Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Billy Wilder

Billy Wilder
George Axelrod

Marilyn Monroe
Tom Ewell
Evelyn Keyes
Butch Bernard
Robert Strauss
Sonny Tufts

Sexy female neighbor ( Marilyn Monroe ) is renting an upstairs apartment for the summer. She works in TV commercials and used to be a model. She's smarter than first impressions would indicate.

Richard Sherman ( Tom Ewell ) works for a company that publishes paperback novels. Richard is a clueless shmuck. Helen is his wife, and Ricky is his son. He learns a thing or two from his new upstairs neighbor.

Helen Sherman ( Evelyn Keyes ) is Richard's wife and Ricky's mother. They are the world she revolves around.

Ricky Sherman ( Butch Bernard ) is Richard and Helen's spoiled little bastard son.

Mr. Kruhulik ( Robert Strauss ) and Tom ( Sonny Tufts ) are victims of Richard's runaway imagination.

Richard has a wife and kid that love him. He also has a career and gets to live in New York. Does he appreciate how lucky he is? NO!.. All he does is daydream and whine, whine, whine... Richard is a douche-bag....

Helen and Ricky are away for the Summer. So now Richard must fend for himself.

A sexy female neighbor moves in upstairs and they start becoming friends. He loves checking her out. He immediately starts having guilty thoughts and Walter-Mitty-esque daydreams about infidelity and it's repercussions.

Richard never cheats on his wife. However, he does trick his sexy neighbor into kissing him.

That's pretty much the movie in a nutshell.... yawn... yawn... yawn....

"Do you feel the breeze from the subway? Isn't it delicious?"

Helen: "Poor daddy has to stay in the hot city and make money"

Waitress: "Nudism is such a worthy cause. We must bring the message to the people. We must teach them to unmask their poor suffering bodies and let them breathe again. Clothes are the enemy"

Richard: "What happened at the office? Well, I shot Mr. Brady in the head, made violent love to Miss Morris, and set fire to 300,000 copies of Little Women. That's what happened at the office"

Sexy female neighbor: "When it's hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox"

Ricky: "Mommy, mommy, come quick! They're talking about daddy on television!"

Helen: "You lie to me Richard. Don't you lie to me!"

Sexy female neighbor: "I know if I were married, and I came in on my husband making cinnamon toast with some blonde in the shower, I'd shoot him!"

Region one
Company - FOX
NOT rated
Extra #1 - Back story: The Seven Year Itch ( Read details below )
Extra #2 - Deleted scene: bathtub
Extra #3 - Deleted scene: subway
Extra #4 - THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH theatrical trailer
Extra #5 - THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH Spanish language theatrical trailer
Extra #6 - Movietone News Reel: THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH
Extra #7 - Poster gallery
Extra #8 - Restoration comparison ( Read details below )
Extra #9 - BUS STOP trailer
Extra #11 - HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE trailer
Inserts - Yes. Contains a six sided folder with black and white photos.

EXTRA #1 is a feature called BACK STORY: THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH. It mostly deals with the censorship problems they were going through. They also talk about other topics, such as the Walter Matthau sreen test. He was cast as Richard, but the studio decided against hiring him! I thought this extra was far more interesting than the movie!

EXTRA #8 is the restoration comparison. It shows how deteriorated the film was. They did an outstanding job of restoring this movie.


PRICE - $10.00

Well, I hate to say it, but YES...

This movie bored the shit out of me.

Hype, hype, hype... If Marilyn Monroe wasn't in this movie, this film would have disappeared into obscurity a long time ago. There, I said it, and now I feel better.

Evelyn Keyes isn't given much of a role. Her character, Helen, doesn't seem to exist for any other reason than to give Tom Ewell's character a reason to feel guilty.

The movie has a lot of cute moments, but that isn't enough for me.

When I was a kid, the sight of Marilyn's legs over the subway vents was enough to keep my attention. But now, the ONLY things I like about this movie, are Marilyn's performance, and the color shots of New York in the 1950's.

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