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Phillip Noyce

Mike Kelley

Emily Van Camp
Madeleine Stowe
Gabriel Mann
Henry Czerny
Nick Wechsler
Josh Bowman
Christa B. Allen
Connor Paolo
Amber Valletta
James Tupper
Ashley Madekwe
Ashton Holmes
Sam ( Emily's dog - unknown )
And many many others....

Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke ( Emily Van Camp )

Victoria Grayson ( Madeleine Stowe )

Jack Porter ( Nick Wechsler )

Nolan Ross ( Gabriel Mann )

David Clarke ( James Tupper )

"This is NOT a story about forgiveness"....

David Clarke is charged with treason and terrorism, and sent to prison.

A decade passes, his daughter, Amanda Clarke is also in prison - for different reasons.

She's released on her eighteenth birthday. As she walks away from her former hellhole, a vehicle pulls up. A young man called Nolan Ross gets out and tells her that David has died.

Nolan informs her that David was framed. Amanda also finds out, she's half owner of Nolan's company.

He hands her a wooden box that has an infinity symbol carved on it. One of the items contained within, is a hand written letter from her father.

Years later, we meet her again. She's changed her name and hair color.

Amanda Clarke, now Emily Thorne, rents a beach house in the Hamptons. It's next door to Victoria and Clayton Grayson's mansion.

The Grayson's are responsible for destroying her family.

And now Emily / Amanda is ready for retribution.

Will she succeed?....

Emily: "Two wrongs can never make a right, because two wrongs can never equal each other"

Emily: "For the truly wronged, true satisfaction can only be found in one of two places, absolute forgiveness or mortal vindication"

Victoria: "As anyone can tell you, approval, is not something I give away freely"

David: "infinity times infinity"

Nolan: "How much do you want for Amanda?"

Jack: "Sammy, the whole point of fetch is to bring back the stick when I throw it"

Emily: "Do you know how easy it would be to crush your windpipe?"

Nolan: "I witnessed first hand, what those people did to your father"

Emily: "When deception cuts this deep, someone has to pay"

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I had originally planned to watch the premiere, but I simply forgot about it. So I watched it online.

Almost everyone that has watched televsion is familiar with the night time soap operas called DALLAS and DYNASTY.

However, unlike those shows, this actually seems far more clever and well written. It's more of a THRILLER than a soap opera.

REVENGE is NOT filled with the same wall-to-wall hammy-acting, that plagued DALLAS, and it's horrible knock-off DYNASTY.

As most of you know, most television shows end up becoming redundant and outstaying their welcome.

That's why, I hope they'll take a cue from the cable channels and produce 12 to 15 episodes per season, instead of the usual 20 plus episodes.... assuming REVENGE gets renewed for another season.

Madeleine Stowe on the cover of PARADE ( Feb. 19, 2012 )

I was happier than a alcoholic locked in a liquor store, when I found out that Madeleine Stowe was going to star in REVENGE.

Madeleine Stowe is one of my all time favorite actresses. She's incredibly underrated and underused. She's one of those folks, that can say more by looking into the camera, than most folks can say with two pages worth of dialogue!

I loved watching her in SHORT CUTS, CHINA MOON, BLINK, and 12 MONKEYS.

Emily Van Camp has become quite an actress. I'm really impressed. She seems to know exactly when to pull back her emotions. Truly outstanding performances by her.
I hope she decides to portray even darker characters in theatrical movies.

Ashton Holmes appears in several episodes. He was excellent in HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and WIND CHILL. Mr. Holmes is nothing short of wonderful as "Tyler".

Gabriel Mann portrays a character called "Nolan". He reminds me of James Spader, and I mean that as a compliment. He's truly excellent.

REVENGE has high quality acting, writing, and beautiful camera work.

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