Thursday, February 10, 2011


James Dearden

Jeffrey Caine
James Dearden

Amanda Pays
George Segal
Renée Soutendijk
Elizabeth Spriggs
Warren Clarke
Anthony Higgins
Ursula Howells
George Pravda

Carla / Christa ( Amanda Pays )

Lili and Hugh ( Renée Soutendijk and George Segal )

Frau Hoffman ( Elizabeth Spriggs )

Wilhelm Bruckner ( Warren Clarke )

Carla is living in London ( at a boarding school ). She leaves to meet her father in West Berlin. After they reunite, they cross the border into East Berlin.

Carla's mother is mentally ill and in an institution.

Hugh is a writer and he wants to experience the real East Germany, so they stay at a small unknown hotel. Later on they meet up with Lili ( Hugh's East German girlfriend ).

Carla quickly becomes rude, thoughtless, and rebellious. She ends up causing a lot of problems.

Carla begins having visions that take place in nazi era Berlin. In nazi era Germany her name is Christa, and her father is a disturbed butcher named Wilhelm. She's helping a Jewish man hide from the authorities.

As Carla travels back and forth in time, she becomes more desperate. She's convinced that her visions are real.

Is Frau Hoffman hiding the truth about the past? Or has Carla inherited her mother's mental illness?...

Hugh: "If you won't act like an adult, then we'll just treat you like a child"

Carla: "I was raped by my father"

Herr Bruckner: "Shut up and sit down!"

Region - Not applicable
Company - HBO
Rated R
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable

OBTAINED AT - Retrovision

PRICE - Free

No... Read on... I like this movie a lot. I thought everybody did a great job.

Question: The movie is from 1984, so why is it in the public domain?

This movie was released on "legit" VHS by MEDIA HOME ENTERTAINMENT. "Bootleg" VHS tapes also exist.

The companies listed below, have all released region one DVDs of THE COLD ROOM....

MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT has it in their SUSPENSE CLASSICS 50 moive pack. I've viewed MILL CREEK's version and recommend it.

EAST WEST ENTERTAINMENT has it as part of a double feature with BYE BYE BABY. I have NOT seen this version.

PC TREASURES has it as part of a double feature with ARCH DE TRIUMPH. I've seen PC TREASURE's copy of the movie, and I recommend it.

DIGIVIEW has it as part of a double feature with DEADLY DRIFTER. I have NOT seen their version.

It's also available as a VOD by SYNERGY ENTERTAINMENT ( via AMAZON ).

You can also watch it for free online. However, some of those websites are highly questionable ( they're full of viruses ).

FYI: The movie is based on a novel written by Jeffrey Caine.
published by Ballantine Books
ISBN ( 978-0345273390 )

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