Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The Australian tv series DANGER 5 has been released on DVD, but ONLY IN AUSTRALIA!

If you live in the United States - or anywhere else - you're shit-out-of-luck!... Oh well, bootlegs are bound to pop-up, sooner rather than later!

This is the land of PULP FICTION, so you would think, that they would release a region 1 disc. But no, we can only watch EXTREMELY SHORT WEBISODES on YouTube!

For those not familiar with DANGER 5, it's a video tribute to men's adventure magazines that were popular in the United States and a few other countries in the Americas. I've been told that they also existed in Australia.

DANGER 5 is pure popcorn munching goodness! It's got TONS of dark and sexy humor!

I remember buying pulps at some of the local swap-meets ( aka flea markets ), that were held at Southern California drive-in theaters every weekend ( during the 70's and 80's ) .

Most of the magazines I purchased were from the United States, but I also remember many titles from Mexico, and a few other countries.

Unfortunately, I no longer have any of them....

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