Thursday, March 10, 2016


Above is a newspaper ad for JENNIE, WIFE / CHILD..... from Cape Girardeau Missouri ( May 12, 1972 )

Jennie's life is boring, and more importantly, she's stuck in a crappy marriage to a much older man named Albert. But, at least she's got a roof over her head and food in her stomach. She doesn't get laid too often, so she goes after her husband's young employee. One day, her husband spots them in a barn, and that's when things fall apart for everyone.

I don't think this movie ever got the respect it deserved.

I love it... I really like the camera work, the story, and even the music. Everyone involved with this movie did an excellent job.

The end of the film does NOT give writing and directing credits.

The actors and actresses are, Jack Lester as Albert, Beverly Lunsford as Jennie - I think she was incredibly cute, Jim Reader as Mario, Virginia Wood as Lulu Belle - I thought she was really sexy... and Richard Cowl as the doctor.

A lot of movies, only have music to attract the younger crowds and to sell a soundtrack album.

These days, it's rare to find a movie with music that actually ties into the story. It's even more difficult to find a flick with original music written specifically for it. When you do find one, that doesn't mean those tunes will have anything to do with the character or scenes.

When was the last time you watched a movie, in which the music actually NARRATES specific scenes?

In JENNIE WIFE / CHILD there are scenes in which the performers are totally silent, but the music's lyrics tell you what they're feeling, who they are, and more.

For those that don't know, JENNIE aired on television. I remember watching it with my father. A lot of classic exploitation flicks aired on regular tv during the late sixties through the late eighties. Many younger film lovers don't believe me when I tell them that.

Above is a newspaper ad for JENNIE, WIFE / CHILD..... from Ocala Florida ( May 24, 1970 )

I don't know if JENNIE was ever released on legit VHS.

As for region one DVD, I've only seen grey-market discs and a DVD put out by SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO.

You might also find it online, that's the way I saw it for the first time since my youth.


  1. I've had the SWV DVD (half of the "Backwoods Double Feature" with COMMON LAW WIFE) for a few years and never got 'round to watching JENNIE...until reading your awesome write-up tonight!

    Wow, this IS an unexpectedly well-made little film, very enjoyable despite the predictable storyline. The only thing that kept me from being 100% enthused are the unnecessary and hokey (but brief) "intertitles" displayed in the style of old-timey silent film title cards, down to the western letter style. Other than that, a terrific obscurity!

    According to the IMDb, Beverly Lunsford is alive, and only 71 years old. I just hope she's not in a frustrated "golden cage" marriage to an "Albert" ala her character in the movie! She should still be acting, regardless of her age!

  2. Thanks for the comments.....

    At first, I didn't like the "title cards" either ( eventually it grew on me ).

    I'm thinking about getting that SWV DVD... But, NOT directly from SWV. I think I'll get it from a place called HAMILTON BOOK ( $7.95 ).

  3. Until last night, I only kept that DVD for COMMON LAW WIFE. Yes, I'm a Larry Buchanan fan (blame it on my years in Cali watching battered 16mm prints of his Azalea Pictures in the middle of the night on cheap UHF stations - so today I can't sleep unless IN THE YEAR 2889 or somesuch is playing in the background).

    Incidentally, this SWV DVD has a third feature: MOONSHINE LOVE. Whatever the hell THAT one is!

    I got mine from an Amazon Marketplace seller, BTW.

    1. Quote - "Larry Buchanan fan"... So am I ( ZONTAR! ).

      Quote - "third feature"... That makes it even better!

      UHF rules! ( or used to rule, ha-ha-ha )... Yes, I used to watch flicks on channel 22, 52, and a bunch of other stations ( both VHF / UHF and both English and Spanish ).

      The tv stations in SoCal were some of the few good memories I have of my years in CA.... also, PIC 'N' SAVE stores, FRIGHT NIGHT ( channel 9 ), MONSTER RALLY ( channel 5 ), the HOBO KELLY SHOW ( channel 13 ), the REAL DON STEELE show ( channel 9 ), ROLLER DERBY, A&W DRIVE-IN, DRIVE-IN theaters, the Santa Monica Pier / closed off street / mall, Los Angeles auto show, mudslide season ( ha-ha ), and a bunch of other things.....

  4. ZONTAR RULES! Love it! But for whatever reason, 2889 is my #1 favorite mind-numbing Larry B-Movie. lol 8)

    Seriously, I've always loved the old "one-lung" UHF stations. In Northern California, it was ch. 36 in San Jose, 2 and 44 in SF, 40 in Sacto, and one or two others whose cities/call letters I've forgotten. They were my source of vintage sci-fi, horror and exploitation films in those days. Movies 'Til Dawn on 36 was the best source, and it was always a kick seeing stripper Carol Doda ("The Perfect 36") doing their station ads and er, bumpers. ;)

    I remember in the mid-70s in Cali at film school (lol), in my $100/month studio apartment, with a tiny black and white GE set, watching all-night movies. Which reminds me of ch. 40 in Sacto's Tom LaBrea for LaBrea Waterbeds, relaxing on a sloshing bed and hosting some of the cheapest movies at 3 sm.

    Then again, at that age, back in the '70s, who cared what was playing on the tube at that hour? };-P

    1. I miss those little black & white tv sets... Love reading your comments....

  5. Thanks! :) I'm guessing we are about the same age to remember and cherish the old black and white UHF days. Most people younger than 45 or 50 don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I bring up this stuff.

    I still have a little (color) tv with a built-in DVD player, and once I figured out how to make DVDs play in an infinite loop, I put some old favorite b-movies in (often one of my late '90s/early '00s Dollar DVDs from the 99 Cent Store) and play 'em allll night (or allll day, depending on my flaky sleep schedule), and thus try to make myself absorb some subliminal inspiration for my dream-time. Among my many sleepy favorites are IN THE YEAR 2889, BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS, and IDAHO TRANSFER. Gaah!

  6. Love your blog...miss the updates...hope you are ok!

    1. Thank you VERY much... Things have been really crazy.... But, I am working on a new post, and hope to have it finished by Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday....

  7. What a little gem - reminded me of Spider Baby.

  8. What an undiscovered gem! Reminded me a little of Spider Baby. And is it me, or does Beverly Lunsford look a lot like Ivanka Trump. I'll have to see what else of hers is out there.

    1. Thanks for the comments.....

      I remember seeing Ms. Lunsford in THE CRAWLING HAND and THE INTRUDER, and a few other things.

      Those two films were released on pressed region one DVD... but, I think they've been out-of-print for years.