Monday, January 25, 2016

THIS AND THAT - JAN 2016......

Screengrabs from the animated tv show called HOT WHEELS


If you're old enough, you'll remember a Saturday morning animated tv show call HOT WHEELS... Yes, the toy cars had their own show.

From what I understand, other toy companies - and some alleged "concerned parent groups" - were pissed off at MATTEL. Why?... Because the other companies didn't think of it first? Anyway, they complained to the FCC. They called it an advertisement disguised as a show. That's true, but so were countless other shows and movies and nobody seemed to complain about them.

Think about this, almost all so-called TALK SHOWS exist solely to promote new movies, or new books, or tv shows, or anything else. Companies have always used those shows to SELL things. Yet they masquerade as entertainment. Most of those guests are there to SELL!

TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, THE LEGO MOVIE, and countless other films, are nothing more than glorified toy commercials. And yet, these types of blatant "film-mercials" continue to flood the market.

Screengrabs from a short promotional film called 1999 A.D.


I've been watching a lot of old movies on GET TV, MOVIES TV NETWORK, GRIT TV, OFF BEAT CINEMA, DVD, and ONLINE. I've also been watching a lot of old promotional films, documentaries, tv shows, and tv commercials ( on DVD and online ).

Anyone remember PHILCO tv sets?... Anyway, one of those promotional films is called 1999 A.D. ( by FORD / PHILCO - from 1967? ).

An attractive lady and a very cool six-wheel automobile appear in it. The car is called the SEATTLE-ITE XXI ( FORD ) and it appeared at the 1962 Seattle world's fair.

I've always been fascinated by vintage views of the future, and I remember watching this film at least once during my youth, but I can't remember if it was at school or on tv.

Screengrab from a NATIONAL AIRLINES "fly me" commercial

Almost forgot to mention the sexy, funny, and very politically incorrect airline commercials that BRANIFF INTERNATIONAL AIRWAYS ( "air strip" ), and NATIONAL AIRLINES ( "fly me" ) made during the sixties and early seventies... I miss those commercials!

As for movies and documentaries, a few days ago I watched FAIL SAFE, and it still packs a powerful punch.

Z CHANNEL: A MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION is a rare documentary and I think it's worth watching.

I also saw a movie called LIVING VENUS for the first time in at least twenty years! Plus, a bunch of Euro-westerns. Such as, 7 DOLLARS ON THE RED, PAID IN BLOOD, and the UNcut version of CHINA 9 LIBERTY 37 ( with Jenny Agutter ). The UNcut version of CHINA 9 LIBERTY 37 still has NOT been released on region one DVD.

Screengrabs of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a movie called 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE


I've always loved monster movies, especially giant monster movies. So, when CLOVERFIELD was released, I went to see it.

I did NOT like the "found footage" style and that party at the start of the film ( fucking unlikeable guests - hope most of them got eaten... ha-ha-ha ). However, when all was said and done, I did enjoy the movie a lot more that I thought I would.

Most folks have heard or read rumors of a sequel for years.

I didn't see the need for a second CLOVERFIELD flick. But, after watching the trailer for 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, I'm intrigued. It doesn't feel like a sequel. But, if it is, I'm still interested in seeing it.

Even if I don't end up liking the flick, at least I'll get to check out Mary Elizabeth Winstead... She's such a cutie! Great legs too!

Screengrab of Gillian Anderson... From an online video interview ( FAN EXPO )


I watched the first episode of the 2016 version of the X-FILES, and I thought It was ok.

What were my favorite parts?..... Gillian Anderson's legs.

The first episode showed off her gams in some fm-heels. Her character definitely came across as taller - obviously - and more forceful than before.

Ms. Anderson is short, so I guess the folks in charge, wanted to make her character leggier and more aggressive... Well, that's ok with me!

Above, are some old horror / sci-fi mags ( photos from AMAZON )


I've been reading old magazines.

Tip... Clean out your closets, desks, storage bins, attics, and basements, because you never know what you might find.

Most people remember the ORIGINAL version of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and EC COMICS.

What about, OUTRE, FILMFAX, CINEFANTASTIQUE, a newspaper called MONSTER TIMES, the ORIGINAL version of STARLOG, WEIRD, MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES, MONSTER WORLD, CREEPY, EERIE, and many others?.... How many folks remember those magazines?

Also search your garage and storage unit ( if you have them ). And if you're hunting for old mags, remember to visit thrift shops and swap meets / flea markets.

I want to mention a new horror fiction magazine called THE CREEPS ( I think it costs five dollars ). I saw one copy at my local BARNES & NOBLE. I did NOT buy it, because it had a few beverage stains. Plus, it also had torn pages. So, I really can't tell you what I thought about it. You think someone was reading it in the "cafe" area?... ha-ha-ha.

Screengrab above from the TMZ website... Is he destitute?... Is he giving ALL the money to charity?... Do those folks have money-to-burn, or shit-for-brains, or both?


How bad have popular-culture conventions become?

I actually saw a flyer with "cosplayers" being promoted as "celebrity guests"!... What the fuck?! The only thing more absurd is promoting YOUTUBE-video-makers as "celebrities".

So, it's NOT bad enough that most "CON" organizers act like they're doing YOU a favor by charging attendees ridiculous prices just to walk into a "CON". Now, some of these same SHIT-HOLES are trying to rip you off even more, by passing-off glorified anime fans and YOUTUBE-trolls as "celebrities".

I've wanted to post a multi-part rant - with photos - describing the insane behavior, insane people, and insane prices that you find at pop-culture conventions. I've wanted to do it for years, but I can't seem to find the time to organize everything ( but I'm working on it ).

