Monday, July 7, 2014


Diego Trujillo as Walter Blanco and Roberto Urbina as Jose Miguel Rosas

I'll get right to the point, the more I watch METASTASIS, the more I LOVE IT.

Even though I've seen most of it before, when I watch METASTASIS, it's as if I'm seeing it for the first time.

I'm sick of all the PUSSY-INTERNET-TROLLS that bash this show.... So, consider this a rebuttal.

The show stars, Diego Trujillo, Roberto Urbina, Sandra Reyes, Diego Garzon, Julián Arango, Conny Camelo, and many others.

Jessica Herrera as Juana?

I think an actress named Jessica Herrera plays Juana ( Jose Miguel's girlfriend ), but I can NOT confirm this. I think she's adorable.

I think of Walter Blanco as Walter White's doppelganger. We all supposedly have a near identical twin somewhere on this earth.

I've read A LOT of FUCKING STUPID things about the Colombian edition of BREAKING BAD.

I'm assuming that most of you, are just as sick and tired of INTERNET TROLLS as I am. There's the kind of TROLL, that thinks they're an expert in everything, there's the kind that loves to harass, there's the kind that stalks, and.... Well, I think you're all familiar with these types of mentally deficient individuals.

Let me say the obvious, those USELESS AFTERBIRTHS don't have a life. Most of them are probably jerking-off to photos of Justin Bieber as I write this... ha-ha-ha, but true.

I consider INTERNET TROLLS, to be the cyber equivalent of STDs.

Most of those TROLLS still don't get it, the Colombian edition is from SONY! The SAME company that's responsible for the United States version!.... GOT THAT?!

I'm going to say this again, I love this show. The performances of everyone in front and behind the camera, is excellent. This is a HIGH quality production.

TV shows are like magazines. FYI: There were countless editions of READER'S DIGEST, and PLAYBOY, all over the world.

METASTASIS is just another edition of BREAKING BAD. The same way UGLY BETTY was the United States edition of BETTY LA FEA ( from Colombia ).

There were also different editions of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, and ALL IN THE FAMILY was the United States version of an English show.

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