Wednesday, June 27, 2012


John Dahl

John Dahl
Rick Dahl

Nicolas Cage
J.T. Walsh
Lara Flynn Boyle
Dennis Hopper
Timothy Carhart
Dwight Yoakam
And others...

Michael ( Nicolas Cage )

Suzanne ( Lara Flynn Boyle )

Wayne ( J.T. Walsh )

Lyle ( Dennis Hopper )

Deputy Matt Greytack ( Timothy Carhart )

Michael is unemployed, broke, alone, and running on empty. He's also a man of pride and principles in a world filled with shameless and immoral people.

He's driven from Texas to Wyoming for a potential job.

He arrives at the company's property, but is rejected for the job, when he admits to having a bad leg. So he thanks his friend and leaves.

He ends up in a small town called Red Rock.

Michael drifts into a bar. While he's there, the bar owner Wayne, mistakenly gives him a job intended for a Texan named Lyle.

Wayne takes Michael to a back room and tells him to kill his wife Suzanne, and to make it look like an accident.

Michael goes to the couple's ranch and confesses the plan to Suzanne. Who makes her own deal with Michael.

Now Michael has money coming out of his ears. So he goes to a mini-mart and proceeds to get a full tank of gas, food, and other supplies.

He then writes a letter to the police. He details the couple's plans and mails it.

It's "a dark and stormy night", and Michael is feeling pretty good as he drives out of Red Rock. Suddenly, things get uglier than the weather.

Michael hits a man with his car, and then takes him to the local hospital. A short time later, the deputies show up. Then the sheriff arrives, and he just happens to be Wayne.

Wayne takes Michael on a ride. Wayne is really pissed that Michael is not the hit-man, and that Suzanne is still alive.

One thing leads to another, and before you know it, Michael escapes. He runs across a wet road, and proceeds to slip and fall in front of an oncoming car. The driver turns out to be Lyle, the hit-man from Texas!

Poor Michael... things are a mess, and he always seems to end up where he started.

Will he ever get out of Red Rock alive?....

Michael: "I'd hate to see an innocent woman get hurt, but it's an awful lot of money"

Suzanne: "Love does crazy things to people"

Lyle: "If I hadn't had my breaks just done, I'd be picking your brains outta my radiator"

Lyle: "Don't piss on the seat, even it they did, it's bad luck"

Truck driver: "Does that tickle?.. because it won't if I pull the trigger"

Michael: "If I were you, I'd get a divorce"

Michael: "When I was a kid, my dad took me to Veracruz, and he bought me a purple sombrero, and a little guitar.. it was nice"

Lyle: "You think you're better than me, don't ya?"

Wayne: "Who's got the fucking keys?!"

Michael: "You know what?.. I am better than you"

WIDEscreen and FULLscreen ( double sided disc )
Region one
Rated R
Extras - Just one, an audio commentary by John Dahl and Rick Dahl
Inserts - Yes. Contains a 4 page color folder

PRICE - $3.00

HELL NO!!!!!...

RED ROCK WEST is one of my favorite movies of all time!


I can't recommend it enough!

Everybody involved with this movie kicks ass!

I can identify with "Michael" on many levels. Such as, when his dinosaur sized Cadillac coupe is dying of thirst, but he can only afford to feed it five dollars worth of food.

FYI: according to the audio commentary, the Dwight Yoakam song A THOUSAND MILES FROM NOWHERE was written especially for this movie, and a soundtrack album that was never released.

RED ROCK WEST was released on VHS by SONY.

In the United States, RED ROCK WEST was released on region one DVD by SONY ( now OUT OF PRINT ).

It was also released on region one DVD by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT. A word of caution, I've been told that the IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT DVD is FULLscreen only.

As of this writing, it has NOT been released on BLU-RAY.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


David Stevens

Spencer Eastman

Andrew McCarthy
Matt Dillon
Leslie Hope
Alan Toy
Brent Jennings
Harry Northup
Kyra Sedgwick
And many others...

Wade ( Andrew McCarthy )

Doyle ( Matt Dillon )

Lori ( Leslie Hope )

Nelson ( Alan Toy )

A chance meeting between two young men leads to life changing events for almost everyone around them.

Wade was going to attend his best friend's wedding, but his car died on him. So he decides to hitch a ride in a box car.

As he struggles to climb aboard, a man named Doyle lends a helping hand.

They get off the train in a small town that Doyle knows well.

Before you know it, they're breaking into a home and stealing food and clothing.

Soon after, they walk into a bank and Doyle points a gun at Wade, forcing him to participate in the robbery.

Moments later, half the town is after them.

