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Brian De Palma

Brian De Palma

Nancy Allen
Keith Gordon
Michael Caine
Dennis Franz
Angie Dickinson
And many others...

Liz Blake ( Nancy Allen )

Peter Miller ( Keith Gordon )

Dr. Elliott ( Michael Caine )

Dennis Franz ( Detective Marino )

Kate Miller ( Angie Dickinson )

Bobbi ( the killer is ????? )

Liz is a high-priced callgirl, who loves gambling on the stock market. Her john's are well-off wall street types.

She and one of her clients talk stocks, while they wait for an elevator. When the doors open, she turns around to say something to her john, but he has run away. When she looks into the elevator, Liz is horrified by what she discovers.

Inside, on the floor, is a woman named Kate. She's been sliced up and is soaking in blood.

The murderer, a tall blonde woman, is still in the elevator. When Liz reaches into the elevator to help Kate, the blonde attempts to cut her hand.

However, she ends up dropping the blade. Liz quickly grabs the murder weapon as the elevator doors close.

At the police station Dr. Elliott, Kate's psychiatrist, gets interviewed by Detective Marino. Apparently, the killer used his blade to commit the crime.

Meanwhile, outside the detective's office, Kate's genius son, Peter, is listening to their conversation via homemade eavesdropping equipment.

Soon after, it's Liz's turn to get grilled by Detective Marino. He has a file on her criminal past, and present. Marino gives Liz an ultimatum she can't refuse. Now she has to find evidence on the real killer, or she's going to pay for someone else's crime.

The tall blonde tries to murder Liz, but she's saved by Peter.

Peter and Liz team up to catch the killer, but will they get the tall blonde before she gets them?....

Kate: "Everybody knows, that when you invent or discover something, you get to name it"

Kate: "I moaned with pleasure at his touch. Isn't that what every man wants?"

Bobbi: "Don't make me be a bad girl again..."

Peter: "Do you know who killed her?"

Dr. Elliott: "The term we use Detective Marino, is not weirdo, but a person suffering from emotional dysfunction and a problem of maladaptation"

Detective Marino: "Lets face it, you're a whore. A Park Avenue whore, but you're still a whore. Now, who were you fucking?"

Liz: "You're doing swell, just swell"

Region one
Company - MGM
UNrated and R rated versions
Extra #1 - "The making of a thriller"
Extra #2 - "A film comparison: The 3 versions of DRESSED TO KILL"
Extra #3 - "Slashing DRESSED TO KILL"
Extra #4 - "DRESSED TO KILL: An appreciation by Keith Gordon"
Extra #5 - Theatrical trailer
Extra #6 - Photo gallery
Extra #7 - Advertising photo gallery
Inserts - None


PRICE - $11.09


This is one of my favorite 80's flicks!

Most of Brian De Palma's movies are so freaking beautiful, and this is no exception!

The cast is perfect.

Michael Caine's facial expressions are priceless.

Angie Dickinson is so subtle.

Keith Gordon, Nancy Allen and Dennis Franz, are so convincing as their characters.

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