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This is about UP ALL NIGHT, hosted by Rhonda Shear. It aired on the USA cable channel.

Rhonda Shear was the hostess with the mostess! She was genuinely funny and charismatic.

She was also extremely attractive, so you can understand how she could keep countless men "UP-ALL-NIGHT"... get it?.. HA-HA?.. Hey, what do you expect?.. I'm NOT a comedian.. UP-YOURS!

If I remember correctly, UP ALL NIGHT aired cult, exploitation, and action flicks. I preferred those types of movies, to the same old horror movies that are still shown by all the dime-a-dozen hack hosts.

The show had a healthy dose of fetishism thrown in, in addition to the skimpy outfits and risque humor.

I prefer brunettes, BUTT damn it!, I'd convert for her!... ha-ha-ha-ha.. laugh damn it!


"You know, my summer school teacher said he'd give me, my own private lesson about the hydrogen bomb, and how it impacted the 1950's"

"He told me that, If I provided the bathing suit, I could play the bikini island, and he had something special that would explode on contact"

Rhonda Shear has a B.A. in Communications ( LOYOLA ).

In addition to being a comedian and actress, she's also an entrepreneur. Her company is called, Shear Enterprises.

I miss seeing her on the BOOB TUBE, get it?... Don't worry, I'm done...

Rhonda Shear's official website



I have extremely fond memories of Fright Night, Monster Rally, Movie Macabre, and Elvira's Movie Macabre, AND the folks that hosted them.

These are my youthful memories which may NOT be entirely accurate. So, bare with me folks.

Larry Vincent AKA Seymour, was the host of FRIGHT NIGHT. It aired on channel 9 ( KHJ ).

For some reason, he started hosting MONSTER RALLY over on channel 5 ( KTLA ).

Then he went back to channel 9 to host FRIGHT NIGHT.

After Larry Vincent died, some other hosts took over FRIGHT NIGHT ( I think Cassandra Peterson was one of those hosts ).

I think MOVIE MACABRE - with Cassandra Peterson AKA ELVIRA - replaced FRIGHT NIGHT.

Elvira ended up going national.

MOVIE MACABRE eventually ended, but Cassandra Peterson AKA ELVIRA came back in 2010, only to disappear yet again.

Both Larry Vincent and Cassandra Peterson were funny and clever. They also had careers in showbiz BEFORE they became hosts. That made a huge difference to me. In my opinion, that made them better hosts.

Cassandra Peterson / Elivra's official website

Friday, July 20, 2012


These three MILL CREEK 50 MOVIE PACKS will go on sale in JULY, and SEPTEMBER.

SENSATIONAL SIXTIES - Some of the films in this set are...

FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE ( AKA DOOR-TO-DOOR MANIAC ) - I love this flick! You'll see a super young Ron Howard. You'll also see Vic Tayback, and the one-and-only Johnny Cash!

CRIMINAL AFFAIR ( AKA SETTE UOMINI E UN CERVELLO ) - This is a SUPER RARE film, with Ann-Margret. I only saw it once, when I was a kid.

TWISTED NERVE - Another RARE movie. I remember this from my childhood, because I had a crush on Haley Mills.You'll probably remember the whistling theme song, since Quentin Tarantino used it in KILL BILL. The song was made by the legendary Bernard Herrmann.

THE DEADLY COMPANIONS - The first movie Sam Peckinpah directed. It stars Maureen O’Hara, and Brian Keith.

THE JACKALS - A South African western, staring Vincent Price.

THE DUNGEON OF HARROW - I loved watching this on television when I was a kid.

THE CAPE TOWN AFFAIR - It stars Jacqueline Bisset, and she's the main reason I want to watch this movie. It's a remake of PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET, and it was filmed in South Africa.

DIARY OF A TELEPHONE OPERATOR - It stars Catherine Spaak, and Claudia Cardinale. I think it's a Euro sex comedy, and that's all I need to know... ha-ha-ha...

THE MAGIC SERPENT - This is a RARE giant monster movie from Japan.

SOUND OF HORROR - Cheesy and fun flick about an invisible monster.

THE BALLAD OF ANDY CROCKER ( NO relation to betty crocker ) - This movie stars Lee Majors, Joey Heatherton, Jimmy Dean and his pork sausages. Sorry, Jimmy Dean meat products do NOT star in this movie.

