Friday, August 3, 2012


I visited one of my local BARNES & NOBLE book stores, and read at least half of MARILYN & ME.

In my opinion, the chapters feel like you're reading letters from a friend, and I love that.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I do NOT have a problem with the text.

However, I DO have a problem with almost everything else.

This SMALL and THIN book costs $20.00 fucking dollars!... Are you fucking kidding me?!... That's truly insulting!

This version of MARILYN & ME, only contains a handful of SMALL BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS. And the pages are printed on somewhat grainy paper. Let me say it again, NOT one color photo!

PHOTOS were the main focus of this book, NOT the text. That's what all the HYPE was about.

The uber-fancy edition of this book by TASCHEN - with tons of color photos - sells for $1,000 dollars!... Truly absurd....

Marilyn Monroe fanatics will gobble-up this book in a heartbeat. But, that's not a shock, because those folks would eat her feces, if it were served to them on a platter. However, the rest of us folks will find it difficult to pay twenty fucking dollars for a glorified magazine article.

Marilyn Monroe was NOT a saint, she was a human being, and that means her shit stunk just like everybody elses!

I had more things to say, but why bother?.....

ISBN ( 978-0385536677 )
AUTHOR - Lawrence Schiller
COVER PHOTO by Lawrence Schiller
COMPANY - KNOPF DOUBLEDAY ( another version is by TASCHEN )
OBTAINED AT - I decided NOT to purchase this book after seeing and reading some of it at BARNES & NOBLE
PRICE - $20.00
HARDcover - It has a dust jacket ( the covers are plain black ).
SIZE - approximately 5" wide by 7" tall
PAGES - approximately 114 pages of text and a handful of small black and white photos

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