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Adrián García Bogliano

Adrián García Bogliano
Ramiro García Bogliano
Hernán Moyano

Marina Glezer
Facundo Espinosa
Camila Velasco
Omar Musa
Omar Gioiosa
Victoria Witemburg
Nicolas Marotta
Rolf Garcia Puga
And many others....

Ali ( Marina Glezer )

Roman ( Facundo Espinosa )

Jacquie ( Camila Velasco )

Gordon - old man with glasses - ( Omar Musa )

Baxter - old man with beard - ( Omar Gioiosa )

Roman has been dumped by his girlfriend Jacquie. The guy she's dating now, is called Rubio. Jacquie met him on the internet.

Roman's gut is telling him there's something wrong. So Roman, and his female friend Ali, decide to investigate. The trail leads them to an old house on a busy street.

Ali uses her laptop, and manages to make a date with Rubio, the same guy that's now dating Jacquie. So she marches into the house and disappears.

Meanwhile, Roman helps a nice elderly man cross the street. That man just happens to live in the same building that Ali walked into.

The elderly man's name is Gordon, and he lives with his lifelong friend Baxter. These seemingly gentle old men, are actually two former members of the government's DEATH SQUAD - called the AAA - that terrorized Argentina during the DIRTY WAR era.

Gordon and Baxter are PURE EVIL.

The two fun-loving-geezers are reliving the "good old days", by torturing and conducting experiments on a new generation.

Roman breaks into the house to search for Ali and Jacquie. The three of them find themselves in an explosive situation.

The two depraved old bastards may have finally met their match. Because Roman, Ali, and Jacquie are NOT giving up withOUT a fight.

Roman: "She just left me, with no explanation whatsoever"

Gordon: "Nobody respects anything"

Baxter: "Nobody said you could speak"

Ali: "If you can read this, kiss me"

Gordon: "My generation always had lots of hypocrites, that talked about freedom, and all of you are their offspring"... "However, none of you knows anything. You're all a bastion of ignorance. Each new generation sinks further into ignorance"... "If you can't speak with respect, if you can't express what you want, then you have no freedom"

Jacquie: "Is that the best idea you can come up with?"

Roman: "I can't believe this, I have over 800 friends!"


Ali: "What's your plan now?"

Region - Not applicable
Rated R
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable
Audio - Argentine version of Spanish


PRICE - Free

HELL NO!!!!...

I LOVE this movie!... I love the concept, the camera work, the acting, and the special effects.

An incredible performance by Omar Musa ( Gordon, the old man with glasses ).

COLD SWEAT a breath of fresh air!

This movie is NOT "business as usual"... Mr. Bogliano has made something truly special.

I can NOT begin to express, how happy I was, that this wasn't another vampire or zombie flick.

Take some of the tension from the television show called 24, add some graphic violence from an Eli Roth movie, and sprinkle a dash of cannibalism, and you end up with an intense and incredibly fun movie.

There's also some humor in the movie, such as a funny moment involving the fallacy of "online friends" ( FACEBOOK ).

SUDOR FRIO - AKA COLD SWEAT - was released on region one DVD by DARK SKY FILMS... and IF they ever answer my email, I'll purchase the movie.

As I stated before, the two elderly "gentlemen" are actually former members of the government's DEATH SQUAD.

During the opening credits of the movie, there's old footage of protesters and torture victims, and yet, far too many MORONS still can't make the connection between the two elderly "gentlemen" and that footage.

There is NO excuse for this kind of stupidity and ignorance.

Quotes below are from the NATIONAL SECURITY ARCHIVE:
"In 1976, the Argentine military launched a major counterinsurgency campaign. By the end of the year, thousands would be illegally detained, tortured, assassinated or disappeared. Among the victims that year, there were half a dozen American citizens"

Just for the record, I do NOT consider this to be a horror movie. I also do NOT consider P2, SHUTTLE, JOY RIDE, RED EYE, and RUBBER, to be "horror" movies. This is NOT a criticism of these movies, but it IS a criticism of all the moronic horror fanatics that love bashing movies like these.

When I read comments bashing this movie - by ignorant and narrow-minded "horror fanatics" - it reminds me of why the general populace still views most horror fans, comicbook nerds, and science fiction geeks, as mentally-deficient-deviants.

Most of these "horror fanatic" douche-bags would enthusiastically eat George Romero's shit, if it were served to them on a platter.... What does that tell you about their mentality?....

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