NIGHT TIDE - Starring Dennis Hopper. His character falls for a woman that might be a mermaid.

LIGHTING BOLT - This is a somewhat rare spy flick.

THE FAT SPY - Jayne Mansfield, that's the ONLY reason I need to watch this movie!

SWINGIN' SEVENTIES - Some of the films in this set are...

THE HANGED MAN - It's a western with a ESP twist!... it stars Steve Forrest and Cameron Mitchell.

THE GUN AND THE PULPIT - A western with Pamela Sue Martin!... Oh baby!

THE KLANSMAN - The title is self explanatory. Check out the cast!... Luciana Paluzzi and Lola Falana, I love saying their names ( they sound so dirty... ha-ha-ha ). Also, Lee Marvin, Richard Burton, Cameron Mitchell, Linda Evans, and guess who?, the U.S.A.'s favorite lowlife, O.J. Simpson!

GET CHRISTIE LOVE! - Television's sanitized version of a GRINDHOUSE FLICK.

DEATH SCREAM - Based on the REAL LIFE inexcusable behavior of a bunch of fucking cowards that did NOTHING to help a woman in the process of being MURDERED! It stars, Raul Julia, Ed Asner, Art Carney, Helen Hunt, Sally Kirkland, and Cloris Leachman!

EXCELLENT EIGHTIES - Some of the films in this set are...

MY CHAUFFEUR - It's totally frivolous, and what's wrong with that?!... The irresistible, and eternally cute Deborah Foreman stars. Sam J. Jones, Penn & Teller, E.G. Marshall, and Howard Hesseman also appear.

SCARECROWS - A rare and really underrated supernatural action flick.

SHAKER RUN - Action flick starring Cliff Robertson and Leif Garrett. It was filmed in New Zealand.

BAIL OUT ( AKA W.B., BLUE AND THE BEAN ) - With David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair! It's so horrible, you can NOT look away!... ha-ha-ha... Every version I've seen, has had the nudity and profanity cut out. I hope MILL CREEK's version is UNcut.

CAVE GIRL - Time travel comedy with a cave-babe. The UNcut version has some boob scenes. I do NOT know which version is going to be in this set.

THE DAY TIME ENDED - Has some really fun special effects, and it stars Jim Davis ( Jock Ewing on DALLAS ).

HUNK - A truly dull movie, with NO nudity that I remember... but at least Deborah Shelton looks good in it.

LASER MISSION - A humorous action flick, staring Brandon Lee, bodacious babe Debi A. Monahan, and Ernest Borgnine!

As usual, there are some redundant titles found in these sets, but that's nothing major.

I usually purchase these type of MILL CREEK sets for TEN DOLLARS at stores like TARGET, and WALMART. That's 20 cents per movie!... right?...

At that price, you have to be one of the biggest douchebags in the world, to complain about any aspect of these sets.

Many of these sets contain some really RARE films. So, even if you only like three or four movies, it's still an incredible bargain!


AAH... you can almost smell the glamour...

In all the years I lived in Southern California, I never once heard about the TIKI THEATER in Hollywood.

Now I have...

Let me state the obvious, it looks like a dump. It's not worth pissing on, unless you're one of the neighborhood drunks.

What can you say about the architecture?... Well, it looks more like a bar, than a theater.

Anyway, the TIKI THEATER is now famous, or should I say infamous?... Why?... Read the quotes below...

"Fred Willard busted for alleged lewd conduct at a XXX movie theater"

"Comedic actor Fred Willard was arrested by Hollywood under-cover vice squad officers in an adult movie theater Wednesday night after he allegedly exposed himself"

FYI: apparently, there were only five customers - including Mr. Willard - in the theatrical portion of this fine business establishment. Seating capacity is a whopping 50 people!... truly impressive!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


For a wild time, call dirty Mary AND crazy Larry!

DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY is a thrill ride and a drive-in movie classic!

I was a kid when I first saw this movie, and it had one of the most memorable endings I had ever seen.

Sure, I had seen tons of unhappy endings, especially in noir flicks, but this unhappy ending made a much bigger IMPACT.

