Saturday, July 12, 2014


I have NOT seen PRETTY PEACHES since the early 1980's, so I don't remember if I liked the movie.

I don't know who wrote this film.

It was directed by Alex de Renzy ( 1935 – 2001 ).

Desiree Cousteau and many other familiar faces appear in this flick.

PRETTY PEACHES was released on VHS, but I don't remember the name of the company, or if it was a legit release.

The first movie was released on DVD by ALPHA BLUE ARCHIVES.

I do NOT own the ALPHA BLUE ARCHIVES disc, so I can't tell you if it's worth buying.

PRETTY PEACHES II, and PRETTY PEACHES III, were released on region one DVD by VINEGAR SYNDROME ( as a double feature ). I do NOT own this DVD, so I can't tell you anything about it.

UPDATED ON MARCH 8, 2015... VINEGAR SYNDROME has also released the first movie on DVD and BLU.

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