Sunday, September 9, 2012


When I was young, there seemed to be an endless supply of movies and tv shows about nurses.

I think the idea of an attractive nurse being clean, even when she's being dirty, was extremely appealing to most guys.

Of course, reality is nothing like the scenarios depicted in most movies and tv shows.

Below is a SHORT list of movies and tv shows with nurses in them.

CANDY STRIPERS ( starring Deanna Brooks )

CANDY STRIPERS ( starring Sharon Thorpe and Nancy Hoffman )

CANDY STRIPERS II ( starring Taija Rae )

CANDY STRIPERS III ( starring Barbie Dahl )

CANDY STRIPERS IV ( starring Tracey Adams )

CANDY STRIPERS V: The New Generation ( starring Shanna McCullough )

CANDY STRIPE NURSES ( starring Maria Rojo, Candice Rialson, and Robin Matson )

HEAD NURSE ( starring Cindy West and Andrea True )

NIGHT CALL NURSES ( starring Alana Stewart, Mittie Lawrence, and Patti Byrne )

NURSE 3D ( starring Paz de la Huerta )

PRIVATE DUTY NURSES ( starring Katherine Cannon, Joyce Williams, and Pegi Boucher )

RAMPAGING NURSES ( starring Jen Friedman )

STUDENT NURSES ( starring Elaine Giftos, Brioni Farrell, Karen Carlson, and Barbara Leigh )

YOUNG NURSES ( starring Jeane Manson, Ashley Porter, Angela Elayne Gibbs )

Honorable mention to the women of ER ( Maura Tierney, Sherry Stringfield, Linda Cardellini, Kellie Martin and many others )

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