Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programing for some RANTS ( JUNE 2016 )

The publications above aren't good enough to be used as toilet paper.

I've reached a point in my life, where I am truly sick of 'taking-the-high-road'.


This news is for those of you that know what FANGORIA magazine is ( and it's website ).

I've been told that SHAM-goria, an ODE-TO-NEPOTISM, ASS-KISSING, and SELF-AGGRANDIZING, usually known as FANGORIA has another new editor. I've also been informed that many writers have also been eliminated.

Assuming that's all true, does it shock anyone?

That publication has NO integrity. For far too long, they published advertising disguised as articles. Those 'articles' would plug whatever the writer, or 'friends-of-fangoria' were working on. One of the former editors even plugged a 'CON' he created. If I remember correctly, it was being promoted on the FANGORIA website. After being told about that, I had to see it for myself, and it was true. That's how shameless they are.

In the past, another prominent employee defended a couple of infamous child-raping filmmakers... Any person that would do that is just as much a degenerate as the ABOMINATIONS they're defending!

SHAM-goria, has been dead to me since the original editor left. However, for a brief period of time - 2005 to 2008 - I supported that publication because of my feelings for someone that was associated with that rag. I sincerely regret doing that. If I could go back in time and do things differently, I would.

I've already written about how much I hate almost all current HORROR magazines and websites. But, I felt a need to express my feelings again.

It's time for that shameless-piece-of-shit, and it's counterparts, to finally cease publication.


I used to like SHOUT FACTORY. I stopped purchasing their titles around the same time I stopped spending more than five dollars for single movie DVDs.

I recently found out, they released two of the JEEPERS CREEPERS films - directed by one of the most NOTORIOUS CHILD RAPING FILMMAKERS in history.

Apparently, SHOUT FACTORY does NOT have a problem putting money in the pocket of one of the most infamous CONVICTED CHILD RAPISTs in the United States. As for the folks at MGM, every person responsible for allowing these movies to be on the market, should be beaten within an inch of their lives, and then, put in the same room with the victim's family.

SHOUT FACTORY, you have truly hit rock-bottom, and I truly hope it all comes back to you a hundredfold.

Francis Ford Coppola needs the shit kicked out of him for proudly working with and supporting this SHAMELESS ABOMINATION.

As I've said before, no SANE person can justify defending such a DISGUSTING STAIN UPON HUMANITY.

If that ABOMINATION had RAPED YOUR CHILD, would you be KICKing his ass, or KISSing his ass?... Do his defenders treat the CHILD RAPISTs in their community with the same respect?

If that had been my child, I would have beaten that FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT to death the very same day.

There are far too many MENTALLY-ILL-YOUTUBE-TROLLS that defend this VILE-PIECE-OF-FILTH!... I hope it all comes back to haunt them.

I truly hope all of salva's supporters get what's coming to them, sooner rather than later.

Enough!... I'm fed-up with the never ending hatemongering, stupidity, and cowardice, of far too many people in our country. TRUMP, the WESTBORO BAPTISTS, and their supporters can drop dead... The sooner, the better.....

If all goes well, I'll be back with a 'normal' post by Tuesday or Wednesday ( DOLLAR TREE DVDS ).


  1. While I await more Dollar Tree DVD reviews, I'll say that I've yet to disagree with any rant I've seen here. The only magazine I've bought in years is Shock Cinema, but I've all but lost interest in them, too.

    In years past, the only worthwhile ones (to me) were CFQ and COF (as an adult), and when I was a kid, Spacemen and Fantastic Monsters.

    1. Thanks, still working on my opinions - and screengrabs - of the three other DOLLAR TREE discs.

      I try really hard, NOT to post rants, but sometimes, I really need to vent. I also try and keep my rants related to movies, television, plays, radio, books, magazines, and other pop-culture related crap.

      I hate it, when folks inside 'the business' do NOT speak out about ugly things. Such as, all the sick-fucks that work in the so-called 'mainstream' part of the 'business', or 'der fuhrer trump'. Instead, you get crybabies like Patricia Arquette. I remember her whining about the money she makes.... Just for the record, I liked her, but not anymore. She makes more money in one month, than a ton of folks will make in one year, and yet.....

      I hope to get the next post finished sooner than expected.