Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dalton Trumbo ( 1905–1976 )... He was one of the countless victims of the McCarthy era BLACKLIST.

He is also one of my favorite showbiz folks.... Below is a sample of Mr. Trumbo's work.

Spartacus ( screenplay )

Terror in a Texas Town ( as Ben Perry )

The Brothers Rico ( as Ben Perry )

Rocketship X-M ( uncredited )

Gun Crazy ( as Millard Kaufman )

"Show me the man that informs on friends, who have harmed NO one, and there after earns money, he could not have earned before, and I will show you NOT a decent citizen, NOT a patriot, but a miserable scoundrel... who WILL, if new pressures arise, or the price is right, betray not just his friends, but his country itself"

"I do NOT know one Hollywood informer who acted, except under duress, or money. Such men are to be watched. I can NOT imagine, they are NOT watched"

This post is dedicated to all the people who speak out against the wrongs they see.

This post is also AGAINST all the COWARDS, and ASS-KISSERS that GO-WITH-THE-FLOW.

The two-faced hypocrites that lost their spines at birth.

Against the COWARDS that hide behind flags, holy books, children, majority rule, UNjust laws, and anything else that's convenient, AND which makes it easier for them to justify their hatred and persecution of others.

To all those, whose life philosophy is conformity, and persecution of those that do not conform. Your cowardice, betrayful, and hateful ways will come back to you a hundredfold....

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