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Made for tv movies where extremely popular, when I was young. I loved watching those flicks and the occasional mini-series too.

Cable channels also made tv movies, but it's not the same thing. They had much more freedom in regards to subject matter, nudity, cursing, violence, etc.
As for satellite channels, I have no idea if any of them made their own movies.

In some ways, the so-called FREE networks, were forced by censorship to be much more clever. Although, nudity and other things were allegedly filmed and added to export versions of some of their movies.

Below is a minuscule list of made-for-tv-movies.

ALL THE KIND STRANGERS - Stacy Keach, Samantha Eggar, John Savage, Robby Benson, and Arlene Farber star in this movie. It's about a bunch of semi-wild kids that live in the middle of nowhere, without parents. Did I mention, they might be killers? Jerry Gross ( 1940 – 2002 ) was one of the producers.

ALL THE KIND STRANGERS is available on region one DVD from MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMEMT ( SCI-FI CLASSICS 100 MOVIE PACK and NIGHTMARE WORLDS 50 MOVIE PACK ). It has also been released by several other companies ( as solo discs, and as part of collections ). You can also watch it online.

GARGOYLES - I loved this movie when I was a kid. Very cool looking creatures! The great Bernie Casey plays a gargoyle. Jennifer Salt is one of the stars. Scott Glenn also appears in this fun movie. FYI: The late great Stan Winston ( 1946 – 2008 ) worked on this film. It was released on region one DVD by HEN'S TOOTH VIDEO, and also by VCI ENTERTAINMENT.

KILLDOZER - The late Robert Urich ( 1946 – 2002 ) appears in this movie. It's about a killer bulldozer, what else needs to be said? An MOD-DVD was released by UNIVERSAL.

DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW - This movie has a big cult following. A group of "respectable" citizens get away with murdering a youn man, or so they think. An incredible performance by Charles Durning ( 1923 – 2012 ). It was released on region one DVD and BLU-RAY by VCI ENTERTAINMENT.

MIDNIGHT OFFERINGS - Melissa Sue Anderson plays a teenage witch / bitch. Cheesy goodness! There is NO legit region one DVD. However, grey-market discs do exist. You can also watch it online.

DIARY OF A TEENAGE HITCHHIKER - Some stupid girls like to hitchhike, which of course leads to trouble. Charlene Tilton plays one of the teenagers. So far, it has not been released on region one DVD, but I have seen grey-market discs for sale. You can also watch it online.

BETRAYAL - Rene Bond makes a brief appearance as a waitress. That's the only reason I watched this movie, and the only reason I'm mentioning it. This movie has been released on a few public domain sets. Such as LIFE, LOVE AND ROMANCE 12 MOVIE PACK by TGG DIRECT. You may also be able to watch it online.

THE DAY AFTER - This movie was a true national event. It was about nuclear war, and it really made a BIG impact. People were talking about it before, and after, it aired. It was emotional, and memorable. Jason Robards ( 1922 – 2000 ), John Lithgow, JoBeth Williams, and Steve Guttenberg appear in this film. It was released on region one DVD by MGM ( out of print ).

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