Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Above is a cover scan of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY... I got this issue, and four others, for free at a MOVIESTOP location that is closing.

It's NOT, I repeat, NOT... sexism!!!!!

The word sexism is once again being abused. This time by publications like ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and most of the people involved with the GHOSTBUSTERS remake.

I guess ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY is scared of losing SONY's support if they don't tow-the-company-line.

The people behind GHOSTBUSTERS seem to be going out of their way to bash anybody that criticizes the 2016 remake of GHOSTBUSTERS. Well, I don't know about you folks, but that REALLY PISSES ME OFF!

I'm NOT going to bash a movie I have NOT seen, but I'm also NOT going to praise it for the very same reason.

Apparently, SONY has already come-up with a BULLSHIT EXCUSE, if their remake fails at the box office. They will simply blame it on sexism.

Why didn't the OVERPAID HACKS at the studio, simply make a NEW story for this movie, instead of producing another UNwanted REMAKE?!

Dear SONY, I got news for you and all the MAN-HATERS, if people don't like the GHOSTBUSTERS remake, it will be because the movie SUCKS... in a BAD way.....


ENDEAVOUR is a tv show from England. The show revolves around a young inspector Morse. So obviously, the stories take place before the INSPECTOR MORSE, and INSPECTOR LEWIS shows.

This tv series shows us a more impulsive, and far more interesting version of Morse.

In the United States, ENDEAVOUR airs on PBS.

The episode I watched is called RIDE ( season 3 episode 1 ).

RIDE has become one of my favorite evil twin stories. I don't think I should say anything more about the story.

The camera work is subtly amazing. Parts of this episode are mesmerizingly beautiful.

RIDE stars, Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse, Roger Allam as Fred Thursday, Jemima West as Kay Belborough, David Oakes as Joss Bixby, and many others.

A very nice looking LAGONDA convertible also appears in this episode - at least I think it was a LAGONDA.

QUOTES from this episode.

"You live in the shadows long enough, you forget the sunlight"

"The further a man runs away from his nature, the sooner it will find him out"

"There's no real magic in this world, only love. The rest is just smoke and mirrors"


As a kid, I loved putting numerous slabs of TOPPS BAZOOKA bubble gum in my mouth and then attempt to blow the biggest bad-ass bubble in recorded history. Alas, I always failed. But, at least I got a cool comic with every pack!

Just for the record, a company called FLEER also made bubble gum with a comic ( I liked them too ).

Anyway, I got two books. One is about BAZOOKA and the other deals with the MARS ATTACKS trading cards.

They're beautiful looking books, and each comes with four unique trading cards.

I purchased both of these new hardcover books for $4.95 each from HAMILTON BOOK ( I think they only ship to the continuous 48 states, but I'm not sure - you can try emailing them to find out for certain ).

I'm hoping I'll find the two volumes on WACKY PACKAGES for the same price. Last year, I saw one of those volumes on sale at a local BARNES & NOBLE, but it was more than I was willing to pay - I want a LOW price!... ha-ha-ha.


During the last five years, a lot of 'CONS' have ended up being big failures, or even bigger RIP-OFFs!

I went searching for a recent example and found one.

In May 2016, a lot of showbiz folks and attendees were ALLEGEDLY ripped-off at a 'CON' in Houston Texas.

If you're dumb enough to spend THOUSANDS of DOLLARS at a pop-culture event, then you DESERVE TO LOSE IT!

I have an extremely difficult time feeling any sympathy for most of those folks.

I've said this before, and I'm going to say it again, they piss-n-moan, and yet they keep forking over their money. They're all a bunch of FUCKING-BRAIN-DEAD-DOUCHEBAGS!

The following quotes were posted at a website called BLEEDING COOL.COM ( from May 30, 2016 - by Rich Johnston ).....

"Police Called On Cast Of Sons Of Anarchy After They Demanded Space City Comic Con Pay Up"

"I can’t even explain how horrible it was the tell people who traveled all the way from England, China, Australia,etc., that the $800-$3000 that they spent on a prepaid ticket will not be honored at the desk at the majority of the sons of anarchy autograph sessions"

The quote below came from a website called officialavajade.com ( from May 29, 2016 - by ? ).....

"Many VIPS opened their wallets and depleted their savings for this once in a lifetime event"

Key words, "depleted their savings"... Am I supposed to feel sorry for those RETARDS?!... No SANE person drains their savings account for fucking autographs! That's FUCKING ABSURD BEYOND BELIEF!

Did I mention the obvious?... Most of those same individuals will dig themselves into a financial hole, that they'll never be able to climb out of.

Many obsessed CON-goers refer to autographs, as things they NEED. They do NOT say I WANT those autographs, they say I NEED those autographs... Wrong!... Food, water, transportation, and shelter, are things you NEED!

Days later, the same con-goers are pissing-n-moaning about the so-called "celebrities" they paid. But, guess what?... They are just going end up doing it all over again at the next convention! This is one of the many reasons, I have NO sympathy for those idiots.

A few days later, you'll probably hear a phone conversation like this...

CON-GOER - "Hi dad. Is it ok if I borrow $4,500 dollars?"

HIS FATHER - "What?!"

CON-GOER - "I don't have enough to make my house payment this month. I also need to pay the credit card bill, utilities, health insurance, auto insurance, and homeowners insurance"

HIS FATHER - "Put, Samantha on the phone!"

