Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Joseph P. Mawra

Reuben Guberman
Joseph P. Mawra
K. Gordon Murray

Lee Holland ( AKA Eleanor Vaill )
Kenneth Douglas ( AKA Otto Schlesinger )
Lewis Galen
Bill Rogers
Lawrence Tobin

Emily ( Lee Holland )

Emily's father ( Kenneth Douglas )

Daniel ( Lewis Galen )

Preacher ( Bill Rogers )

Savage ( Lawrence Tobin )

Emily shares a filthy shack with her alcoholic and abusive father. She's a whore and proud of it. Her moral compass broke a long time ago, and she doesn't seem too concerned about fixing it anytime soon.

A sanctimonious-horny-preacher brings his traveling show to town. Emily attends one of his meetings and chats with him after it ends. They instantly want to jump each other's bones, but the preacher's assistant reminds him about prior commitments. So they make a date for later that night.

Emily decides to slither on over to a local bar. Minutes later, a biker gang arrives. Their leader is called Savage.

Savage spots Emily dancing with a guy and decides he wants her for himself. The doofus promptly gets his ass kicked by the rest of the gang. Emily could care less!

She agrees to sell her companionship to Savage for a "fin" ( $5.00 ). So they borrow a room in the back of the bar. Unfortunately for Emily, Savage doesn't feel like paying for some loving, so Savage lives up to his name.

Daniel hears Emily yelling and saves her.

Savage and the gang vow vengeance on Daniel.

Emily thanks Daniel by offering up her body. He initially rejects her. Moments later, "little Daniel" convinces him to take a trip to "beaverville".

Wouldn't you know it, her father walks in on them. Emily plays the victim and falsely accuses Daniel of raping her.

Soon a ton of white men are hunting for Daniel. Since Daniel is black and lives in the south, that automatically makes him guilty of anything and everything. So trying to convince an angry mob of rednecks otherwise, is fruitless.

Savage and his gang go to Daniel's house, and they accidentally end up killing Daniel's mother. So they take off.

Daniel needs to get out of town. Out of desperation, he steals a car from some drug dealers. The dealers chase after him.

Meanwhile, Emily is on the run from the cops after she uses her father as a human pin-cushion.

The preacher is getting ready to leave town. Will Emily meet the preacher in time to leave with him?

Will Daniel get away, and clear his name?

Emily loves playing with fire, and now she's burned several people... including herself...

Daniel's mother: "Daniel, you quit staring at that shanty tramp!"

Preacher: "Amen sister Emily, Amen..."

Emily: "Why don't you go on home, or find yourself a nice warm spot in the gutter and sleep it off!"

Daniel's mother: "You hear me boy?.. This time of night, it ain't smart for black folk to be seen downtown"

Savage: "You don't know what fun is, you teasing little bitch!"

Emily: "Come and get it, man..."

Daniel: "Tramp!"

Preacher: "Do ya hear me?!.. The devil is having himself a party!"

Daniel: "She lies!!.. she lies!!!.. SHE LIES!!!!"

Emily's father: "I got a little game you can play with your pa.."

Preacher: "I'm going to show that shanty tramp the power and the glory..."

Black & white
Region one
Company - ALPHA
NOT rated
Extra #1 - Double feature called COMMON LAW WIFE.
Extra #2 - A black and white "nudie short" called ALICE FROM DALLAS.
Extra #3 - I counted at least 11 trailers.
Inserts - Yes. It contains a Alpha Video mini catalog.


PRICE - $5.79


UPDATED on May 28, 2016.....

THE RIALTO REPORT found and interviewed Joseph P. Mawra. It was Mr. Mawra, NOT Joseph G. Prieto aka José Prieto, that directed SHANTY TRAMP.

This movie is a shitload of fun!

Everyone does a great job.

It took A LOT OF GUTS to make this movie in the south during the 1960s. I'm NOT saying that because of the sleaze factor, I'm saying it because of all the racial issues it brings up.

FYI: According to John Harrison of REEL WILD CINEMA ( Australian fanzine - no longer published ), Bob Clark - of BLACK CHRISTMAS, PORKY's, and A CHRISTMAS STORY fame - was assistant director!

ALPHA's version of SHANTY TRAMP looks like crap. The best thing about it, is the price, and the fact it's part of a double feature. The other movie is called COMMON LAW WIFE. There's also a vintage nudie short called ALICE FROM DALLAS.

SOMETHING WEIRD also has this movie for sale ( as a DVD-R or download ). So you may want consider buying their version instead of ALPHA's.

NOTE: I have NOT seen SOMETHING WEIRD's version, so I can NOT tell you anything about it. But, let's face it, it's got to be better than ALPHA's version...

Do yourself a favor, and do NOT buy this movie from OLDIES... The customer service at OLDIES.COM is among the worst I've ever encountered!... You've been warned!...

I used the BFI and SOMETHING WEIRD websites as sources for some of the cast information.


  1. My Something Weird DVD-R of "Shanty Tramp" repeats a reel at the climax of the film. I had to edit and make my own version :( Great piece of trash, this film.

  2. Sorry to hear about the Something Weird DVD-R, I was hoping it would be better than Alpha's version.

  3. I was an extra in the movie. I was one of the motorcycle riders

  4. Thanks for the comment... I hope being in this film, gave you some good memories... SHANTY TRAMP is loads of fun to watch. It's also a bonafide cult classic, and that's the truth!

  5. Watched it last night at a midnight-movie-showing, obliviously it was quite a wild ride in its time (interracial sex, lynching, exploitation & religion, etc.), but still enjoyable even today at least in my opinion. Anyway, I've got a bit interested in both actors Bill Rogers and Lewis Galen and wondering whatever happened to them? If you search the WWW you won't find almost nothing. From the 'underground' into 'oblivion' I'm afraid. Too sad, would like to know a bit more about how they lived their lives. Ashino Wolf (

  6. Thanks for the comment.....

    I've been told that Lawrence Tobin - "Savage" - is still alive. However, I can NOT confirm that as fact. As for the rest of the cast, I don't know what happened to any of them.

    I hope a magazine like SHOCK CINEMA can track some of them down for interviews ( IF any of them are still alive ).