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Michael Samuels

William Boyd

Jim Broadbent
Matthew Macfadyen
Hayley Atwell
Sam Claflin
Conor Nealon
Flaminia Cinque
Ken Bones
Freddie Fox
Samuel West
James Musgrave
Ed Stoppart
Natasha Little
Skye Bennett
Flynn Allen
Hugh Skinner
Honey Epstein
Poppy Epstein
Jean-Claude Bouillon
Kim Cattrall
Gillian Anderson
Tom Hollander
Richard Schiff
Lydia Wilson
Valérie Kaprisky
Isabelle Gregson
Pascal Langdale
And many others...

Child Logan Mountstuart ( Conor Nealon )

Young Logan Mountstuart ( Sam Claflin )

Middle Logan Mountstuart ( Matthew Macfadyen )

Older Logan Mountstuart ( Jim Broadbent )

Freya Deverell ( Hayley Atwell )

Logan's mother ( Flaminia Cinque )

Logan's father ( Ken Bones )

"Your past never leaves you. You want to rub it out. Forget it. But, it comes back and grabs you by the throat" - Logan Mountstuart

Logan's mother is Uruguayan, his father is English.

Young Logan longs to be a writer, and he accomplishes his goal. He is afraid he'll never lose his virginity, yet he ends up becoming a bit of a casanova, betraying one of his best friends in the process. He also experiences different types of heartbreak.

Middle Logan becomes a parent, and ends up being unfaithful to a woman he never should of married. While in Portugal, he meets Freya, she ends up becoming the love of his life. At one point, Logan becomes a prisoner. Later on, he suffers excruciating pain, when he loses some extremely irreplaceable things. Logan's son, Lionel, comes back into his life. He also gets some vengeance on a couple of loathsome individuals.

Older Logan seems determined to erase the past in any way possible. He endures financial hardships, and then becomes hospitalized. He also suffers one heartbreak after another, which only reminds him of why he's an atheist. He also experiences some moments of happiness.

He ultimately comes to terms with most of the traumatic events in his life.

Logan experiences almost every emotion and predicament a human being can live through. So if you can not identify with his character, even a little, then you're simply not human...

"The dice have been rolled for each of you. I wish you luck, and I hope there's more good luck than bad" - Logan Mountstuart

"I loved you so much... we were very very lucky" - Freya Deverell

Logan: "Am I staring into the abyss? A life of perpetual virginity?"

Logan's father: "It's just luck in the end. That's all life is. All the good luck you have, and all the bad luck. That's the only story"

Young Logan: "Like father used to say, bad luck, good luck. Enjoy the good luck when it comes your way"

Logan's mother: "When love affair goes bad, it's essential to keep your dignity. Without dignity, you become animal"

Older Logan: "Every human being is a collection of selves. We change all the time. We never stay one person as we go on our journey to the grave"

Freya: "I've never met anyone half Uruguayan before"

Middle Logan: "Time away from Freya, is time lost forever"

Freya: "Don't come back to me, unless you're going to stay"

Lottie's father: "You filthy bastard!"

Willis Simpson: "We'll get you, Judas"

Gloria: "It's not about looking back, it's about looking ahead"

Older Logan: "If life is about luck, is mine running out?"

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW )
Region - Not applicable
Company - Carnival / Channel 4 / MASTERPIECE
NOT rated
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PRICE - Free

NO!... I was flipping channels and stumbled across this mini-series. It was shown in three parts on PBS. I did NOT think I was going to like it, but I ended up loving it.

The story constantly travels back and fourth in time, but it's NOT confusing.
I'm not familiar with most of the cast, but they all impressed me a lot. Especially Matthew Macfadyen ( Middle Logan ), Hayley Atwell ( Freya ) and Jim Broadbent ( older Logan ).

Gillian Anderson and Tom Hollander do an excellent job of portraying ignorant-arrogant-inbred-parasites ( AKA royalty ).

I loved the camera work.

The region one DVD is scheduled to go on sale on April 05, 2011.

You can also watch it online at the PBS website ( for a limited time ).

This mini-series is based on a book by William Boyd.
ISBN: 9781400031009

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