Thursday, June 23, 2016


One of my neighborhood DOLLAR TREEs finally put out some new DVDs ( and a few BLUs ).

I purchased four DVDs and some pecan-chocolate chip cookies, I love those things... They're fucking delicious! I also found four different TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE figure style keychains.

Since I've already written about AMERICAN PIE: BOOK OF LOVE, I'll be sharing my opinions about the other flicks I purchased.


This movie was a great surprise, and I loved it. I knew absolutely nothing about this film. If I hadn't found it on the shelves of my local DOLLAR TREE, I probably never would have watched it.

During a flashback, we see a young boy, then we see his father - a cop - who is obsessed with an alleged serial killer. Things go badly, and he is suspended. The suspect is never charged and goes free. His father commits suicide.

Many years later, the young man - now a recently fired cop - tracks down the alleged killer to a small town. The killer is living under a different name and the townsfolk love him.

Meanwhile, the young cop's girlfriend - also a police officer - follows him.

The young man has a plan, but will it work?... Or will the shit hit the fan?

I think THE BARBER is fun, and I feel it's worth watching.

In my opinion, this is a beautiful looking movie.

As usual, Scott Glenn is outstanding. I don't think, I've ever seen him sleepwalk through a role.

Chris Coy, Kristen Hager, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Max Arciniega, also star in this flick.

The extras include.... Alternative ending, deleted scenes, and extended scenes.

Trailers on this disc are for, THE BARBER, SOMETHING WICKED, ZARRA'S LAW, and RPG.


My feelings about this movie are all over the map! Sometimes I hated what I was hearing, sometimes I liked what I was watching, and a few times I felt apathetic. It's NOT a bad movie, but it's also not a good one... it's just there.

Christopher McDonald, Jeremy Sumpter, Jillian Murray, Michael Nouri, Katherine LaNasa, and Jason Dohring, are some of the folks that appear in this film.

It's about golfing ( which I hate ), and gambling ( which I like, as long as I'm winning... ha-ha ).

The first third of the film seems to have a slightly overbearing religious tone to it.

So, I was a little worried this flick was going to be one of those films made by right-wing religious fanatics.

If you've ever been fooled into watching what seemed like a run-of-the-mill low budget horror flick, only to be shocked by all the right-wing religious rhetoric being spat-out by the characters, then you know what I'm talking about. Always read the back of the DVD case. But, even then, you might get fooled.

Anyway, Jillian Murray's character - Natalie - is a sarcastic and sanctimonious bitch, and a bit of a hypocrite. She's only virtuous when it suits her needs. Fortunately, Jillian Murray is adorable and has two of the most beautiful legs I've seen in years. I truly hope she's nothing like Natalie. You might recognize Jason Dohring from the tv show called VERONICA MARS. As for Christopher McDonald, he's appeared in countless flicks. One of those movies was REQUIEM FOR A DREAM ( one of my favorites ).

The disc extras are..... Just some trailers for, LOUDER THAN WORDS, HORSE CAMP ( which looks and sounds like it might be horse CRAP... ha-ha ), A LITTLE GAME, and THE SQUEEZE.


This is a murder mystery mixed with supernatural elements.

PRIVATE NUMBER is almost as exciting as a week old cup of rewarmed hot Chocolate.

I found myself yawning, and fast forwarding, A LOT!

I found the first half to be really slooooooow. The rest of the movie picks up steam, and is much more interesting.

Almost forgot to mention, Judd Nelson and Tom Sizemore appear in this movie... Hope they got paid well.

I did NOT hate this movie, but I didn't like it either.

I don't know what else to say ( it was only a dollar, so what the hell ).

Extras on the disc are, MAKING OF, and DELETED SCENES.



  1. The only one I've seen at a local Dollar Tree was THE SQUEEZE...a few copies of that, and nothing else. It didn't interest me due to the golfing pic on the case, so I saved a buck.

    One of these days I'll check out a few other Dollar Trees in the area, but I'd rather save the gas money and just order another Mill Creek box set. LOL

    1. AMERICAN PIE: THE BOOK OF LOVE and THE BARBER were the only discs - out of four - that I really enjoyed.

      Yes, good ol' MILL CREEK... Their discs make up most of my collection these days... ha-ha-ha.

      During the last six or seven years I've cut back on DVDs in a big way... I've sold off - and given away - most of my discs. Unless I see them for a CHEAP price at DOLLAR TREE, HAMILTON BOOK, or WALMART ( multi-movie packs by MILL CREEK and a few other compaines ).

      Instead of buying DVDs, I've been using that money to purchase bargain priced BOOKS, MAGAZINES, and other 'cheap' collectibles.