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Above is an extremely rare newspaper ad for IDAHO TRANSFER ( from Lewiston Idaho - May 19, 1974 ).

I've wondered about Peter Fonda's feelings towards this film. I've also wondered about how the cast and crew felt. Well, I saw a video interview of Mr. Fonda, and I'm happy to say he stands by this film.

Screengrab of Peter Fonda talking about IDAHO TRANSFER. The interview was done by the BFI ( video found on YOUTUBE ).

According to Mr. Fonda, Caroline Hildebrand - Isa - was a cashier, and Mr. Fonda was really impressed by how calm she remained while dealing with angry customers, so he asked her to be in the film.

I liked IDAHO TRANSFER when I was young, and I still do.

The movie did it's job, it took me to another world. Plus, just as importantly, I was entertained. I also believed the characters - they seemed genuine.

Above is an another extremely rare newspaper ad for IDAHO TRANSFER ( from Lewiston Idaho - May 20, 1974 ).

It's about a secret government program that transports inanimate objects from one location to another ( like the STAR TREK transporter beam ). However, the government dosen't know that the scientists running the program are also sending humans back and forth in time.

The scientists find out about some type of ecological crisis that occurs approximately fifty years into the future. So, they make plans to re-populate the earth with young folks who are twenty years old or younger. They can not send anyone over twenty, because they end up dying of kidney failure.

Well, things don't go as planned. The government shuts down the program, and things only get worse. How will it all end?... Watch the movie and find out.

Screengrabs above showing Keith Carradine - as Arthur - are from IDAHO TRANSFER ( from a MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT disc ).

The movie was written by Thomas Matthiesen and directed by Peter Fonda.

It stars, Kelly Bohanon ( as Karen ), Caroline Hildebrand ( as Isa ), Keith Carradine ( as Arthur ), Kevin Hearst ( as Ronald ), and many others.

Based on the newspaper advertisements that appeared in the LEWISTON MORNING TRIBUNE, the movie may have been in theaters from May 15 1974 until May 21 1974.

Screengrabs showing Kelly Bohanon - as Karen - are from the MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT version of IDAHO TRANSFER... Note: some DVDs and online videos seem to be cropped incorrectly and slightly cut.

I'm not a 'breast-man', but I really like the brief topless scene by Kelly Bohanon.

I thought Kelly Bohanon ( as Karen ), and Caroline Hildebrand ( as Isa ), were both adorable. I've always wondered what happened to them.

Screengrabs above showing Caroline Hildebrand - as Isa - are from the MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT version of IDAHO TRANSFER.

A reminder, on some DVD's, the boobie-scene has been completely cut from the film. While on some other discs, this scene - and the entire film - seem to be slightly shorter.

IDAHO TRANSFER has been released on region one DVD many times and by many different companies. It's also been released on both pressed discs and DVD-Rs.

My version of the movie is by MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT. It's found in a collection called SCI-FI CLASSICS 100 MOVIE PACK ( now out-of-print ).

I know for a fact it was released on VHS, but I don't remember which company was responsible.

It's also available online.

I've never seen any promotional material for this film. No posters, or press kits, or press books, or 8x10 stills, NADA!, NOTHING!

Just for the record, this movie played in Brazil. I had a blurb form a Brazilian newspaper ( which I can not find ). I don't know how many other countries it was released in.

I saw IDAHO TRANSFER for the first time on television. It aired on one of the stations in southern California ( don't remember which one ).

The time machine props were simple, but effective. In my opinion, that's why the machines still look good.

Screengrabs above showing ZAGER AND EVANS performing a song called IN THE YEAR 2525 ( from a YOUTUBE VIDEO ).

As a kid, IDAHO TRANSFER scared me, because from the late sixties to the early eighties, you would hear people on television lecturing the public about our bleak future. Many scientists and activists, felt we weren't doing enough to stop all the needless pollution.

Plus, a song called IN THE YEAR 2525 by ZAGER AND EVANS, didn't do much to ease my nerves either. I found the song extremely frightening and depressing.

Some things don't seem to change, because the environment is still an important topic.

Anyway, I would love to see this movie in WIDEscreen, uncut, and as close to pristine condition as possible ( preferably in a movie theater ). I think it's safe to say, that's probably never going to happen.....

Links below to the LEWISTON MORNING TRIBUNE....

May 15, 1974 edition ( GOOGLE NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE )

May 21, 1974 edition ( GOOGLE NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE )


  1. I read about it in the early '70s, I think in CINEFANTASTIQUE, but thought I'd never get to see it, until it popped up on budget DVD box sets. And I LOVE this incredible little flick! With all of the great location filming, not to mention the amazing stroke of genius of having so many non-actors in the cast (and a couple hot ladies!), IDAHO TRANSFER achieves a really high level of verisimilitude seldom seen in either big or small sci-fi films. Peter Fonda's bravery in making it is one of the greatest feats of indie filmmaking I've ever seen, having been a filmmaker on a shoestring myself for over 40 years. I have maybe 3 versions of it in various public domain DVD box sets, but my favorite is the dollar flipper disc in a slimcase that I found, called "Time Travelers", with IDAHO TRANSFER on one side and IN THE YEAR 2889 on the other. Peter Fonda meets Larry Buchanan...BLISS!

    I'm gushing, but hey, MANY THANKS for this post!

    1. Thanks for the comments...

      I love this flick too. A lot of folks bash it, just for the sake of bashing.

      Now, if I could only find a pressbook for it ( and a bunch of other rare flicks ), that would make me very happy... ha-ha-ha.