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Zalman King

Patricia Louisianna Knop
Zalman King

Brigitte Backo
David Duchovny
Billy Wirth
Brenda Vaccaro
Blake ( Stella the dog )
And many others...

Alex ( Brigitte Backo )

Jake ( David Duchovny )

Tom ( Billy Wirth )

Martha ( Brenda Vaccaro )

Stella ( Blake the dog )

Alex is Jake's fiancee. She walks around with a "fuck me now" look on her face. She feels she's not worthy of Jake, but the exact opposite is true.

Jake is Alex's husband-to-be. He broods, then broods again, and again, and again, and occasionally he looks confused too... woe is he...

Tom is Alex's lover and "mimbo" ( male bimbo ). He's a mild mannered constrution worker by day, and libidinous women's shoe salesman by night. He smiles A LOT. He also walks around with a "hey, you know you want me" look on his face.

Stella is Jake & Alex's confused dog. He probably spends a lot of time trying to figure out why humans are so stupid.

Martha is Alex's mother... Does she secretly long for Jake's loins?

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... Oh, I make myself laugh so much... BUTT seriously folks... Let me say the obvious, Brigitte Backo is so fucking cute! She also gets naked a lot. That alone is worth the price of admission.

As for the story, umm, there's a story?... oh yeah, it's about egotistical and superficial people, worried about superficial trivial things and they get naked and have sex.

The movie is beautiful to look at, and the moody exotic music is a perfect fit.

It also has some of the cheesiest dialogue you'll ever hear, and yet it all works.

The RED SHOE DIARIES MOVIE - and series - are the video equivalents of sleazy pulp paperbacks... I mean that in a GOOD way.

So just sit back and enjoy....

RRRRR... Ahoy ye matey!.. It's a pirate's life for me!.. Yo-ho-ho!.. NO, I'm NOT talking to you bitch!...

Tom: "There's no rational explanation for the attraction between two people. It just happens. Like accidents. Magic."

Tom: "I told you, I can move stone blocks with my cock"

Tom: "Have you ever noticed how liars start each sentence with to-tell-the-truth?"

Alex: "My panties.. Rip them off.. Do it!"

Alex: "He made love, like he worked on the street.. tender as a jack-hammer"

Alex: "The greatest aphrodisiac of all.. control.."

Jake: "That's the thing about life. If you look at anything hard enough, long enough, in the harsh light of day, you'll eventually see the flaws"

Martha: "What's a matter with you Rita?.. Is your new boyfriend keeping you up at night?.. You look like shit!"

Martha: "I don't know if my daughter told you, but her father was a real cocksucker"

Jake: "Fuck your mother!.. She can piss on my head, I don't care!.. It dosen't make a difference how I feel about you!"

Tom: "I'll be like one of those dogs you see in the parks. They'll have to turn a fire hose on me, to get me off you"

Alex: "Things have a life, and that life comes to an end"

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Company - Anthem Pictures
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PRICE - Free

NO!... I LOVE IT!... This is the RED SHOE DIARIES movie. The first chapter in the SEXology tv show that aired on cable channel SHOWTIME.

Overacting, silly script, ridiculous fist fights, self absorbed characters and lots of nudity... Having said that, nothing in this movie can equal the absurdities of real life.

The popularity of the movie and series only seems to have grown with time.

You can watch the movie and series at HULU.

The movie and series were released on VHS by REPUBLIC PICTURES HOME VIDEO.

It's released on region one DVD by ANTHEM PICTURES.

Zalman King also directed the infamous movie called TWO MOON JUCTION ( Sherilyn Fenn ). In addition, he also starred in a 1970's grindhouse flick called TRIP WITH THE TEACHER.

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