Peter Fonda, Susan George, Vic Morrow, and Roddy McDowall, do a great job in this movie.


What can you say about FRITZ THE CAT?

It was, and probably still is, the most infamous animated movie to ever hit U.S. theaters.

I had never seen an animated film like it before. As a kid, I was really impressed.

I also remembered watching HEAVY TRAFFIC.

The man behind FRITZ, and HEAVY TRAFFIC, was called Ralph Bakshi. If I remember correctly, there always seemed to be some sort of controversy brewing around him.


Once upon a time, double and triple features were common in most theaters.

This specific ad is for a Horror triple feature.

I really miss these types of events. You really got your money's worth!


Note the X RATING!... For those that don't know, the X rating WAS part of the MPAA!

I have no idea, when and how, the porn companies took control of it.

I've never really liked the martial arts genre, but I made an exception for a few of Sonny Chiba's movies. I feel that way, because he's been in some cheesy and fun, NON martial art flicks, like TERROR BENEATH THE SEA.

THE STREET FIGHTER appears to be in the public domain. So, it's cheap to buy, and relatively easy to find on region one DVD.


What the hell were they thinking, when they decided to use those "jailbait" titles?!

Anyway, I discovered Ms. Bond when I was a kid, and I still remember her.

She seemed different. I didn't find her as GROSS as most of the other adult starlets. I think, I may have felt that way, because she seemed to do most of her scenes with her long time boyfriend. Plus, she appeared in a lot of NON hardcore films.

Rene Bond in the FUGITIVE GIRLS

One of my favorite Rene Bond films, is called FUGITIVE GIRLS. It was supposedly written by Ed Wood, and he even appears in it.

She also appears in an extremely RARE movie called NECROMANIA, which was written AND directed by Ed Wood ( in both soft AND hardcore versions ).


The last time I saw her was on a game show called BREAK THE BANK. She appeared with her husband, and had obviously gained weight and changed her hair style, but it was definitely her. I think this show may have been canceled early on.

In addition to movies, she was also a model in many skin mags.

Ms. Bond also appears on numerous magazine and book covers, and even one or two record album covers.

I don't know which of her movies were released on VHS.

However, some of her movies are available on DVD via, SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO, ALTERNATIVE CINEMA, S'MORE ENTERTAINMENT, and several other companies.

FYI: Some of her films seem to be categorized as "lost".


Crime and comedy don't usually go together, but it works just fine in CRY UNCLE!

This movie even has some negative hardcore sex in it! Watch the UNcut version of the movie, if you want to know what I mean.

CRY UNCLE! is supposedly based on a novel called LIE A LITTLE DIE A LITTLE, by Michael Brett.

It was directed by John G. Avildsen.

Keep your eyes open, and you will see a young Paul Sorvino, Mel Stewart, Debbi Morgan, and a wild-eyed Lloyd Kaufman.

Also listen for Jackson Beck's voice. Most true movie lovers know his voice, but not his name.


Long before dime-a-dozen SCREAM-QUEENS existed, there were Pam Grier, Claudia Jennings, Candice Rialson, and a few others. These women truly reigned supreme at most drive-in theaters.

If you wanted to see a lady kick-ass and look good doing it, then Ms. Grier was the woman for you!

I almost always had a popcorn munching good time, when I watched her movies.

COFFY is one of Ms. Grier's most memorable roles.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


John Dahl

John Dahl
David W. Warfield

Val Kilmer
Joanne Whalley
Michael Madsen
Jon Gries
And many more....

Jack Andrews ( Val Kilmer )

Fay Forrester ( Joanne Whalley )

Vince Miller ( Michael Madsen )

Alan Swayzie ( Jon Gries )

Fay and Vince are back-stabbing career criminals.

For whatever reason, they decide that robbing some mob couriers is a good idea. Vince kills one of them, and they take off with the money.

A short time later, they pull over at a rest-stop. While Vince takes a leak, Fay clobbers him on the back of the head with a rock. She takes the money and heads for Reno, Nevada.

Fay goes to a private-eye named Jack. She gives him a song-and-dance routine about being abused. Fay wants Jack to fake her death, so she can start a new life.

Jack falls for it, but his gut is telling him to be careful.

Jack knows, that Fay is a backstabber, but he goes through with the plan. It works, even the cops think she's dead.

