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I loved watching Donna Mills. She was the dominatrix of the MADE-FOR-TELEVISION-MOVIE era... Why?... Because, she appeared in at least 24 made for tv flicks, maybe more!

In my opinion, had Ms. Mills chosen to make GRINDHOUSE / DRIVE-IN flicks, she would have given Claudia Jennings ( 1949 – 1979 ), Candice Rialson ( 1951 – 2006 ), Pam Grier, Tiffany Bolling, and Phyllis Davis a run for their money!

She definitely had the right attitude, beauty, and talent for the job. She would have kicked ass and looked good doing it, had she chosen to take that path!

THE BAIT - Ms. Mills plays an undercover cop that's trying to capture a serial killer. I love this flick. William Devane and June Lockhart also appear in this movie. THE BAIT only seems to be available on grey market DVD, via a company called MODCINEMA.

NIGHT OF TERROR - Donna's character becomes a target after she witnesses a murder. Chuck Connors ( 1921 – 1992 ) , Martin Balsam ( 1919 – 1996 ), and Agnes Moorehead ( 1900 – 1974 ) also appear in this movie. It's available on grey market DVD from a company called MODCINEMA.

You can also watch both of these flicks online.

In my opinion, Ms. Martin is really underrated as an actress.

THE GUN AND THE PULPIT - Pamela Sue Martin is one of the stars of this somewhat off-beat western. I liked this movie a lot. It's available on region one DVD via MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT ( SWINGIN' SEVENTIES 50 MOVIE PACK ). A few other companies have also released it on DVD. Plus, you can watch it online.

BAY COVEN ( aka BAY COVE , and aka EYE OF THE DEMON ) - Pamela Sue Martin and Tim Matheson , portray a couple of whiny yuppies that piss off a bunch of witches. I had lots of fun watching this, and I'm very happy to finally have a legit DVD of this movie in my collection.

Woody Harrelson , Barbara Billingsley ( 1915 - 2010 ), and Jeff Conaway ( 1950 – 2011 ) also appear in this movie. Woody Harrelson's character endures an unintentionally hilarious death scene.

A region one DVD was released by EVG DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT. And as I write this, you can also view it online at HULU's webstie.

FREDDIE PRINZE ( 1954 – 1977 ).....
If Freddie Prinze had chosen to enter the GRINDHOUSE / DRIVE-IN arena, I truly believe he would have been a dominant force. He would have been perfect for roles in gritty action flicks.

MILLION DOLLAR RIP-OFF - This is one of my favorite made-for-tv-movies. It was filmed on location in Chicago. In case you couldn't figure it out from the title, it's about a heist. It stars Freddie Prinze, Joanna Kerns, and a bunch of other familiar faces.

I really love this movie. It's short and a lot of fun. It also has some surprisingly suspenseful moments.

I hope TGG DIRECT, decides to pair this movie with THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE ( 1974 ). I think it would make a great DVD double feature. Plus, it deserves to be released on a "PRESSED" disc. Anyway, it's finally been released on MOD-DVD by MGM. You can also watch it on HULU.

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