Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Why am I posting this?... Because I want to!

BUTT seriously folks, I really miss watching Rhonda Shear on television.

I also loved watching her on MARRIED WITH CHILDREN ( and other shows ).

This lady was genuinely funny, and hotter than a fried chicken's ass!.... I meant that as a compliment!

Just enjoy...

Bart Simpson finally lost his virginity!

I don't think any of the UP ALL NIGHT segments were ever released on legit VHS.

I used to see grey-market DVDs on sale at pop-culture conventions. However, there was NO way I was going to pay twenty dollars for a crappy-ass bootleg.

Rhonda Shear in DALLAS

If you want to see more of Rhonda, you can watch MARRIED WITH CHILDREN ( can't remember which episode ), or DALLAS ( I think she may have done two or three episodes ), or find a used DVD - or VHS - of BASIC TRAINING.

Her official YOUTUBE channel has tons of segments from UP ALL NIGHT.

Rhonda's official website seems to be devoted to her clothing line. There dosen't seem to be anything from her show or movies. That sucks!

She's a HOTTIE, and a SMARTIE... We miss you Rhonda.....


  1. I was listening to an interview with Linnea Quigley the other day and Rhonda's name was brought up. apparently she actually owns the "Up All Night" brand name just what exactly she's going to do with it remains to be seen. Here's the interview:


    The Linnea interview starts around the 1 hour 5 minute mark.

  2. Thanks for the info Tom!... I really really miss watching her.

    I hope she brings back UP ALL NIGHT... A new version of the show would be great, and maybe sell some merchandise from the original show.

  3. I wonder what a current version of Up All Night would be like. Looking back it kind of seems like such a "product of its time" so to speak you know? Even still, if done right it could totally work with Rhonda at the helm. She has the personality to pull off pretty much any hosting gig.

    Up All Night played some great stuff. I remember they played Toxic Zombies (1980), a low budget favorite of mine as well as Getty Lucky (1990) from Michael Paul Girard!