Thursday, October 30, 2014


Newspaper ad from EL DIARIO ( from New York city U.S.A. )

THE BLOODY VAMPIRE is from Mexico, and I saw it on television as a kid.

It was written and directed by Miguel Morayta ( 1907 – 2013 ).

It stars Carlos Agostí, Martha Bauman, and Begona Palacios ( 1941 – 2000 ).

I think this movie has got a genuinely spooky vibe.

There's a beautifully filmed scene involving a stagecoach.

FYI: Begona Palacios was Sam Peckinpah's wife.

Begona Palacios in a tv commercial for V8 juice and a newspaper notice of her death ( from the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL - March 3, 2000 ).

This movie contains one of my favorite cinematic bats of all time.

I don't know if this movie was ever released on legit VHS domestically.

As for DVD, BLOODY VAMPIRE is a somewhat rare flick. In fact, it's so rare, I've only seen a few grey-market discs for sale.

The only region one "pressed" DVD that I know of, is UNDEAD: THE VAMPIRE COLLECTION by MILL CREEK. It's a twenty movie collection that usually sells for five dollars or less. The movie is FULLscreen and in decent shape.


  1. UNDEAD and CHILLING both go on my shopping list now. As for "pressed" vs "burned" DVDs, Alpha Video only releases burned DVD-Rs now, unless the title you order is a catalog item and pressed copies are still in stock.

  2. I really hate ALPHA VIDEO / OLDIES...

    I have some of their older "pressed" releases, and some are decent. However, their customer service was horrible.

  3. For a while, Alpha was the only game in town for affordable old b-movies on DVD, unless you could afford Sinister Cinema (which is where Alpha got most of their material anyway), but Mill Creek and Brentwood really made it very cheap, with their 50-movie packs, etc. They own the market now for these kind of titles. The only Alphas I have are ones not available elsewhere.

    I've never had any issues with Alpha / Oldies customer service myself, and I used to order a lot of Alpha DVDs from them through the mail.

    I really do miss the old Digiview $1 DVDs in slim cases at Walmart, though, and the $1 "dollar store" DVDs in cardboard sleeves (Movie Classics / Genius Entertainment). That's how my collection got started.

  4. I also miss those companies.







    and MANY others.

    I have a lot of older scans and other material, and I plan on doing a post on those "made-to-sell-for-a-buck" discs ( as soon as I find the time to organize things ). I don't know how long it will take, but I am working on it.

    Last year, I spotted a "new" brand of "dollar-discs" at a local DOLLAR TREE. They were in cardboard folders with a "peg-hole" at the top of the package. I did not see a company name on the outer packaging, but they're made by POP FLIX. They also sold movies in those slim-line cases.

    POP FLIX has some nice sets. I love all of their Italian crime movie collections. I only buy the POP FLIX sets that contain movies I don't have in my MILL CREEK sets.

    On black friday of last year, or the year before that, WALMART had TGG DIRECT discs in blister packs for ninety-six cents each ( I think that was the price ).

    Anyway, more soon......

  5. Re: Dollar Tree...

    A few years back they had a bunch of double feature horror DVDs in slim cases for a buck at my local DT, but apparently they didn't sell. 2012 and 2013 those same horror double feature discs were back, but this time at 50 cents per DVD! So I picked up one copy of each combo disc, and ended up with 18 slimcases (36 movies!) for $9 plus tax.

    Every one of those 36 movies an old public domain horror flick...all the way from '40s Lugosi or Karloff movies to '70s grindhouse horrors. (And a Larry Buchanan flick or two in between.) Talk about cheap fun!