Doyle and Wade split up and agree to meet later on.

Wade takes the money and hides it under a bridge. As he does that, a freak accident occurs.

The governor's young daughter is in a sinking car below him. Without any hesitation, Wade jumps into the river and saves the girl.

Then Wade runs away, as a local reporter named Nelson takes photos of the incident.
Wade is now a reluctant hero AND fugitive.

Meanwhile, Doyle commits more crimes. The cops know who he is and want him desperately.

Wade gets a temporary job at a farm, after he trespasses onto their property, and meets the farmer's daughter, Lori.

Not long after, Doyle gets a job at a local carnival. He meets up with Wade several times, and makes it clear to him, that he's sick and tired of waiting for the money.

Sparks fly between Wade and Lori and a relationship develops.

A short time later the media discovers that Wade is the "unknown hero".

Wade is forced to make some major decisions, and Doyle reaches a boiling point.

It all leads to a blood filled conclusion....

Doyle: "There ain't but three things to do here... cars, drink beer, chase women..."

Governor: "We don't know who he is, or where he's from. Maybe we'll never know, but there's no questioning his courage. His heroism all there, captured by Nelson's camera for all the world to see"

Wade : "Must be nice having all the right answers"

Hope: "If you're looking to create trouble for yourself, you're doing a great job"

Wade: "Sometimes things aren't the way they look"

Hope: "You happen to sleep with someone, you think that adds up to instant love?"

Doyle: "He's more horseshit, than hero"

Hope: "People change, things never stay the same"

Region one
Company - MGM
Rated R
Extras - Just one trailer ( for KANSAS ), and that's it!
Inserts - No

PRICE - $3.00


This is such an UNderrated AND UNappreciated jewel of a movie!

In my opinion, this movie has a strong 1940's / 50's vibe to it.

Andrew McCarthy, Matt Dillon, Leslie Hope, and Alan Toy, are perfect and so is everyone else.

I loved watching Ms. Hope in DOPPELGANGER, MEN AT WORK, and the television series called 24.

FYI: According to the IMDB, she was on KNOTS LANDING ( during season 7 ). I used to watch KNOTS LANDING, but I don't remember seeing her in it... but, that was a long time ago, so...

Look for Kyra Sedgwick. She plays Doyle's bimbo girlfriend.

Also watch for Brent Jennings... HUNTER, ER, CHILDREN OF THE CORN IV, RED HEAT, MEDIUM, and a zillion other tv shows and movies!

Harry Northup plays the governor. I still remember him as "Doughboy" in TAXI DRIVER. He - like Ms. Hope - was also on KNOTS LANDING.

KANSAS is one of my favorite flicks, and I highly recommend it.

KANSAS was released on region one DVD by MGM.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Bernard Wiesen

Robert Bloomfield
Leslie Edgley

Mala Powers
Jacques Bergerac
John Harding
Helena Nash
John Baer
Anna Lee Carroll
Robert Karnes
Peter Brocco
Peter Virgo Jr
Gregory Irvin
And more...

Sharon ( Mala Powers )

Paul ( Jacques Bergerac )

Milo ( John Harding )

Keith ( John Baer )

Brady ( Robert Karnes )

Sharon is taken to the train station by her employer's chauffeur.

She's supposed to go to San Francisco, but her plans are derailed.

As soon as Sharon steps into her cabin, she's confronted by a man with a gun. Then Sharon freaks out when she spots a dead woman sitting a few feet away.

Moments later, Sharon is knocked unconscious, only to be revived by a cop. The doughnut-hole accuses her of murder and even has the weapon she used.

When they leave the train, Sharon breaks free and runs through the woods and onto a road. Seconds later, she almost gets killed by a car.

The driver is called Paul. He was taking his crybaby son back to his ex-wife's home. Now he has the added responsibility of a hysterical woman to deal with.

A few hours later, Paul and Sharon arrive at her apartment building in Los Angeles. She thanks him and they go their separate ways.

When she walks into her apartment, she's greeted by her friend Keith and all seems right with the world.

Minutes later, she gets a phone call from paul, who invites her to a cafe. She accepts, but leaves the cafe abruptly after paranoia gets the best of her. So, Paul takes her home again.

When Sharon walks into her apartment she sees a dead Keith sitting in a chair. Then she spots the killer from the train. She screams and runs out. Paul, who is still downstairs, takes her to his place.

The next day, Paul and Sharon go to her employer's home.

The cop from the train is at the boss's house, but he tells everyone he never met Sharon before.

All of Sharon's claims are contradicted by her boss Milo, the chauffeur, and everyone else.

