Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Paul Henschell

Alan Austin
Andy Greenspan

Colleen Applegate AKA Shauna Grant
Phil Applegate
Karen Applegate
And many others...

The last time I saw this documentary, was when it first aired on the PBS program called FRONTLINE ( that was a long time ago, folks ).

This is the story of Colleen Applegate AKA Shauna Grant, who moved from a wholesome-small-town, to a big-bad-city... Ok, let me make this perfectly clear... Cities are not bad, or good. They're just dirt, with structures built on them. Humans love blaming anything and everything for their stupid choices in life.

I have mixed feelings about Ms. Grant / Ms. Applegate, and everything that happen.

When she was still living in Minnesotta, Colleen overdosed on pills. Her parents felt, that she was NOT trying to commit suicide. They thought she just wanted attention.

There's a tendency to portray her as some sort of innocent victim. Which, she is not.
She was eighteen, NOT eight. She was an adult, and completely responsible for her decisions in life.

I think she fell in love with the money, the superficial adulation, and drugs. She was not unique in that respect.

In my opinion, the only difference between pornography and prostitution is a technicality in the law.

What's the saddest part of this story?... People like her, crash and burn every day.

When I was still living in Southern California, I knew countless imbeciles, that actually believed they would be discovered via porn movies. Which is absolutely absurd, and delusional!

Yes, sometimes important people in the so-called "legit" showbiz world will notice them, but NOT for the reasons they want!

Below are photos, quotes, and some of my thoughts....

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "This is where the story ends, Palm Springs California. Early in the evening, March 21 1984... A young woman laid thrashing on her bed with a bullet wound through her temple. A rifle laid beside her.

QUOTES BY BRENDA: "There was like two mattresses pushed together... on the bed, there was like a crease, and there was blood going all the way down the crease, but you couldn't see any blood on her"

QUOTES BY DOCTOR: "Her condition was hopeless, she was comatose, and she was going to die"

QUOTES BY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL: "This is the weapon that was found at her side"

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "She was known as Shauna Grant, a star of X-RATED films. Her real name was Colleen.... Colleen Applegate from Farmington Minnesota. She left home when she was eighteen. When she died, she was twenty"

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "Mike Marcell, Colleen's boyfriend, soon left her and returned to Minnesota. Where he spread the news, that Colleen was involved in pornography. Marcell won't discuss it now. He says he just doesn't care about her"

QUOTES BY BRENDA: "She went back, to go to a friend's wedding, that was one of the girls that hung around with us, and she was kinda worried, the things they were saying, the girl's mother wouldn't let her in, she wouldn't let her in the church"

MY THOUGHTS: The girl's mother had the legal right to allow whomever she wanted into the church. However, her actions speak volumes about the hypocrisy of all these so-called virtuous folks. They think their shit doesn't stink. People in that town were buying the publications that Colleen was appearing in, and yet, they think they're morally superior to her. The folks that live in that "wholesome" town are just as hypocritical and depraved, as the rest of the world.

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "In that one year, Colleen performed in thirty X-RATED movies. She had an abortion. She contracted Herpes. She performed sex on camera with thirty-seven men"

MY THOUGHTS: Colleen was nominated at the EROTIC FILM AWARDS, and FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA was seated at the same table as Shauna. Folks like him, won't hire people like her, but they don't mind taking advantage of their postion in the so-called "legit film industry" for some good times.

QUOTES BY NARRATOR: "Like Dorothy from Kansas, Colleen found herself in a dangerous forest, but there was no scarecrow along to help her find the way out"

QUOTES BY COLLEEN APPLEGATE ( from an audio recording ): "Maybe adults learn too much, maybe we should all go back to being kids. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a kid, and keep the honesty, be totally ignorant to hate, and loneliness, and disgust..."

Region - Not applicable
Company - PBS
NOT rated
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PRICE - Free


I love this documentary. They do NOT sugar-coat the truth.

Although, they occasionally portray her as some sort of angel, I still recommend you watch this.

I do NOT know if this was ever available on legit VHS, or DVD.

It is available on BOOTLEG VHS, and BOOTLEG DVDs.

I watched it ONLINE via YOUTUBE.

A tv movie based on her life, was made. It was called SHATTERED INNOCENCE, and was your typical bullshit version of "true" events... sanitized for your protection...

An actress named Jonna Lee starred in it.

If I remember correctly, SHATTERED INNOCENCE was available on VHS. However, I can NOT remember the name of the company that made it.

It's now available via MOD-DVD from WARNER BROS ( ARCHIVE COLLECTION ).

Monday, October 17, 2011


Michael Fields

Richard Ford

Lili Taylor
Dermot Mulroney
Benjamin Bratt
Sam Shepard
Valerie Perrine
Mary Kay Place
Delroy Lindo
Alex Bulltail
Bill Pullman
Burt Young
Sheila McCarthy
Kevin Tighe
Will Patton
And many others...

