takes for granted. It's the same everywhere. Think about it, you encounter places for years and not give them a second thought. Sometimes you need to see things through a tourist's eyes, to see what's in front of you.

Anyway, Rene wasn't the only 'adult star' to appear on so-called 'mainstream' tv during the seventies and eighties. There was also Carol Connors on the GONG SHOW. Plus, familiar x-rated faces on talk shows, tv commercials, and soaps.

Screengrabs above are of Joe Farago and Julie Hayek in BREAK THE BANK.

The host and spokesmodel of BREAK THE BANK also had careers, before and after the show.

Below is a very small part of a newspaper article on Julie Hayek ( from 1986 ).

Just for the record, the only game shows I really liked were LET'S MAKE A DEAL ( original version ), THE GONG SHOW, and another short-lived game show that involved nudity. I don't remember the name of the nudity filled game show, but it obviously aired on a cable channel.

Please, remember to flush.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Newspaper ad above is for THE MASK, I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF, and I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN... Three films for one low price! But, that's NOT all, you also get a FREE COMB!... OH THE JOY!... Screengrabs below are from THE MASK and I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN. The ad is from Milwaukee Wisconsin ( October 29, 1966 ).

Newspaper ad above is for SPIKED HEELS AND BLACK NYLONS and VARI-A-TEASE ( from Youngstown Ohio, 1967 )... Screengrabs below are from SPIKED HEELS AND BLACK NYLONS.

Newspaper ad above is for MAMA'S DIRTY GIRLS and THE MANHANDLERS ( from Toledo Ohio, 1974 ).

Newspaper ad above is for HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND and THE FIENDISH GHOULS ( from Youngstown Ohio, 1966 ).

Newspaper ad above is for IT'S FRANCY'S FRIDAY and SATAN'S BED ( from Milwaukee Wisconsin, 1972 )... Screengrabs below are from SATAN'S BED and IT'S FRANCY'S FRIDAY.

Newspaper ad above is for double and quadruple features playing at two PUSSYCAT theaters ( from St. Petersburg Florida, June 4, 1973 ).

Newspaper ad above is for RUN SWINGER RUN and NUDE SCRAPBOOK ( from Nashua New Hampshire, July 12, 1967 ).

During the seventies, I would frequently go dumpster-diving with friends. Back then, many theaters threw away tons of movie memorabilia. I don't remember what the hell happened to all that stuff.

These days, it's a rare occurrence to find a theater with double or triple features... or swag.

I really miss watching two or three films in a row. Sure, you can do it at home, but we all know it's a completely different experience.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Newspaper ad above is for double and triple features playing at five Florida drive-ins ( from Palm Beach Florida, June 25, 1970 )... One of those movies is CONFESSIONS OF A BAD GIRL... Below is a screengrab of the adorable Judy Adler in CONFESSIONS OF A BAD GIRL.

Newspaper ad above is for LA GRAN SALA DE MASAJE ( aka THE GRAND MASSAGE PARLOR? ), and MUJER DE LOS MOTOCICLISTAS aka BIKER'S WOMAN? ( from Los Angeles California, 1973 )... Does anyone have info on LA GRAN SALA DE MASAJE?... The ad mentions the film was distributed by a company owned by Carlos Tobalina, but that little bit of info did not help me to locate photos or any other information. A few GOOGLE searches and time on the IMDB did not help either.

Newspaper ad above is for FUNNY CAR SUMMER, and ANTIQUE CARS ( from Bryan Ohio, March 22, 1974 )... Plus, screengrabs below are from FUNNY CAR SUMMER.

Newspaper ad above is for GRAND THEFT AUTO, and CANNONBALL ( from Toledo Ohio, 1977 ).

Newspaper ad above is for BAD GIRLS, and CANDY ( from Riviera Beach Florida, 1982 )... Plus, screengrabs below are from BAD GIRLS. Michelle Bauer demonstrates her award winning acting skills.

Newspaper ad above is for a rare film called THE SECRETARY, and BONNIE'S KIDS ( from New york city, 1972 ).

Newspaper ad above is for THE TEACHER, and POLICE WOMEN ( from Los Angeles California, March 4, 1977 )... Plus, screengrabs below are from THE TEACHER.

From the late sixties to the early eighties, I attended a lot of double and triple features. Mostly at walk-in theaters, but also at a few drive-in theaters.

I may have attended some four and five feature marathons, but I'm not sure. That was a long time ago folks.

The prices? They were bargains, and that's the main reason they were so popular.

Monday, August 8, 2016


The top screengrab is from THE WRAP.COM website ( August 3, 2016 )... Plus, a screengrab of Clint speaking to one of his best friends, an empty chair....

"GET OVER IT".... Are you fucking kidding me?!

So, RACISM was considered patriotism in the "good old days"?.... Sorry Clint, but that's NEVER been true.

You're supporting NAZI TRUMP?!... I guess this means you're mentally ill right?... I should have realized that when you started speaking to empty chairs.

You are DEAD to me and my relatives, my friends, and even my enemies.

I've also gotten rid of ALL your DVDs... You're NOT welcome in my house anymore.

You've got a screw loose... Your mother must have dropped you on your head, when you were born.

May all your hate come back to you a hundredfold... Adios douchebag.....

Using a baby as a human shield... One of Greg Stillson's many endearing qualities. Screengrabs above are from the movie called THE DEAD ZONE.


Did Stephen King see the future?

I'm NOT the only person to notice the similarities between the real NAZI TRUMP and the fictional Greg Stillson - from the movie DEAD ZONE.

Think about the mentality of NAZI TRUMP's followers, they're the same types of individuals that put HITLER in power.

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