Vince comes to town. He reads an article in the local newspaper, about Jack being quesioned in regards to Fay's murder.

Vince assumes, Jack has the stolen money, so he goes after him.

Meanwhile, Jack goes to meet Fay and discovers she has flown to Las Vegas, with the money.

To further complicate matters, the local gangsters tip-off the mobsters that got robbed. They tell them, that Jack used their money to pay them off.

Fay wanted to "die", but before it's all over, it's Jack that may end up six feet under...

Vince: "Toss the bag on the front seat, and I won't blow your head off!"

Fay: "He's not right in the head. He's trying to kill me"

Fay: "I always wondered what it'd be like to die a really violent death"

Jack: "Don't laugh, you're dead"

Jack: "I think you're a greedy two-faced bitch"

Fay: "Kill me again..."

Region one
Company - MGM
Rated R
Extras - Just one freaking trailer for KILL ME AGAIN!
Inserts - No

PRICE - $3.00

HELL NO!!!!!...

This is one of my favorite flicks, and it's extremely underdepreciated!

I would love to get my hands on the beautiful poster that was used in video rental stores. It has great artwork! If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know.

This MGM DVD has been butchered to FULLscreen! It's also a BARE-BONES disc!

KILL ME AGAIN was released on VHS by MGM. There are two different covers that I know of. One version has artwork. Another version has the same shitty "photoshop" type of collage that's found on the region one DVD.

MGM also released KILL ME AGAIN on region one DVD.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Charles B. Pierce

Earl E. Smith

Ben Johnson
Andrew Prine
Dawn Wells
Bud Davis
Jimmy Clem
Christine Ellsworth
Cindy Butler
Robert Aquino
Jim Citty
Vern Stierman ( narrator )
And many others....

Phantom killer ( Bud Davis )

Captain J.D. Morales ( Ben Johnson )

Deputy Norman Ramsey ( Andrew Prine )

Helen Reed ( Dawn Wells )

This film is based on real events.

In 1946, a serial killer dubbed the PHANTOM KILLER terrorized the twin cities of Texarkana Texas, and Texarkana Arkansas.

The PHANTOM loves to CHEW on his female victims.

The PHANTOM KILLER seems to get some sort of sexual pleasure from his atrocities.

This film is half docudrama, half thriller.

We follow victims and see them attacked in some unusual ways.

Aside from the PHANTOM KILLER, the other main characters are Captain Morales, Deputy Ramsey, and one of the surviving victims named Helen Reed.

Captain Morales and Deputy Ramsey, do their best to figure out who the killer is, and why he is killing.

They also try to figure out when he will strike again....

Narrator: "It was Sunday, March 3rd, 1946. The beginning of a reign of terror"

Linda Mae: "I heard something"

Ramsey: "We've got a VERY strange person on our hands"

Narrator: "Within 24 hours, after the town got word of the killing, every gun store had sold out of weapons"

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW ) - also online via YOUTUBE
FULLscreen version on THIS TV - WIDEscreen version on YOUTUBE
Region - Not applicable
Company - ORION / MGM
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable

PRICE - Free


I love it, and HIGHLY recommend you watch this!

It's genuinely chilling!

If you loved ZODIAC ( Robert Graysmith - David Fincher - Jake Gyllenhaal - Mark Ruffalo ), then chances are, you'll love THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN.

This movie contains some humor that seemed out of place, for this type of story. That's the only thing I didn't like.

A great job by, Ben Johnson, Andrew Prine, Bud Davis, and everyone else!

Dawn Wells does an incredible job. This role is as far from "Mary Ann" as you can get!

As I write this, THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN has still NOT been released on legit region one DVD.

From what I've been told, MGM owns the rights to this film. You would think, they'd offer it via their MOD program, but you'd be wrong!... They do NOT even offer that option!

I recorded THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN onto a DVD+RW when it aired on THIS TV. The countless fucking commercials are a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS, and so are all of the FUCKING LOGOS spattered on the screen.

I made screen-grabs from the DVD+RW, but they're much too dark to upload. So I made new screen-grabs from an online version.

This movie was released on legit VHS by WARNER BROS. It was also re-released on VHS by GOODTIMES VIDEO.