Lucy ( Lili Taylor )

George ( Dermot Mulroney )

Claude ( Benjamin Bratt )

Bob ( Bill Pullman )

Nina and Art ( Sheila McCarthy and Burt Young )

George lives in a small hell-hole of a town, located in Montana.

He dreams of college, and joining a boxing team.

George and his father Jack, get home and discover a man in their kitchen. George's mother has been having an affair with the stranger.

Soon after, an ugly scene takes place in the front yard, involving the stranger, Jack and his gun.

It ends with George's mother getting in the stranger's car and leaving for good.

The next day, George decides to help a Canadian woman named Lucy. She needs to get to Wyoming. Her brother is in jail, and she wants to get him out.

So George, his best friend Claude, and Lucy go on a road trip.

Things don't go well.

The first casualty of the trip, is Claude. He's kicked-out of the car after an ugly scene with Lucy.

George and Lucy leave.

Lucy finally gets a chance to speak to her brother.

Afterwards, she informs George of her plan. She's going to pay-off her brother's co-conspirators. She's hoping it will convince them to help her brother.

One of them, is a man called Bob. He's seems to be mentally unstable. The other two folks, are a couple named Art and Nina.

A deal is worked out, or so they think.

George's life changes forever, when things end in double-crosses, violence and death...

Sherman: "You two are drunk as monkeys"

Jack: "Nobody dies of a broken heart"

Claude: "Being with you, is like being alone"

Lucy: "I love you boys, you're so wonderful"

Bob: "Doesn't the whole world work on trust?"

Lucy: "You poor thing, you're lost, but you think you're found... that's terrible..."

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW )
Region - Not applicable
Company - MGM
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free


This is an extremely rare movie, and I love every minute of it.

I love the camera work.

Some parts of the movie feel like a sad, yet beautiful poem.

The scene of George having an epiphany is simple and memorable.

Everyone in front, and behind the camera, did an excellent job.

Lili Taylor is one of the best actesses in the United States, and that's a FACT.

This movie was released on VHS by HBO HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

First, the GREAT news... As of October 2011, BRIGHT ANGEL is finally available as a MOD-DVD by MGM.

Now, the BAD news... If you're considering buying one of MGM's MOD-DVDs, do your homework!... READ QUOTES BELOW!...

"Initially, MGM partnered with Amazon.com, but soon after the program's launch last spring, MGM and/or Amazon quietly pulled the plug. The reason? They were besieged with customer complaints of defective discs and rotten video transfers" - QUOTES ARE FROM THE DVD TALK WEBSITE - I have no idea if the problems have been solved.


MGM's Movie-on-Demand Program ( By Stuart Galbraith IV )

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Brian De Palma

Brian De Palma

Nancy Allen
Keith Gordon
Michael Caine
Dennis Franz
Angie Dickinson
And many others...

Liz Blake ( Nancy Allen )

Peter Miller ( Keith Gordon )

Dr. Elliott ( Michael Caine )

Dennis Franz ( Detective Marino )

Kate Miller ( Angie Dickinson )

Bobbi ( the killer is ????? )

Liz is a high-priced callgirl, who loves gambling on the stock market. Her john's are well-off wall street types.

She and one of her clients talk stocks, while they wait for an elevator. When the doors open, she turns around to say something to her john, but he has run away. When she looks into the elevator, Liz is horrified by what she discovers.

Inside, on the floor, is a woman named Kate. She's been sliced up and is soaking in blood.

The murderer, a tall blonde woman, is still in the elevator. When Liz reaches into the elevator to help Kate, the blonde attempts to cut her hand.

However, she ends up dropping the blade. Liz quickly grabs the murder weapon as the elevator doors close.

At the police station Dr. Elliott, Kate's psychiatrist, gets interviewed by Detective Marino. Apparently, the killer used his blade to commit the crime.

Meanwhile, outside the detective's office, Kate's genius son, Peter, is listening to their conversation via homemade eavesdropping equipment.

Soon after, it's Liz's turn to get grilled by Detective Marino. He has a file on her criminal past, and present. Marino gives Liz an ultimatum she can't refuse. Now she has to find evidence on the real killer, or she's going to pay for someone else's crime.

The tall blonde tries to murder Liz, but she's saved by Peter.

Peter and Liz team up to catch the killer, but will they get the tall blonde before she gets them?....

Kate: "Everybody knows, that when you invent or discover something, you get to name it"

Kate: "I moaned with pleasure at his touch. Isn't that what every man wants?"

Bobbi: "Don't make me be a bad girl again..."

Peter: "Do you know who killed her?"

