Friday, July 25, 2014


Rene Bond in a movie called A NAME FOR EVIL

A NAME FOR EVIL - aka THE GROVE, and aka THE FACE OF EVIL - may have been filmed in 1970 or 1971. I don't know if it was shown in domestic theaters.

A hippie's sexy supernatural hallucination, that's how I would describe this movie.

It stars Robert Culp ( 1930 – 2010 ), Samantha Eggar ( she looks beautiful in this movie ), and a cute blonde ( sorry, I forgot her name ).

The movie was written by Andrew Lytle and Bernard Girard.

It was also directed by Bernard Girard ( 1918 – 1997 ).

As an added bonus, Rene Bond ( 1950 – 1996 ), appears in this flick. She's the reason I purchased this movie.

There are A LOT of FULL FRONTALS in this flick.

Newspaper article from 1971 ( THE TOLEDO BLADE - U.S.A. ).... It talks about companies saving money by filming in Canada.

The article mentions Mr. Girard, Robert Culp, Samantha Eggar, and THE GROVE ( the original title for A NAME FOR EVIL ).

You'll see Rene dancing next to some lame-ass folk singer. She appears on his right side, starting at the 49 minute mark... keep watching, it gets better.....

I don't think Rene had any lines. It was just her swaying to the music while fawning over the singer. She looks like a love sick college co-ed.

I also don't remember if she makes any additional appearances.

I think this movie had a legit VHS release in the United States, but I don't remember the name of the company.

There are numerous grey-market DVDs, and at least one "pressed" disc available ( region one ).

TGG DIRECT released this movie as part of a five movie set called GHOST COLLECTION. I own this set. However, I can NOT find it.

I do NOT remember if the screengrabs I made are from the TGG disc, or a grey-market DVD-R. Also, I don't remember if TGG's disc is uncut, so buyer beware!

I don't know if any other company has released this on "pressed" disc.

FYI: There are at least three different covers for the TGG DVD.

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