Sunday, December 7, 2014


GUESS WHAT WE LEARNED IN SCHOOL TODAY? was a gutsy flick. It had a lot of taboo subject matter for a early seventies movie that played in so-called "mainstream" theaters.

I was a kid, the first time I saw this. If I remember correctly, it aired on a southern California tv station.

Most of the professional movie critics had a great time bashing it. Some of them accused the filmmakers of being immoral... Are you surprised? Most of those critics were a bunch of pussy-hypocrites.

GUESS WHAT WE LEARNED IN SCHOOL TODAY? was written by Eugene Price ( 1932 – 2001 ), and John G. Avildsen.

The movie was directed by John G. Avildsen.

It stars, Yvonne McCall, Zachary Haines, Jane MacLeod, Devin Goldenberg, Rosella Olsen, Richard Carballo ( 1934 – 1980 ), Diane Moore, Stanton Edgehill, Iris Brooks, and others.

Devin Goldenberg was also in SAVAGE WEEKEND.

Does anyone know what happened to Jane MacLeod, Rosella Olsen, Diane Moore, and other folks from this movie?

Rosella Olsen.... I thought she was wonderful in her role. I also thought she looked adorable. Is Rosella Olsen her real name?

Jane MacLeod.... Very sensuous, and I loved her performance. Is Jane MacLeod her real name?

Diane Moore... She did a great job in this flick. I think she was the "UP CHUCK CUP" lady in the I DISMEMBER MAMA / BLOOD SPLATTERED BRIDE trailer. Can anyone out there confirm this?... And is Diane Moore her real name?

Is this Diane Moore? ( trailer for I DISMEMBER MAMA / BLOOD SPLATTERED BRIDE )

I don't know if this movie had a legit VHS / BETA release in the United States.

However, it was released on region one DVD by MILL CREEK. It can be found in their TOP OF THE CLASS ( 12 movie collection ). It's presented in FULLscreen, and does not appear to be cut. This movie collection has three single sided discs ( four flicks per disc - they look and sound good ). I paid five dollars for it ( at WALMART ).

I don't know if any other region one companies released it on "pressed" disc.

There are also several grey-market DVDs out there.


  1. Hmm. None of the Walmarts around here ever carried these Mill Creek collections, only the lousy Echo Bridge horror collections (bleah).

  2. It's almost always a hit-or-miss deal with WALMART stores...

    Sometimes they'll have a bunch MILL CREEK and other brands, such as IFC, SHOUT FACTORY, IMAGE, and various other "indie" labels... and other times they'll be nothing but ECHO BRIDGE, TGG ( dvd-R ), and other stuff you have zero interest in.....

  3. Should have wrote "there will", NOT "they'll".... I was in a hurry....

  4. A local Kmart I visited had more of the multi-movie combo box sets, but most were from Echo Bridge.