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Bernard Wiesen

Robert Bloomfield
Leslie Edgley

Mala Powers
Jacques Bergerac
John Harding
Helena Nash
John Baer
Anna Lee Carroll
Robert Karnes
Peter Brocco
Peter Virgo Jr
Gregory Irvin
And more...

Sharon ( Mala Powers )

Paul ( Jacques Bergerac )

Milo ( John Harding )

Keith ( John Baer )

Brady ( Robert Karnes )

Sharon is taken to the train station by her employer's chauffeur.

She's supposed to go to San Francisco, but her plans are derailed.

As soon as Sharon steps into her cabin, she's confronted by a man with a gun. Then Sharon freaks out when she spots a dead woman sitting a few feet away.

Moments later, Sharon is knocked unconscious, only to be revived by a cop. The doughnut-hole accuses her of murder and even has the weapon she used.

When they leave the train, Sharon breaks free and runs through the woods and onto a road. Seconds later, she almost gets killed by a car.

The driver is called Paul. He was taking his crybaby son back to his ex-wife's home. Now he has the added responsibility of a hysterical woman to deal with.

A few hours later, Paul and Sharon arrive at her apartment building in Los Angeles. She thanks him and they go their separate ways.

When she walks into her apartment, she's greeted by her friend Keith and all seems right with the world.

Minutes later, she gets a phone call from paul, who invites her to a cafe. She accepts, but leaves the cafe abruptly after paranoia gets the best of her. So, Paul takes her home again.

When Sharon walks into her apartment she sees a dead Keith sitting in a chair. Then she spots the killer from the train. She screams and runs out. Paul, who is still downstairs, takes her to his place.

The next day, Paul and Sharon go to her employer's home.

The cop from the train is at the boss's house, but he tells everyone he never met Sharon before.

All of Sharon's claims are contradicted by her boss Milo, the chauffeur, and everyone else.

Paul is starting to have his doubts about Sharon. Even Sharon is having doubts about her sanity, and things only get worse.

Is Sharon crazy, or is she the victim of a conspiracy?....

Paul: "What are you trying to do, kill yourself?!"

Denise: "Apologize?!.. To her?!"

Paul: "No family or half a family, it's bad either way, isn't it? "

Keith: "Your face is dirty"

Sharon: "He's dead... he's dead"

Sharon: "Don't talk to me, I won't listen!"

Sharon: "You're all against me!"

Paul: "I always stage my orgies on alternate weekends"

Milo: "Idiot!!!!"

Black and white
Region zero
Extras - A short film called THE INNER MAN STEPS OUT.
Inserts - None

OBTAINED AT - Something Weird Video
PRICE - $10.00

HELL NO!....

This is a RARE flick. I've only seen it once before, on television ( when I was a kid ).

It's a lot of fun watching the cute and curvaceous Mala Powers portray Sharon. She really seemed to get into her character, and the movie is better because of it.

In fact, everyone seems to be enjoying their roles.

FEAR NO MORE is available on DVD-R from SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO. I think it's region zero, but I'm NOT sure.

There is NO menu, and the disc has 18 chapters.

It starts with the famous SOMETHING WEIRD intro, then FEAR NO MORE, and ends with a BONUS short feature called THE INNER MAN STEPS OUT.

INNER MAN STEPS OUT is a corporate film made by GENERAL ELECTRIC ( FULLscreen - black & White ). It stars J. Robert Breton.

He plays an arrogant asshole named Jerry. He's also grumpy and a little paranoid. Did I mention that Jerry talks to himself?... Well, he does! You may, or may not, laugh at the sight of Jerry's doctor smoking. Anyway, the film is interesting.

Jerry talks to Jerry while watching Jerry on a GENERAL ELECTRIC television.

Jerry's inner man has lust in his heart!

In September 2012, FEAR NO MORE will also be released as part of a six movie set called WEIRD NOIR ( on two discs ). This will be one of SOMETHING WEIRD's special edition DVDs released by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT.

FYI: The SOMETHING WEIRD logo appears on screen for the entire movie. Their SPECIAL EDITION DVDs - via IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT - do NOT have the SWV logo tacked onto the movies.

This irritated the shit out of me for about five minutes, then I got so involved with the story that I completely forgot about the logo.

The SOMETHING WEIRD DVD-R's pack a lot of bang for the buck, and I like them just as much as the SPECIAL EDITION discs they make.

I highly recommend all of the discs cranked out by SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO.

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