Saturday, May 30, 2015


Logan Miller

Andrew McKenzie
Logan Miller
Noah Miller


January Jones as Sarah Rami­rez

Eduardo Noriega as Miguel Ramirez

Ed Harris as Sheriff Jackson

Jason Isaacs as Prophet Josiah

Also appearing, Stephen Root, Amy Madigan, the canine that played Jack the dog, And others...

SWEETWATER is a western, and it takes place in a small town in New Mexico. The town is populated by mostly arrogant bigots and despicable hypocrites.

Most of the townsfolk treat a local Hispanic farmer and his Anglo wife like they were filth.

The farmer's name is Miguel, and they treat him like a foreigner, even though he's the only person in town that's a native! They also lust after Sarah, his wife.

The most vile individuals in town are, a religious leader, and his mindless followers. He calls himself the Prophet Josiah and hides behind religion to justify his hate, greed, bigamy, lust, and homicidal behavior.

Sheriff Jackson comes to Sweetwater to find two brothers, who were both murdered by Josiah and one of his cohorts.

The Sheriff quickly discovers that Josiah is a demon, not a saint.

Jack, Miguel and Sarah's dog, is killed by Josiah's henchmen. A short time later, Miguel is degradingly, and brutally murdered.

Sarah is full of rage and intelligence, and she's going to make every one of those worthless abominations pay for their heartless, hate-filled, and cowardly acts.

Things are NOT going to end well for a lot of people.

Start gathering up rags, cause there's going to be blood everywhere.....

Josiah - "You beast of the earth, you brown-skinned bastard!"

Kingfisher - "Santa Fe senoritas ain't wild enough for you?"

Sheriff - "You ever fuck a sheep? Lots of sheep farmers fuck their sheep. Isn't that how syphilis started?"

Hugh - "My guess is, she'll be whorin' again in no time, just like her mother"

Josiah - "I have washed away your sins, Sarah. You are a member of the white race. You should never have married a man with cursed blood"

Hugh - "Seven dollars to play my flute? Why, I won't pay a penny more over a dollar... even if you do rub my balls"

Sarah - "Feels good in the ass, don't it?"

DVD ( 1 disc )
Region one
Company - ARC Entertainment
Rated - R
Extras - Yes... see list below...
1 - Making of ( a little over ten minutes )
2 - Cold grey light of dawn ( music track )
3 - SWEETWATER trailer
4 - BOUNTY KILLER trailer
6 - VEHICLE 19 trailer
Inserts - No

OBTAINED AT - Dollar Tree

PRICE - $1.00



I knew nothing about SWEETWATER, so it was a great surprise to discover this GEM OF A MOVIE!

I really really really love this film!

It's downright therapeutic to watch Sarah get vengeance, and I loved every fucking minute of SWEETWATER!

New film school students take note! This is the way to make a movie!

Ed Harris is as usual, unforgettable!... He looks like he's having a lot of fun with his character. I laughed my ass off, when the Sheriff beat the shit out of another guy... I'm not going to spoil it for you, just watch the movie.

Jason Isaacs is so good, it's scary. He really does become the religious fanatic Josiah.

January Jones and Eduardo Noriega really do portray a realistic couple, and they make their characters genuinely human.

It's one great performance after another.

Everyone in front of the camera hands-in a truly outstanding performance, regardless of the size of their role!

The folks behind the camera did an incredibly convincing job with the western sets, costumes, camera work, audio, and everything else.

SWEETWATER is fast-paced and the characters - both major and minor - are three-dimensional, and that's the way it should be.

As an added bonus, you also get some female nudity. Unfortunately, you also get some man-butts. Oh well, nothing in life is perfect... ha-ha-ha.

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  1. Looks interesting...guess I need to check Dollar Tree again. lol