Thursday, January 28, 2016


Jack works for a conservative magazine called NEWLYWED.

He gets into trouble with the boss. Jack then proceeds to tell his former boss that he will create his own publication and outsell NEWLYWED.

Jack convinces a tall and shapely waitress named Peggy, to work for him and appear in his new magazine.

Soon after, he obtains the phone number of a struggling photographer named Ken.

Jack and Ken become partners.

Their new men's magazine is called PAGAN, and their featured model is Peggy. She ends up becoming the star of their new periodical.

PAGAN is a huge success, and Jack's ego grows just as big. He becomes an even bigger asshole than he already was.

A love triangle forms between Jack, Peggy, and Ken.

Will they all live happily ever after?... What do you think?.....

LIVING VENUS was written by Herschell Gordon Lewis, James McGinn, Seymour Zolotareff, and William Kerwin.

It was directed and produced by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

The main stars are..... William Kerwin as Jack, Danica D'Hondt as Peggy, Harvey Korman as Ken, and Lawrence J. Aberwood as Max.

Mr. Korman's facial expressions are priceless! He always made me laugh when I was younger. It didn't matter if he was performing on the CAROL BURNETT SHOW, or in a movie like BLAZING SADDLES, I was happy to see him.

A special mention to the actress named Fran Harding. She portrays Lorraine's legs. Don't laugh, they're incredibly cute!

The entire cast really seemed to get into their characters, and I loved watching them perform.

At times, LIVING VENUS seems a little slow, but I still love this movie, I really do.

I don't know if LIVING VENUS was ever legitimately released on VHS.

The only DVD I'm aware of, was released by SOMETHING WEIRD ( on DVD-R ). I don't think there's a legit region one "pressed" disc available.

I watched LIVING VENUS on YOUTUBE - first time in at least twenty years!... I was very happy to stumble across it.


  1. Thanks for the tip! Just found it on YouTube too... :)

    1. You're welcome....

      I hope you found the version with the logo ( lower right corner - channel from Canada? )... Because I found a few other videos of this movie that were lower quality.

  2. Yep, it has the logo, but otherwise looks good!

  3. This reminds me of a film from around the same time, my holy grail (one of two or three, anyway): THE GRASS EATER (1961) by John Hayes, with Rue McClanahan. Where in the hell has this one gone?

    1. I can not believe the total lack of info on this flick.

      With Rue McClanahan's popularity, there should be at least two or three websites with historical information, or screengrabs, or poster images, or lobby card images.... But there's NOTHING.... Not even a trailer on YOUTUBE.

      I also checked EBAY and AMAZON, and NO luck finding anything related to that movie.

      Maybe there's an AKA for the film?

    2. Rue was interviewed by Stephen Thrower about her films with John Hayes in his massive book NIGHTMARE USA, and she talks about this film and a little about its plot and her character in it. Don't know of any AKAs.

      I posted a comment once to Temple of Schlock that this should be added to his "Endangered List" of lost films, but my comment was never posted. So I can only assume that it's a cosmic conspiracy to keep this film lost, dead, and buried in some forgotten film vault or cold war bomb shelter... If I had the time and cash, I'd go to LA and dig around.

    3. Well, for what it's worth ( probably not much... ha-ha ), I'm going to keep searching for this movie and about a dozen other flicks.....

    4. So if the film is lost, it must have taken the posters, pressbooks, reviews, etc. along with it! Or maybe it just wasn't released, and the negative was buried under a film vault deep beneath Gower Gulch, Hollyweird.

  4. Another obscure title that sounds cool: EDGE OF FURY (1958).

    1. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.....