Sunday, October 26, 2014


When I found out about TOYS-R-US BANNING the sale of all BREAKING BAD merchandise, I was NOT shocked.

Why are they catering to the whims of a small group of MENTALLY-DEFICIENT-FANATICS?!

Does TOYS-R-US have FANATICS working for them?.... They probably do.

Let me say the obvious, they're insane!

This is NOT about a hunk of plastic, it's about a lot more!

Their actions are disturbing on many levels!

Do NOT give TOYS-R-US your money! Why do you want to support the HYPOCRITE, and FANATICAL-RELIGIOUS-RIGHT?!... The only freedom those ABOMINATIONS believe in, is their own!

Once upon a time, TOYS-R-US was a big deal, but now?

TOYS-R-US seems to be intent on slicing their own throats. Remember other stores that were BIG NAMES?... KB TOYS ( gone ), KMART ( barely alive ), SEARS ( why bother? ), J.C. PENNY ( ditto ), MONTGOMERY WARD ( do they still exist? ), and others?... Remember them?

I truly hope TOYS-R-US gets a taste of their own medicine.

Remember this... There is always, someWHERE else to spend your money, and someTHING else to spend it on!

You've got the power!


Looking for some of those cute retro styled figures?... Try BARNES & NOBLE!

I got the ALIEN, and the UNIVERSAL version of DRACULA for $9.95 each!

The DRACULA figure has Bela Lugosi's photo on the front of the package.

I really wanted the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, but could not find one... maybe next time?


How would Walter White / Walter Blanco handle the TOYS-R-US situation?...

Anyway, I purchased a Walter White figure at BARNES & NOBLE for $19.95 - EAT SHIT AND DIE TOYS-R-US!.... Thanks for motivating me, to visit my local BARNES & NOBLE!

Most folks forget, that many BARNES & NOBLE stores sell things like this.

It looks great, and I love it!

FYI: I am NOT a collector of figures, but every once and a while, I'll see something I can't resist.

Well, that's it for now.....

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