Sunday, February 20, 2011


Michael Apted

Dana Stevens

Madeleine Stowe
Aidan Quinn
Peter Friedman
James Remar
Laurie Metcalf
Louie ( Emma's dog )
Bruce A. Young
Matt Roth
Heather Schwartz
Marilyn Dodds Frank
Paul Dillon

Emma Brody ( Madeleine Stowe )

Detective John Hallstrom ( Aidan Quinn )

Dr. Ryan Pierce ( Peter Friedman )

Detective Thomas Ridgely ( James Remar )

Ralph ( Louie )

Emma's a musician and she lives with her guide dog Ralph. She's been blind ever since her mother bashed her head against a mirror.

Emma gets a surprise call from her doctor. He informs her that they may be able to restore her vision, but they need to operate on her immediately. So she rushes to the hospital.

The next day, her bandages are removed. The operation was a success. Her vision is extremely blurry, but at least she can see. Unfortunately, she's having delayed visions. When someone comes up to her she sees nothing, but hours later she sees them when they're NOT there.

Murders start occurring, and they all end up being connected to Emma. She ends up being the only "eye witness".

Things become even more complicated when a romantic relationship develops between Emma and Detective Hallstrom. In addition, doctor Pierce is also in love with her.

Meanwhile the killer is taking more victims, and now he's after Emma....

Emma: "I think you're more excited about this than I am"

Candice: "Can I say fuck in here?"

Detective Ridgely: "You're a sick bastard, John"

Emma's mother: "You little whore!"

Emma: "My eyes are filled with someone else"

The killer: "I'm taking back the eyes you stole..."

WIDEscreen & FULLscreen
Region one
Company - New Line Cinema
Rated R
Extras - Trailers for BLINK and a few other films.
Inserts - Yes. Contains a two sided sheet.

OBTAINED AT - Edward R. Hamilton

PRICE - $5.95

NO!... I like Madeleine Stowe tremendously, and I think she's one of the most UNderrated actresses in Hollywood. I like this movie more now, than I did when it was new.

A few times during the movie, it felt like I was watching a tourism infomercial for the city of Chicago. I did not like that the first time I saw the movie, and I still don't.

But I like the rest a lot, especially the camera work. I also like the "angry-love" that Emma and Detective Hallstrom feel for each other.

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