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Zalman King

Patricia Louisianna Knop
Zalman King

Brigitte Backo
David Duchovny
Billy Wirth
Brenda Vaccaro
Blake ( Stella the dog )
And many others...

Alex ( Brigitte Backo )

Jake ( David Duchovny )

Tom ( Billy Wirth )

Martha ( Brenda Vaccaro )

Stella ( Blake the dog )

Alex is Jake's fiancee. She walks around with a "fuck me now" look on her face. She feels she's not worthy of Jake, but the exact opposite is true.

Jake is Alex's husband-to-be. He broods, then broods again, and again, and again, and occasionally he looks confused too... woe is he...

Tom is Alex's lover and "mimbo" ( male bimbo ). He's a mild mannered constrution worker by day, and libidinous women's shoe salesman by night. He smiles A LOT. He also walks around with a "hey, you know you want me" look on his face.

Stella is Jake & Alex's confused dog. He probably spends a lot of time trying to figure out why humans are so stupid.

Martha is Alex's mother... Does she secretly long for Jake's loins?

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... Oh, I make myself laugh so much... BUTT seriously folks... Let me say the obvious, Brigitte Backo is so fucking cute! She also gets naked a lot. That alone is worth the price of admission.

As for the story, umm, there's a story?... oh yeah, it's about egotistical and superficial people, worried about superficial trivial things and they get naked and have sex.

The movie is beautiful to look at, and the moody exotic music is a perfect fit.

It also has some of the cheesiest dialogue you'll ever hear, and yet it all works.

The RED SHOE DIARIES MOVIE - and series - are the video equivalents of sleazy pulp paperbacks... I mean that in a GOOD way.

So just sit back and enjoy....

RRRRR... Ahoy ye matey!.. It's a pirate's life for me!.. Yo-ho-ho!.. NO, I'm NOT talking to you bitch!...

Tom: "There's no rational explanation for the attraction between two people. It just happens. Like accidents. Magic."

Tom: "I told you, I can move stone blocks with my cock"

Tom: "Have you ever noticed how liars start each sentence with to-tell-the-truth?"

Alex: "My panties.. Rip them off.. Do it!"

Alex: "He made love, like he worked on the street.. tender as a jack-hammer"

Alex: "The greatest aphrodisiac of all.. control.."

Jake: "That's the thing about life. If you look at anything hard enough, long enough, in the harsh light of day, you'll eventually see the flaws"

Martha: "What's a matter with you Rita?.. Is your new boyfriend keeping you up at night?.. You look like shit!"

Martha: "I don't know if my daughter told you, but her father was a real cocksucker"

Jake: "Fuck your mother!.. She can piss on my head, I don't care!.. It dosen't make a difference how I feel about you!"

Tom: "I'll be like one of those dogs you see in the parks. They'll have to turn a fire hose on me, to get me off you"

Alex: "Things have a life, and that life comes to an end"

Region - Not applicable
Company - Anthem Pictures
Rated - Not applicable
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free

NO!... I LOVE IT!... This is the RED SHOE DIARIES movie. The first chapter in the SEXology tv show that aired on cable channel SHOWTIME.

Overacting, silly script, ridiculous fist fights, self absorbed characters and lots of nudity... Having said that, nothing in this movie can equal the absurdities of real life.

The popularity of the movie and series only seems to have grown with time.

You can watch the movie and series at HULU.

The movie and series were released on VHS by REPUBLIC PICTURES HOME VIDEO.

It's released on region one DVD by ANTHEM PICTURES.

Zalman King also directed the infamous movie called TWO MOON JUCTION ( Sherilyn Fenn ). In addition, he also starred in a 1970's grindhouse flick called TRIP WITH THE TEACHER.


Jack works at shop that sells TVs, radios and other things. He's also good at electronics, and that knowledge will become extremely important soon.

One day he meets a young woman named Shirley. She cares for her bedridden stepfather.

Sparks fly between them. Soon they're plotting a kinder, gentler type of murder.

Shirley feels imprisoned, and for some reason, she thinks Jack holds the key to her freedom. She desperately wants to be loved by Jack. But her insecurities may get the best of her.

So what does Jack love more? The money? Or Shirley?

Things quickly spiral out of control...

ISBN ( 978-0857683748 )
AUTHOR - Gil Brewer
COVER ARTIST - Gregory Manchess
COMPANY - Hard Case Crime
PRICE - $2.00
SIZE - approximately 4" wide by 6.5" tall
PAGES - 220

NO!... I love this book!

An extremely fun book to read. The descriptions are vivid and I could picture the characters doing all these things in my mind.

I highly recommend this book to anybody that truly loves classic era film noir.

