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Rhonda Shear at the 1993 Los Angeles auto show. She's sitting on a MITSUBISHI / Boyd Coddington Aluma Coupe... Plus a newspaper ad for the show ( from LA OPINION - JAN. 2, 1993 ).

I've been feeling blue, so I visited Rhonda's YOU TUBE channel. Watching her videos definitely put a smile on my face, and cheered me up substantially.

Anyway, I found a video of her at the 1993 Los Angeles auto show.

Ms. Shear was never there, when I attended the show. So what happens?, the year after I leave SoCal forever, she and the UP ALL NIGHT crew decide to visit the auto show!

FYI: I also recommend her "yard sale" video - episode 30 1991 - it's one of my favorites.

Bring back "big-hair" damn-it!...

One thing is for certain, none of those jalopies are as curvaceous, or beautiful, as Rhonda.

Check out the two guys standing behind Rhonda.... They're pretending to talk about something automotive. Come on!, we all know they're just trying to get on tv, or trying to get a closer look at Rhonda's "trunk space", or both!

I imagine their conversation went something like this.....

BOB - "hey Harvey, check-out that beautiful trunk!

HARVEY - "Dude, don't be so damn obvious!"

BOB - "I wonder if she can handle all my luggage, ha-ha-ha..."

HARVEY - "Dude, you're a pig"

BOB - "Oink, oink, oink, oink..."

HARVEY - "Dude, we're being filmed!.... What are we going to tell our wives?!"

BOB - "I don't know!.... lets get outta-here, before she calls security!"

Below are some screengrabs from UP ALL NIGHT's Los Angeles auto show episode - with publicity photos of the vehicles.

Rhonda Shear and a FERRARI MONDIAL


Rhonda Shear and the OLDSMOBILE AEROTECH

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