Friday, March 11, 2011


Jerry Kramer

Anita Rosenberg
Laurie Craig

Daphne Zuniga
Cynthia Gibb
Clayton Rohner
Virginia Madsen
Unknown ( Cece's dog )
And many others....

Margo ( Daphne Zuniga )

Cecilia ( Cynthia Gibb )

Clifford ( Clayton Rohner )

Bruno X ( Clayton Rohner )

Kelly ( Virginia Madsen )

Cece's dog ( unknown )

This is the story of four Angeleno's...

Margo is a telemarketer, and she sucks at her job.

When it comes to Margo's man-of-her-dreams, she's a bit clueless. Margo can't see that the reality in front of her eyes is a million times better than her fantasy.

Cecilia ( aka Cece ) works in the make-up department of a downtown store. She REALLY SUCKS at her job, and is fired. She also has unrealistic expectations in regards to love.

Then there's Kelly. She works at a pet store and loves the never ending attention bestowed upon her by her male customers.

Kelly's got superficial men in her life. Which is appropriate, because she's chasing after them for superficial reasons. She has no unrealistic expectations about romantic love, because she seems incapable of feeling that type of love.

Cliff works as a driving instructor. He's far more realistic about things than the rest of the gang.

In the next twenty-four hours, Cece will meet, get separated from, and end up searching most of Los Angeles for a singer called Bruno-x ( he looks just like Cliff ).

Kelly plays with fire and almost gets burned.

Meanwhile, Margo and Cliff realize some things about themselves and each other.

Cece: "You know cliffy, the hottest nights are the ones when you don't know who you're coming home with"

Margo: "Interesting effect, isn't it?.. Kinda like a zombie in heat"

Margo: "Alan, he's rich, but he kisses like a lizard"

Cliff: "I'm negative?.. Margo, everybody in here looks suicidal"

Cliff: "These guys may not be as stupid as they look"

Cece: "Cool people have feelings too"

Cliff: "Nobody reads in L.A."

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW )
Region - Not applicable
Company - MGM
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free

NO!!... I love this... It's endearing harmless fluff, and what's wrong with that?....
As far as I know, most critics hated the movie... do you the consumer, really give a fuck about what they think? YOU, the consumer, are the most important critic of all.

FYI: There's a scene where Cece ( Cynthia Gibb ) puts makeup on a woman with disastrous results. A very similar scene occurs in the movie THE GOOD GIRL ( 2002 ). In that movie, Cheryl ( Zooey Deschanel ), works in the makeup department and proceeds to do the same thing to a customer.

I usually don't give a shit about most continuity errors, but sometimes they're so obvious that you can't keep from noticing. Such as... when one of Margo's heels changes color... from black to white to black again. The same applies to one of Kelly's shoes... Maybe it was an "inside joke"....

This movie was officially released on VHS by KVC HOME VIDEO.

However, after all this time, MODERN GIRLS is still NOT officially available on region one DVD. Only "bootleg" and "grey-market" DVDs exist. I don't know if it was officially released in other regions.

In fact, it's NOT even offered as a MANUFACTURED ON DEMAND DVD.

So when I found out THIS TV was going to air the movie again, this time I was ready. I recorded it onto a DVD-R.

There are many bad things about recording from a broadcast channel. The censorship. It's butchered to squeeze in as many commercials as possible. Plus, countless video and audio problems.

Did I mention the endless stream of mind-numbing commercials?... so many commercials that you start to forget what the hell you were watching. Having said that, I'm still grateful that THIS TV continues to air the movie. I'm also thankful they exist. They air many rare movies.

The movie also has a great soundtrack, including DEPECHE MODE. Their music video for BUT NOT TONIGHT ties into the movie.

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