Even though my book was purchased new, it had a creased corner and a few other imperfections. But, it's condition only seemed to enhance my reading experience.

As far as I know, this story was never made into a movie, and that's truly a shame.


Eddie drives a cab in Chicago. He's divorced and estranged from his daughter. If you're thinking TRAVIS BICKLE, then you're wrong... They're nothing alike.

Betty is his UNofficial girlfriend. She also happens to be one of his neighbors.

Even though Eddie's not a bigot, he does suffer from paranoia of non-anglos. Prejudice and paranoia never go out of style, especially in a city like Chicago.

Cab drivers are being murdered. One of the Eddie's friends and co-workers becomes a victim.

One night Eddie drives into an alley to take a leak. Moments later, he's trying to save a teenage girl's life. Is her attacker the same man that murdered his friend?...

ISBN ( 978-0857683502 )
AUTHOR - Jack Clark
COMPANY - Hard Case Crime
OBTAINED AT - Barnes & Noble
PRICE - $7.99
SIZE - approximately 4" wide by 6.5" tall
PAGES - 219

NO!... I really liked this book a lot. I thought the ending was exciting. As I read it, I could easily visualize the people and places.

This story needs to be made into a movie.


Samuel Fuller

Samuel Fuller
Dwight Taylor

Richard Widmark
Jean Peters
Thelma Ritter
Murvyn Vye
Willis Bouchey
Richard Kiley
And many others...

Skip ( Richard Widmark )

Candy ( Jean Peters )

Agent Zara ( Willis Bouchey ) Captain Tiger ( Murvyn Vye ), and Moe ( Thelma Ritter )

Joey ( Richard Kiley )

Skip is a master pickpocket. One day while riding the subway, he picks the wrong purse to steal from.

That handbag belongs to a woman named Candy. One of the items Skip took was microfilm containing U.S. goverment secrets.

It was supposed to be delivered to some communist spies. As it turns out, Candy's boyfriend is working for them, and she didn't know what she was carrying.

The cops find out Skip is the pickpocket. They try to convince him of how important that microfilm is to his country's security, but he either doesn't believe them, or he doesn't care.

Later on, Candy uses her feminine charms on Skip, but Skip's not falling for it. In fact, Skip's REALLY rough with her. At one point he even knocks her out.

Things finally come to a climax, and everyone's true colors are revealed....

Candy: "Just one of those tough breaks, Joey"

Joey: "We're not criminals!"

Moe: "When the cost of living goes up, my prices go up. When the price of living goes down, my price goes down"

Tiger: "He got me suspended twice, for smacking him. Cost me six months pay"

Skip: "You waving the flag at me?"

Black and white
Region - Not applicable
Company - FOX
Rated - Not applicable
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free

NO!... I love this movie.

I own the CRITERION DVD of this movie, and I can not praise it enough. It's worth every penny, especially if you buy it on sale, like I did. I got mine at BARNES & NOBLE for fifteen dollars ( during a fifty percent off sale ).

The DVD contains a beautiful thick booklet.

This post is about the "watch for free" version at the HULU website.

FYI: There's a remake called THE CAPE TOWN AFFAIR.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I really love the artwork on this poster. Truly outstanding.


UPDATED ON JANUARY 29, 2013.....

SHOUT FACTORY has announced plans to release a LEGIT region one DVD, or BLU-RAY / DVD combo - they haven't said which.

If you can NOT wait until SHOUT FACTORY releases their version, you can buy a grey-market disc from a company called J4HI.

HOSPITAL MASSACRE is also known as X RAY.


Adam Holender

Jack Horrigan
Glenn Kershaw
Bruce Graham

Christian Slater
Lois Smith
Tandy Cronyn
Dan Ziskie
Brooke Tracy
Karl Taylor
Noelle Parker
Michael Benhar
Dina Merrill
John Cunningham
And many others...

Mark ( Christian Slater )

Helen ( Lois Smith )

Evelyn ( Tandy Cronyn ) and Phillip ( Dan Ziskie )

Susan ( Brooke Tracy )

Williams ( Karl Taylor ), Jeanette ( Noelle Parker ) and Metz ( Michael Benhar )

Evelyn and Phillip are self absorbed assholes. Their son Mark, seems like a normal adolescent, but he's not. He happens to be both a prodigy and a psychopath...

Mark "bugs" his parent's home, so he can hear conversations in every room and via the telephone.

He loves nazi era Germany and imperial era Japan.

He torments his younger sister Susan, and force feeds her drugs.

He also doesn't think twice about using animals for his "homework"... and, I almost forgot... he murders people too.

Mark gets more than he bargained for, when a woman named Helen agrees to watch him and his sister.