CON-GOER - "Who?"

HIS FATHER - "Your wife!"

CON-GOER - "Oh... She hasn't lived here for at lesst three months"

HIS FATHER - "What the hell are you talking about?! Where's your wife and my grandchildren?!"

CON-GOER - "Well, when she got back from her business trip, she got bent out-of-shape, just because social services threatened to take the kids away from us.
Apparently, a teacher noticed some of Gina's teeth were rotting and notified the authorities. So I went to Gina's school to talk to the nosey bitch. I told her to mind her own fucking business, and she took it the wrong way. Plus, I told the teacher I needed to spend my money on important things... I tried explaining to that heartless twat, that I need ten WALKING DEAD autographs, and ..."

HIS FATHER - "I don't believe this...." - Silence ensues, followed by the busy signal after he hangs up.

CON-GOER - "Hello?... Dad, are you there?...."

I don't think I need to say more.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Screengrabs above are from MASTERS OF ILLUSION ( episode called - Extreme Levitations, Mind Melds, and Water Into Wine - from July 8, 2016 )


I've always loved magic acts. So I was very happy to stumble across two tv shows called MASTERS OF ILLUSION and FOOL US. These shows air on the CW network.

MASTERS OF ILLUSION is like a variety show, but filled with magic acts.

FOOL US with PENN & TELLER, is more of a competition.

If you love magic as much as I do, then I recommend you watch these shows.

Above is a cell-phone photo I took at my neighborhood MOVIESTOP.


Let me state the obvious, with the closure of MOVIESTOP and a few other video stores, there are now even fewer brick-and-mortar locations to shop for physical videos.

Almost forgot to mention stores like WALMART and TARGET and their shrinking video sections.

I've made a decision to stop buying DVDs that cost more than one dollar. An exception to that rule, will be low-priced MILL CREEK movie / tv show collections.

I really don't feel like spending money on home videos anymore. At some point, I'll stop buying discs and just watch the DVDs I have.

I'll also be recording movies from tv onto DVD-Rs, and watching flicks / shows for FREE on the internet.

Above is the cover of the JUNE 2016 issue of PENTHOUSE ( United States edition ).


It's been a VERY long time since I've purchased an issue of PENTHOUSE, or any 'girlie' magazine for that matter. I guess it doesn't help that many so-called 'manistream' bookstores and newsstands have stopped selling these types of publications.

Above are photos of JUNE 2016 PET OF THE MONTH Lily Ivy ( from the June 2016 issue of PENTHOUSE ).

I didn't know PENTHOUSE was still being published ( it's had countless owners during the last ten years or so ). So, I was surprised to find the JUNE 2016 issue at one of my local BARNES & NOBLE stores.

I was even more surprised that I actually liked it. Lily Ivy is the June 2016 PET OF THE MONTH, and I think she is very cute, but there's not a lot of text accompanying her pictorial.

In fact, text is almost non-existent within all the pictorials ( yes, I actually read ). Oh well, you can't have everything.

As for PLAYBOY, as I've said before it's dead to me. WithOUT the nudity, it has become just another generic-hipster-doofus 'lifestyle' rag.

FYI - the NEW version of PLAYBOY seems to stay on my local bookstore shelves forever.

What about HUSTLER?... I have not seen an issue in months. However, I've been told they still publish physical issues.

What happened to SWANK?... I have not seen a print issue in at least a year! Is it finally history?

Just for the record, I refuse to visit their website ( because of possible viruses ).

Screengrabs from THE WASHINGTON POST website ( June 23, 2016 )


Quotes below are from THE WASHINGTON POST website ( June 23, 2016 ).

"the billboard's message, a spin on Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan, has been widely derided as a display of bigotry and racism"

"It was taken down Tuesday night, according to ABC affiliate WTVC."

"NBC affiliate WRCB reported that Tyler's campaign put another billboard along Highway 64 showing the White House surrounded by Confederate flags. At the top of that billboard are Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous words: "I Have a Dream.""

The individual responsible for this is one of TRUMP's groupies. He is also a candidate for U.S. Congress from Tennessee!

For those that have forgotten, Tennessee is the birthplace of the KKK.

This is what happens when NOT enough people speak out, and take action against LUNATICS LIKE TRUMP!... The only good SUPREMIST, is a DEAD SUPREMIST.

Screengrab above is from the HUSTLER website - I think, ASSHOLE OF THE DECADE would be far more appropriate ( there are others who also deserve to share that title - like Assad ).

How the hell did we get to this point?... How did a so-called 'reality tv' star living in his own 'unreal' world - and so UNbelievably UNqualified - end up being the only presidential candidate left standing for the G.O.P.?!

A LUNATIC without followers is just a LUNATIC. But, a LUNATIC with followers usually becomes a MONSTER... Such as Hitler, Pinochet, Gaddafi, et al.

Our nation is going BACKWARDS quickly... "FIVE STEPS FORWARD, THREE STEPS BACK", that quote describes exactly how I feel. Every time we make progress a small group of fanatics drag us back to the 'bad old days'.

I don't know about any of you folks, but I'm angry and scared about the future.

As I said before, if this type of INSANITY continues, our country will cease to exist as we know it. AND, if the United States suffers, the whole world will suffer.