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First cover of the 2011 version of FEMME FATALES magazine

Once upon a time, the original version of FEMME FATALES was one of the most beloved cult MOVIE magazines ever published in the U.S.A.

Cover of the original version of FEMME FATALES magazine

Another cover for the original version of FEMME FATALES magazine

FEMME FATALES was different. It stood out from the crowd. But there were some behind the scenes scandals ( including the suicide of the founder ).


The publication was sold and relaunched. I had high hopes for the NEW version, especially after I saw that Paget Brewster had a column in it.

Unfortunately, the content just got worse with every issue. They shot themselves in the foot repeatedly.

Their new version, did NOT focus enough attention on CULT MOVIES, or TV SHOWS, or actresses. Instead, they became just like all the other generic men's magazines that flooded the market.

Cover for the previous "new" version of FEMME FATALES

Models, porn stars, cyber sluts, reality tv contestants, tattoo chicks, female athletes and MEN, are NOT femme fatales. But, those are exactly the types of individuals they seemed to focus on.

Another cover for the previous "new" version of FEMME FATALES

What they did to FEMME FATALES is the equivalent of purchasing SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and focusing the articles on skateboarders and pogostick riders. Then putting video game players on the cover and proclaiming they're all athletes. They're NOT athletes.

If the owners of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED did that, they'd be out of business.

Yes, they have the SWIMSUIT ISSUE, but that's ONCE A YEAR. Plus, it APPEALS to their main customer base, which is still composed of MEN.

You don't change the subject matter of a publication and expect your customers to continue forking-over their hard earned cash. So the customers left. I should know, because I was one of those FORMER customers.

Anyway, I've lost count how many times the magazine has been relaunched ( after vanishing from the face of the earth numerous times ).

Just for the record, if you're going to publish a magazine called FEMME FATALES, then the least you can do, is find out what that term means.

You can find femme fatales in noir, crime and even exploitation flicks.

The following ARE examples of femme fatales...

Barbara Stanwyck as Phyllis Dietrichson in DOUBLE INDEMNITY ( directed by Billy Wilder )

Lizabeth Scott as Jane Palmer in TOO LATE FOR TEARS ( directed by Byron Haskin )

Peggy Cummins as Annie Laurie Starr in GUN CRAZY ( directed by Joseph H. Lewis )

Linda Fiorentino as Bridget Gregory in THE LAST SEDUCTIION ( directed by John Dahl )

Virginia Madsen as Dolly Harshaw in THE HOT SPOT ( directed by Dennis Hopper )

Leslie Brooks as Claire Cummings in BLONDE ICE ( directed by Jack Bernhard )

Lara Flynn Boyle as Suzanne in RED ROCK WEST ( directed by John Dahl )

Joanne Whalley as Fay Forrester in KILL ME AGAIN ( directed by John Dahl )

Zoƫ Lund as Thana from the movie MS. 45 ( directed by Abel Ferrara )

The ultimate fate of any business rests in the hands of it's customers. They decide whether a company succeeds or fails.

FYI: I've always made it a point, NOT to be NEGATIVE or BASH on my blog. Why? Because it takes NO talent to destroy, anybody can do that. Hope I wasn't too harsh, but I wanted to be honest about my feelings.

I hope this version of the magazine is far better than their previous attempts...

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  1. You're absolutely right,back in the 1990's-early 2000's Femme Fatales used to be a great magazine, good artwork, superb photos, good contributing writers,retro and insightful nostalgic articles, interviews from more interesting actresses, homages to B movies, sci-fi, horror, Hammer films, had everything. Then whoever was responsible turned it into a, well, a disaster for lack of a better word.