After Mark throws Helen's kitten into the fireplace, she realizes she's dealing with something truly abominable, and that only one of them will survive the night...

Evelyn: "Our sitter's not exactly your type. No pony tail, or plump behind... but I tried darling"

Mark: "Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who didn't stay in bed, when she was told to. She got herself in trouble, when spying on her brother. She had to learn to mind the hard way"

Williams: "Hey, you better not ever leave your mama, because the minute you do, I'm gonna break your legs"

Phillip: "I think we're going to be very happy here"

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW )
Region - Not applicable
Company - MGM
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free

NO... This is one of the most UNderrated "killer-kid" movies ever! Christian Slater does an incredible job of portraying the depraved-afterbirth called Mark.

A legit VHS was released by HEMDALE HOME VIDEO.

As of January 2011, there is still no legit region one DVD. I've only been able to find bootleg DVDs, and I'm NOT willing to gamble on them.

I recorded TWISTED onto a DVD-R when it aired on THIS TV.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Jerry Kramer

Anita Rosenberg
Laurie Craig

Daphne Zuniga
Cynthia Gibb
Clayton Rohner
Virginia Madsen
Unknown ( Cece's dog )
And many others....

Margo ( Daphne Zuniga )

Cecilia ( Cynthia Gibb )

Clifford ( Clayton Rohner )

Bruno X ( Clayton Rohner )

Kelly ( Virginia Madsen )

Cece's dog ( unknown )

This is the story of four Angeleno's...

Margo is a telemarketer, and she sucks at her job.

When it comes to Margo's man-of-her-dreams, she's a bit clueless. Margo can't see that the reality in front of her eyes is a million times better than her fantasy.

Cecilia ( aka Cece ) works in the make-up department of a downtown store. She REALLY SUCKS at her job, and is fired. She also has unrealistic expectations in regards to love.

Then there's Kelly. She works at a pet store and loves the never ending attention bestowed upon her by her male customers.

Kelly's got superficial men in her life. Which is appropriate, because she's chasing after them for superficial reasons. She has no unrealistic expectations about romantic love, because she seems incapable of feeling that type of love.

Cliff works as a driving instructor. He's far more realistic about things than the rest of the gang.

In the next twenty-four hours, Cece will meet, get separated from, and end up searching most of Los Angeles for a singer called Bruno-x ( he looks just like Cliff ).

Kelly plays with fire and almost gets burned.

Meanwhile, Margo and Cliff realize some things about themselves and each other.

Cece: "You know cliffy, the hottest nights are the ones when you don't know who you're coming home with"

Margo: "Interesting effect, isn't it?.. Kinda like a zombie in heat"

Margo: "Alan, he's rich, but he kisses like a lizard"

Cliff: "I'm negative?.. Margo, everybody in here looks suicidal"

Cliff: "These guys may not be as stupid as they look"

Cece: "Cool people have feelings too"

Cliff: "Nobody reads in L.A."

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW )
Region - Not applicable
Company - MGM
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free

NO!!... I love this... It's endearing harmless fluff, and what's wrong with that?....
As far as I know, most critics hated the movie... do you the consumer, really give a fuck about what they think? YOU, the consumer, are the most important critic of all.

FYI: There's a scene where Cece ( Cynthia Gibb ) puts makeup on a woman with disastrous results. A very similar scene occurs in the movie THE GOOD GIRL ( 2002 ). In that movie, Cheryl ( Zooey Deschanel ), works in the makeup department and proceeds to do the same thing to a customer.

I usually don't give a shit about most continuity errors, but sometimes they're so obvious that you can't keep from noticing. Such as... when one of Margo's heels changes color... from black to white to black again. The same applies to one of Kelly's shoes... Maybe it was an "inside joke"....

This movie was officially released on VHS by KVC HOME VIDEO.

However, after all this time, MODERN GIRLS is still NOT officially available on region one DVD. Only "bootleg" and "grey-market" DVDs exist. I don't know if it was officially released in other regions.

In fact, it's NOT even offered as a MANUFACTURED ON DEMAND DVD.

So when I found out THIS TV was going to air the movie again, this time I was ready. I recorded it onto a DVD-R.

There are many bad things about recording from a broadcast channel. The censorship. It's butchered to squeeze in as many commercials as possible. Plus, countless video and audio problems.

Did I mention the endless stream of mind-numbing commercials?... so many commercials that you start to forget what the hell you were watching. Having said that, I'm still grateful that THIS TV continues to air the movie. I'm also thankful they exist. They air many rare movies.

The movie also has a great soundtrack, including DEPECHE MODE. Their music video for BUT NOT TONIGHT ties into the movie.