Friday, December 12, 2014


Newspaper ad from LA OPINION ( Los Angeles California U.S.A. - March 1978 )

I love cinematic cheese!

Forget about all the bullshit that's happening in this world and take a mental vacation ( at least for a short time ).

Movies and tv shows are supposed to be entertainment, NOT a profound life changing experience! Do you really want a profound experience?!.... Then go take a shit in the forest during the height of winter!

Anyway, most "know-it-all" critics will tell you, this movie was never shown theatrically in the United States... BULLSHIT!... It DID play in theaters! Their opinions are NOT facts!

EXORCISMO was written by Jordi Gigo, Juan Bosch, and Paul Naschy ( 1934 - 2009 )

It was directed by Juan Bosch.

It stars, Paul Naschy, Maria Perschy ( 1938 - 2004 ), Maria Kosty, and Grace Mills.

It was released on VHS, but I don't remember by which company ( most likely an obscure label ).

"Pressed" region one discs have been released a few times. I think the best version was from the late BCI ( out of print ).

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