FYI - A few conventions like SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL are NON-profit.

There doesn't seem to be an end to MONEY-GRUBBING-WHORES, and COLOSSAL-MORONS willing to pay absurd amounts of money to those PROSTITUTES. What it all boils down to, is that the vast majority of "CONS" are WHORE-HOUSES, and most of the attendees are "johns". A huge amount of attendees complain about the way things are, and yet, most of these same individuals continue giving all those UNGRATEFUL-THIEVING-ORGANIZERS, and so-called "celebrities" their money.

I've decided NOT to remove the "adult warning" from this blog.


  1. I haven't been to a "con" in almost 30 years, and have no interest in going. The best ones took place in the 1970s, before they became corporate ripoff jokes.

    LIVING VENUS sounds interesting. I may have to order the film from SWV...

    1. My last pop-culture convention was in 2008 or 2009, can't remember which... Went to that event to meet writer Max Brooks ( son of Mel Brooks ). I knew it would be my last. I really hate how these types of events have changed.

      Just for the record, the last time I went to San Diego Comic-Con International was in 91 or 92... That was BEFORE they moved to the convention center, and before it became so ridiculously big. The only reasons I still support it, is because it's still non-profit and I have good memories of past comic-cons.

      I love LIVING VENUS, but I no longer purchase DVDs from SOMETHING WEIRD. They pissed me off once too often.

  2. SWV pissed you off how? Am I better off buying a download from them instead of buying a DVD-R?

    I bought a bunch of DVD-Rs from them a few years back, and had playback problems with most of them...

    1. I've had customer service problems in the past.

      I can't tell you anything about their downloads, because I've never purchased my movies that way.

      I've had some problems with their DVD-Rs also. That's why I stay away from all DVD-Rs.

    2. I have had problems with SWV DVD-Rs, as well as with Sinister Cinema's DVD-Rs. The ones that I burn myself play beautifully in each one of our DVD players, as well as with friends. I think the mass-duplication process onto cheap no-brand DVD-Rs may be the issue. Maybe.

  3. Since Mike Vraney died, they don't seem to have any new video releases, just the catalog titles. Vinegar Syndrome has pretty much taken over the market for vintage sleaze, but I'm disappointed with many of the choices VS makes for release; I was happier with SWV's choices, if not for their constant "SWV" watermark/bug in the corner.

    VS started out with great promise, but as they've (de)evolved, their almost total vintage hardcore porn releases (with a few old gore films) have become extremely boring. I mean, once you've seen one '70s hardcore film, you've seen 'em all. There are great numbers of "lost" and/or unreleased softcore and non-porn exploitation films yet to be found and released to DVD. Also, VS is spreading themselves too thin by having a second "boutique" label as well as a streaming site, while peddling their wares going to horror conventions, etc. I predict VS will do a crash-and-burn within a few years, and I won't be a bit sorry to see them go.

    1. Mean to type (d)evolved instead of (de)evolved. That happens when you're falling asleep at the keyboard!

    2. Yes, SWV hasn't announced anything new for a very long time ( except for a documentary called THAT'S SEXPLOITATION ).

      I think SWV is for sale. However, I do NOT think they're selling the company in separate sections.

      I'd love to see a lot of their trailers, short films, tv commercials, exploitation, and sexploitation flicks get released on "pressed" discs. Unfortunately, I don't see a company like MILL CREEK purchasing ALL their inventory, because they'd be stuck with a ton of hardcore.

      I would love to see a MILL CREEK pack of 50 former SWV flicks, or a MEGA-COLLECTION of trailers, those types of collections would be extremely welcome.

      I have mixed feelings about VINEGAR SYNDROME. I've been interested in some of their titles, but they cost too much.

      I stopped paying MORE than FIVE dollars for single movie discs years ago. In fact, I rarely purchase single movie discs anymore ( unless I find them at my local DOLLER TREE ).
      Most of the DVDs I've been purchasing in the last five or six years, have been low priced multi-movie collections from budget companies like MILL CREEK, POP FLIX, and when I'm desperate, ECHO BRIDGE and some older "pressed" sets by TGG... they seemed to have switched to DVD-R's and have disappeared from most store shelves... coincidence?

      P.S. - I spend more time correcting my spelling errors, than I do writing the posts... ha-ha-ha...

    3. Unfortunately, my local Dollar Tree hasn't had interesting DVDs in a few years.

      I don't totally write off Vinegar Syndrome, and have a half dozen of their releases. I may break down and order THE BEES, since it's one I saw on a double-bill and got a big kick out of in 1979 at a cracker-box theater in a strip mall in Northern California. Nowadays, those cheap little theaters are all infested with bedbugs, so I never go anymore.

      I have my share of Mill Creek box sets too.

      Like you, I rarely spend more than $5 on a DVD nowadays. Everything I ever wanted on disc is already in my DVD collection.


    4. Re: 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, it just looks to me like another JJ Abrams big-budget ripoff, but whatever....the film I'm most looking forward to seeing is MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (an unfortunate title, methinks), starring Michael Shannon. A FIRESTARTER type of thing crossed with E.T., it looks like. But anything with Shannon gets a look from me. IMHO, he's one of the best actors alive.

    5. I am interested in MIDNIGHT SPECIAL also. I hope it's even better than the trailer ( which is great ).

      The movie's name, yes, they should have come up with a better one... A lot of folks that are my age will remember a tv show with the same title... lol...

  4. Other problems with Vinegar Syndrome: #1: They use f*cking PAYPAL for online orders, and #2: They don't answer their f*cking email address!