Dr. Elliott: "The term we use Detective Marino, is not weirdo, but a person suffering from emotional dysfunction and a problem of maladaptation"

Detective Marino: "Lets face it, you're a whore. A Park Avenue whore, but you're still a whore. Now, who were you fucking?"

Liz: "You're doing swell, just swell"

Region one
Company - MGM
UNrated and R rated versions
Extra #1 - "The making of a thriller"
Extra #2 - "A film comparison: The 3 versions of DRESSED TO KILL"
Extra #3 - "Slashing DRESSED TO KILL"
Extra #4 - "DRESSED TO KILL: An appreciation by Keith Gordon"
Extra #5 - Theatrical trailer
Extra #6 - Photo gallery
Extra #7 - Advertising photo gallery
Inserts - None


PRICE - $11.09


This is one of my favorite 80's flicks!

Most of Brian De Palma's movies are so freaking beautiful, and this is no exception!

The cast is perfect.

Michael Caine's facial expressions are priceless.

Angie Dickinson is so subtle.

Keith Gordon, Nancy Allen and Dennis Franz, are so convincing as their characters.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Great artwork!

This is one of the most inspiring and heartfelt cinematic tributes to the human spirit, that has ever been filmed.

BUTT, seriously folks... I have NOT seen this masterpiece since my wild-eyed-youth ( when VHS was still king ).

Anyway, don't forget the movie's motto.... "A LOT OF BULL IN EVERY BITE!"

FYI: It was available on legit VHS by MEDIA HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

As of October 2011, there is still NO legit region one DVD... You're only going to find it via BOOTLEG discs.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


In early October, Lawrence Block will be self-publishing a collection of ELEVEN short stories. All of them about Matthew Scudder.

It will have an introduction by film director / screenwriter Brian Koppelman and an afterword by Mr. Block.

It's called THE NIGHT AND THE MUSIC, and it will be available in the following formats... SEE LIST BELOW...

eBook - Kindle, Nook, Apple, "and all those served by Smashwords" - PRICE $2.99

Print-On-Demand PAPERback - PRICE $14.95

It will also be available as a LIMITED EDITION leather-bound HARDcover by Otto Penzler - PRICE $150.00

For more details visit Mr. Block's website.


I've only been able to read one story. It's called OUT THE WINDOW, and I really love it.

It's about a waitress named Paula Wittlauer, and her apparent suicide.

Matt - an ex-cop with vertigo - meets her sister Ruth. She believes Paula was murdered, so she asks Matt for help.

I love Matt's attention to detail, and his determination.

I also love the fact he's a three dimensional character ( he has a heart ).

As I was reading this story, I was reminded of how some things never seem to change. Such as, the way we all take people and places for granted.

I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this collection.

I am VERY thankful to Mr. Block, for sending these stories to me.

I've loved short stories - AND short films - since I was a kid. They're so much fun to read, and sometimes leave you wanting more... and that's a GOOD THING!

ISBN FOR PAPERBACK ( 978-1-937387-32-7 )

ISBN FOR eBook ( 978-1-937387-31-0 )

AUTHOR - Lawrence Block

PAGES - 235

Telemachus Press ( PAPERback )

Otto Penzler ( HARDcover )


Dominique Othenin-Girard

Dale Trevillion

William Forsythe
Kari Wuhrer
Leo Rossi
Sharon Farrell
And many others

Ray ( William Forsythe )

Rita ( Kari Wuhrer )

Frank ( Leo Rossi )

Shirley ( Sharon Farrell )

Ray was in prison for murder. He claims, he was framed.

A few minutes after being released from prison, a sexy woman named Rita shows up.

After they bullshit each other, he gets in her car and she floors it.

Ray is not sure, if Rita is a friend or foe, but he's going to find out the hard way.

He's determined to bring down the real killer, regardless of the consequences...

Ray: "Who sent you buttercup?"

Ray: "How many people you gotta screw to get a place like this?"

Shirley: "You got some nerve coming here"

Rita: "I think you're crazy, but I don't think you're a killer"

Rita: "The guy's a horny son-of-a-bitch, all he wanted to do is screw"

Frank: "Ungrateful bitch!"

Ray: "Come on baby, lets go spend some money"

Region - Not applicable
Company - Beyond Pictures / Parallel Pictures
Rated R
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free


BEYOND DESIRE is a pop-corn munching good time!... It's a guilty pleasure. But, I feel NO guilt about the pleasure it brings me!

I love the dark humor in this movie.

William Forsythe, Kari Wuhrer and Leo Rossi are so much fun to watch!

Plus, Kari Wuhrer looks so freaking booty-licious!... HOT-DAMN BABY!... ha-ha-ha...

It was available on legit VHS by LIVE HOME VIDEO.

As of September 2011, there is NO legit region one DVD, just BOOTLEGS.