Saturday, July 9, 2016


Screengrabs above are from MASTERS OF ILLUSION ( episode called - Extreme Levitations, Mind Melds, and Water Into Wine - from July 8, 2016 )


I've always loved magic acts. So I was very happy to stumble across two tv shows called MASTERS OF ILLUSION and FOOL US. These shows air on the CW network.

MASTERS OF ILLUSION is like a variety show, but filled with magic acts.

FOOL US with PENN & TELLER, is more of a competition.

If you love magic as much as I do, then I recommend you watch these shows.

Above is a cell-phone photo I took at my neighborhood MOVIESTOP.


Let me state the obvious, with the closure of MOVIESTOP and a few other video stores, there are now even fewer brick-and-mortar locations to shop for physical videos.

Almost forgot to mention stores like WALMART and TARGET and their shrinking video sections.

I've made a decision to stop buying DVDs that cost more than one dollar. An exception to that rule, will be low-priced MILL CREEK movie / tv show collections.

I really don't feel like spending money on home videos anymore. At some point, I'll stop buying discs and just watch the DVDs I have.

I'll also be recording movies from tv onto DVD-Rs, and watching flicks / shows for FREE on the internet.

Above is the cover of the JUNE 2016 issue of PENTHOUSE ( United States edition ).


It's been a VERY long time since I've purchased an issue of PENTHOUSE, or any 'girlie' magazine for that matter. I guess it doesn't help that many so-called 'manistream' bookstores and newsstands have stopped selling these types of publications.

Above are photos of JUNE 2016 PET OF THE MONTH Lily Ivy ( from the June 2016 issue of PENTHOUSE ).

I didn't know PENTHOUSE was still being published ( it's had countless owners during the last ten years or so ). So, I was surprised to find the JUNE 2016 issue at one of my local BARNES & NOBLE stores.

I was even more surprised that I actually liked it. Lily Ivy is the June 2016 PET OF THE MONTH, and I think she is very cute, but there's not a lot of text accompanying her pictorial.

In fact, text is almost non-existent within all the pictorials ( yes, I actually read ). Oh well, you can't have everything.

As for PLAYBOY, as I've said before it's dead to me. WithOUT the nudity, it has become just another generic-hipster-doofus 'lifestyle' rag.

FYI - the NEW version of PLAYBOY seems to stay on my local bookstore shelves forever.

What about HUSTLER?... I have not seen an issue in months. However, I've been told they still publish physical issues.

What happened to SWANK?... I have not seen a print issue in at least a year! Is it finally history?

Just for the record, I refuse to visit their website ( because of possible viruses ).

Screengrabs from THE WASHINGTON POST website ( June 23, 2016 )


Quotes below are from THE WASHINGTON POST website ( June 23, 2016 ).

"the billboard's message, a spin on Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan, has been widely derided as a display of bigotry and racism"

"It was taken down Tuesday night, according to ABC affiliate WTVC."

"NBC affiliate WRCB reported that Tyler's campaign put another billboard along Highway 64 showing the White House surrounded by Confederate flags. At the top of that billboard are Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous words: "I Have a Dream.""

The individual responsible for this is one of TRUMP's groupies. He is also a candidate for U.S. Congress from Tennessee!

For those that have forgotten, Tennessee is the birthplace of the KKK.

This is what happens when NOT enough people speak out, and take action against LUNATICS LIKE TRUMP!... The only good SUPREMIST, is a DEAD SUPREMIST.

Screengrab above is from the HUSTLER website - I think, ASSHOLE OF THE DECADE would be far more appropriate ( there are others who also deserve to share that title - like Assad ).

How the hell did we get to this point?... How did a so-called 'reality tv' star living in his own 'unreal' world - and so UNbelievably UNqualified - end up being the only presidential candidate left standing for the G.O.P.?!

A LUNATIC without followers is just a LUNATIC. But, a LUNATIC with followers usually becomes a MONSTER... Such as Hitler, Pinochet, Gaddafi, et al.

Our nation is going BACKWARDS quickly... "FIVE STEPS FORWARD, THREE STEPS BACK", that quote describes exactly how I feel. Every time we make progress a small group of fanatics drag us back to the 'bad old days'.

I don't know about any of you folks, but I'm angry and scared about the future.

As I said before, if this type of INSANITY continues, our country will cease to exist as we know it. AND, if the United States suffers, the whole world will suffer.


  1. Trump is a total disgrace to the country and to the whole world. I have a hard time grasping that people actually would support him, vote for him in the primaries, or would even consider voting for him in the general election in November.

    Cause and effect: The cause? The I.Q. of the US population has taken a big nosedive since the turn of the 21st century. The effect? Kiss your ass goodbye, because we're fucking DOOMED! :(

    1. This election season, has been like the most bizarre episode of the Jerry Springer show ever filmed!

      Funny how trump is always talking about "made in America", and yet, his current wife, AND Ivanka, are NOT made in America... I guess there's still a market for mail order brides... ha-ha-ha....

    2. Oops, I meant the bitch called Ivana.....