Thursday, October 30, 2014


Newspaper ad from EL DIARIO ( from New York city U.S.A. )

THE BLOODY VAMPIRE is from Mexico, and I saw it on television as a kid.

It was written and directed by Miguel Morayta ( 1907 – 2013 ).

It stars Carlos Agostí, Martha Bauman, and Begona Palacios ( 1941 – 2000 ).

I think this movie has got a genuinely spooky vibe.

There's a beautifully filmed scene involving a stagecoach.

FYI: Begona Palacios was Sam Peckinpah's wife.

Begona Palacios in a tv commercial for V8 juice and a newspaper notice of her death ( from the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL - March 3, 2000 ).

This movie contains one of my favorite cinematic bats of all time.

I don't know if this movie was ever released on legit VHS domestically.

As for DVD, BLOODY VAMPIRE is a somewhat rare flick. In fact, it's so rare, I've only seen a few grey-market discs for sale.

The only region one "pressed" DVD that I know of, is UNDEAD: THE VAMPIRE COLLECTION by MILL CREEK. It's a twenty movie collection that usually sells for five dollars or less. The movie is FULLscreen and in decent shape.


Newspaper ad from THE CITIZEN ( from Ottawa Canada )

CATHY'S CURSE is from Canada. I watched it on television quite often when I was younger.

This movie was written by Myra Clement, Eddy Matalon, and Alain Sens-Cazenave.

It was directed by Eddy Matalon.

The movie stars, Randi Allen, Beverly Murray, and Alan Scarfe.

There seems to be a lot of hate for this flick, but that just makes me like it even more.

I've been told repeatedly by some Canadian folks, that a longer version of CATHY'S CURSE exists. However, none of them have ever given me any specific details.

Newspaper article from THE GAZETTE ( from Montreal Canada )

Do any of my Canadian readers remember seeing this newspaper report when it was new?... Should the article about Randi Allen's family be considered "tabloid journalism", or was it a legit news story?

I don't know if CATHY'S CURSE ever had a legit VHS release in the United States.

This movie is easy to find on region one DVD. I recommend you get it as cheaply as possible.

A lot of companies have released it. Such as, SYNERGY, ALPHA, BCI, and others.

I found my copy in a fifty movie collection called CHILLING CLASSICS by MILL CREEK. It only cost me ten dollars. It's in FULLscreen.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


When I found out about TOYS-R-US BANNING the sale of all BREAKING BAD merchandise, I was NOT shocked.

Why are they catering to the whims of a small group of MENTALLY-DEFICIENT-FANATICS?!

Does TOYS-R-US have FANATICS working for them?.... They probably do.

Let me say the obvious, they're insane!

This is NOT about a hunk of plastic, it's about a lot more!

Their actions are disturbing on many levels!

Do NOT give TOYS-R-US your money! Why do you want to support the HYPOCRITE, and FANATICAL-RELIGIOUS-RIGHT?!... The only freedom those ABOMINATIONS believe in, is their own!

Once upon a time, TOYS-R-US was a big deal, but now?

TOYS-R-US seems to be intent on slicing their own throats. Remember other stores that were BIG NAMES?... KB TOYS ( gone ), KMART ( barely alive ), SEARS ( why bother? ), J.C. PENNY ( ditto ), MONTGOMERY WARD ( do they still exist? ), and others?... Remember them?

I truly hope TOYS-R-US gets a taste of their own medicine.

Remember this... There is always, someWHERE else to spend your money, and someTHING else to spend it on!

You've got the power!


Looking for some of those cute retro styled figures?... Try BARNES & NOBLE!

I got the ALIEN, and the UNIVERSAL version of DRACULA for $9.95 each!

The DRACULA figure has Bela Lugosi's photo on the front of the package.

I really wanted the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, but could not find one... maybe next time?


How would Walter White / Walter Blanco handle the TOYS-R-US situation?...

Anyway, I purchased a Walter White figure at BARNES & NOBLE for $19.95 - EAT SHIT AND DIE TOYS-R-US!.... Thanks for motivating me, to visit my local BARNES & NOBLE!

Most folks forget, that many BARNES & NOBLE stores sell things like this.

It looks great, and I love it!

FYI: I am NOT a collector of figures, but every once and a while, I'll see something I can't resist.

Well, that's it for now.....

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Come on!, how do you not like this artwork?!

I remember reading some really negative comments about this art a couple years ago. What do they know?! Those same folks probably love watching television's equivalent of diarrhea... GLEE.

SNOW BUNNIES was supposedly co-written by Stephen C. Apostolof and Ed Wood.

It was directed by Mr. Apostolof ( aka A.C. Stephen ).

Rene bond, Terri Johnson, Sandy Carey, and Marsha Jordan, are some of the familiar faces you'll see in this movie.

Rene Bond wears a red colored clingy top and matching hot pants. Don't know if it was latex or leather, but it definitely looks good on her.

I thought this movie was a bit lethargic, and frequently found myself thinking about other things when Rene and Terri weren't on screen.

I don't know if this was ever released on legit VHS in the United States. I remember owning a bootleg tape in the late seventies, or early eighties ( the video and audio quality were really bad ).

I only know of one "pressed" DVD for this film ( region zero ). SNOW BUNNIES can be found in a collection of Ed Wood films called BIG BOX OF WOOD. It was released by S'MORE ENTERTAINMENT ( six discs ).

SNOW BUNNIES is on disc 4 ( in FULLscreen ). My copy of SNOW BUNNIES clocks in at 84 mins 31 seconds.

All the discs are single sided, and are housed in slimline cases that fit into a flimsy - and loose fitting - cardboard slipcase.

Each of the slimline cases share the exact same cover art! The only difference is the text on the back cover, and the number of the disc on the front and spine.

If you buy this collection, do yourself a favor and skip all the intros by Ted Newsom.

For the most part, I hated the audio commentary by Ted Newsom and David Decoteau ( on FUGITIVE GIRLS ). Both of them seem to have a contemptuous attitude towards Mr. Wood, his films, and many other people.

If the material is so incredibly beneath them, why go through the trouble of doing an audio commentary?!

I've never heard of Mr. Newsom, and if you're familiar with Mr. Decoteau's films, then you know, he's got a lot of nerve thumbing his nose at anybody else's work. Who do these guys think they are, Stanley Kubrick and Samual Fuller?... enough said.