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Screengrab of Ed Wood - from NYMPHO CYCLER... I made it from a poor quality online video.

During the past week, I've been watching Ed Wood flicks, and thinking about him.

Above is a print ad for NYMPHO CYCLER - playing as part of a double feature ( Brandenton Florida - 1976 ).

I've only seen clips from NYMPHO CYCLER. It looks like a lot of fun.

Screengrabs from FINAL CURTAIN ( from an online video )

FINAL CURTAIN is one of Ed Wood's so-called "lost" films - how lost can it be, if I found it on the internet?... ha-ha-ha.

It's supposedly a pilot for a supernatural themed anthology show.

The whole episode is done voice-over style, and it actually does feel a little creepy, and silly.

As far as I know, it's NOT currently on any region one DVD, nor has it ever been released on VHS.

Above are print ads for DROP OUT WIFE - it played at two drive-in theaters in neighboring towns ( Bangor Maine - 1973 )

DROP OUT WIFE stars, Angela Carnon as Peggy, and the cute Terri Johnson as Janet.

I like this flick. It's got some surreal moments, and I thought it was very interesting.

Screengrabs from DROP OUT WIFE ( from a S'MORE ENTERTAINMENT DVD )

Both Stephen C. Apostolof, and Ed Wood worked on it.

Above is a print ad for BEACH BUNNIES - From Sept. 10, 1977

BEACH BUNNIES bored me shitless - especially when Mariwin Roberts ( Lorrie ), and Wendy Cavanaugh ( Bonnie ), weren't on screen.

This was another Stephen C. Apostolof, and Ed Wood flick.

It was released on pressed DVD by S'MORE ENTERTAINMENT.

Above is a print ad for ORGY OF THE DEAD - playing as a co-feature ( Spokane Washington - 1967 )


Criswell!... What a hoot that guy was!

As a kid, I was mesmerized by all the sexy women in this flick.

Fawn Silver seemed to have a very short career in exploitation flicks ( unless she used another name ).

I've been told, she appeared in a men's publication called MILLIONAIRE MAGAZINE ( May 1966 ). I could not find a picture of the cover, or interior shots.

Pat Barrington had an incredibly hot body. I've seen her in at least three or four other films.

She supposedly appeared in an episode of THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. ( THE COME WITH ME TO THE CASBAH AFFAIR - credited as Camille Grant ).

Screengrabs are from an episode of THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.... What do you think?... Is it Pat Barrington?... I made the screengrabs from a low quality, and apparently badly cropped, online video... Did she wear wigs, or constantly change her hair color?

ORGY OF THE DEAD looks great, that's for certain.... The cinematographer is credited as Robert Caramico. His credits are impressive. Below, is a partial list...

JUST SHOOT ME! ( tv series )

DALLAS ( tv series - original version )

FALCON CREST ( tv series )

THE WALTONS ( tv series )

He also worked on a lot of made-for-tv and theatrical movies. Such as...






EATEN ALIVE ( Tobe Hooper )


Question, was ORGY OF THE DEAD the first film, Stephen C. Apostolof and Ed Wood worked together on?

It was released on pressed DVD by S'MORE ENTERTAINMENT.

Above are print ads for FUGITIVE GIRLS aka 5 LOOSE WOMEN ( Victoria Texas 1975 - on top & Fredericksburg Virginia 1975 - on bottom )

Above is a print ad for PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE - playing as a co-feature ( Athens Texas - 1959 )

Above is a print ad for BRIDE OF THE MONSTER - playing as a co-feature ( Rome Geogia - 1957 )

Above screengrab from the PDF version of TASCHEN MAGAZINE ( winter 2014 issue ). The article mentions Ed Wood.

Follow the directions below to access the digital version of TASCHEN MAGAZINE.....

1 - Click the "newsletter & magazine" link ( top of the main TASCHEN webpage ).

2 - Then on the left side, click on the "Catalogues & Teasers" link.....

Click LINK below for the website.....


Covers for various ED WOOD DVDs... From left to right, ED WOOD'S DIRTY MOVIES ( a three movie collection that contains THE YOUNG MARRIEDS - ALTERNATIVE CINEMA ), BIG BOX OF WOOD ( contains thirteen films - S'MORE ENTERTAINMEMT ), NYMPHO CYCLER ( four film collection - ALPHA BLUE ARCHIVES ), and BRIDE OF THE MONSTER ( IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT )

There are also countless grey-market DVD-Rs of his rare, and even rarer x-rated films ( from various companies - as usual, caveat emptor ).

I'm still hoping someone will make a SERIOUS documentary about his life. I've got a lot of questions - like where the hell was the V.A., or social services, when he needed help?

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  1. Criswell was indeed a hoot...even moreso in person! :D