Paul is starting to have his doubts about Sharon. Even Sharon is having doubts about her sanity, and things only get worse.

Is Sharon crazy, or is she the victim of a conspiracy?....

Paul: "What are you trying to do, kill yourself?!"

Denise: "Apologize?!.. To her?!"

Paul: "No family or half a family, it's bad either way, isn't it? "

Keith: "Your face is dirty"

Sharon: "He's dead... he's dead"

Sharon: "Don't talk to me, I won't listen!"

Sharon: "You're all against me!"

Paul: "I always stage my orgies on alternate weekends"

Milo: "Idiot!!!!"

Black and white
Region zero
Extras - A short film called THE INNER MAN STEPS OUT.
Inserts - None

OBTAINED AT - Something Weird Video
PRICE - $10.00

HELL NO!....

This is a RARE flick. I've only seen it once before, on television ( when I was a kid ).

It's a lot of fun watching the cute and curvaceous Mala Powers portray Sharon. She really seemed to get into her character, and the movie is better because of it.

In fact, everyone seems to be enjoying their roles.

FEAR NO MORE is available on DVD-R from SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO. I think it's region zero, but I'm NOT sure.

There is NO menu, and the disc has 18 chapters.

It starts with the famous SOMETHING WEIRD intro, then FEAR NO MORE, and ends with a BONUS short feature called THE INNER MAN STEPS OUT.

INNER MAN STEPS OUT is a corporate film made by GENERAL ELECTRIC ( FULLscreen - black & White ). It stars J. Robert Breton.

He plays an arrogant asshole named Jerry. He's also grumpy and a little paranoid. Did I mention that Jerry talks to himself?... Well, he does! You may, or may not, laugh at the sight of Jerry's doctor smoking. Anyway, the film is interesting.

Jerry talks to Jerry while watching Jerry on a GENERAL ELECTRIC television.

Jerry's inner man has lust in his heart!

In September 2012, FEAR NO MORE will also be released as part of a six movie set called WEIRD NOIR ( on two discs ). This will be one of SOMETHING WEIRD's special edition DVDs released by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT.

FYI: The SOMETHING WEIRD logo appears on screen for the entire movie. Their SPECIAL EDITION DVDs - via IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT - do NOT have the SWV logo tacked onto the movies.

This irritated the shit out of me for about five minutes, then I got so involved with the story that I completely forgot about the logo.

The SOMETHING WEIRD DVD-R's pack a lot of bang for the buck, and I like them just as much as the SPECIAL EDITION discs they make.

I highly recommend all of the discs cranked out by SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Geoff Burrowes

Dennis Shryack
Michael Blodgett

Patrick Dempsey
Kelly Preston
Marc Strange
Christopher Lawford
Ken Pogue
Alan C. Peterson
And many others...

Charlie Farrow ( Patrick Dempsey )

Karen Landers ( Kelly Preston )

Chief Travers and Martins ( Marc Strange and Christopher Lawford )

Matt Halloran ( Ken Pogue )

Denny Halloran ( Alan C. Peterson )

Charlie is a college student and part time auto mechanic.

One day, his boss gives him the job of delivering a Porsche 911 convertible to it's owner in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, the car breaks down.

While he waits for repairs, a taxi driver takes Charlie to a restaurant that also happens to be an illegal gambling casino ( which is located in an incredibly corrupt town ).

Charlie is on a winning streak. A psychotic mobster's son named Denny doesn't like it and attacks Charlie. Minutes later, Denny is dead.

Most of the gutless ass-kissers at the casino blame Charlie.

After a scuffle with some mob goons, Charlie takes off.

He's got the mob and the cops after him.

Along the way, he gets some help from a female casino worker called Karen.

Charlie manages to stay alive, and keep one step ahead of the bad guys through sheer determination, and A LOT of dum luck!... Unfortunately, luck seems to be running out.

Will Charlie and Karen survive?...

Charlie: "You know, she looks pretty tough to me. If I were you, I wouldn't mess with her"

Denny: "You're dead pal..."

Matt: "He was spoiled rotten, spoiled rotten and he never knew when to quit, but I want the prick who killed him"

Charlie: "Half the cops in this town are on the take"

Karen: "This isn't a date, you don't have to make small talk"

Martins: "They sure fucked with the wrong guy"

Region - Not applicable
Company - Hollywood Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable

PRICE - Free


RUN is an overlooked and highly underrated gem!

Order a pizza, and watch this movie in a room full of friends!

It was released on VHS by Buena Vista Pictures / Disney

As of June 2012, this movie is still NOT available on legit region one DVD, or MOD-DVD.