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Vernon Zimmerman

Vernon Zimmerman

Dennis Christopher
Linda Kerridge
Eve Brent
Norman Burton
Mickey Rourke
Hennen Chambers
Tim Thomerson
Gwynne Gilford
James Luisi
Marcie Barkin
Morgan Paull
Peter Horton
And many others...

Eric Binford ( Dennis Christopher )

Marilyn O'Connor ( Linda Kerridge )

Stella Binford ( Eve Brent )

Marty Berger ( Norman Burton )

Bart and Richie ( Hennen Chambers and Mickey Rourke )

Capt. Gallagher, Jerry Moriarty, and Anne Oshenbull ( James Luisi, Tim Thomerson, and Gwynne Gilford )

Eric works for a film lab and shares a house with his aunt Stella. He is a two legged encyclopaedia of movies. He's also lonely.

Stella blames Eric for a incident that put her in a wheelchair for life. Did I mention that Eric was only four years old at the time?... Well, he was. Stella is a truly vile bitch.

Eric gets treated like dog shit by almost everyone, including his boss Marty, his cowrokers Bart and Richie , and even a prostitute!

He meets an aspiring actress in a diner and they hit it off. Her name is Marilyn, and they decide to go on a date.

Unfortunately, Eric gets stood-up. Did she do it on purpose?... No. Marilyn just lost track of time while she was with some asshole.

Marilyn isn't like the other folks in his life. She is NOT a shallow person. She genuinely cares about Eric.

Eric ends up having a mental breakdown, which leads to a killing spree.

Eric gets vengeance in very creative and deadly ways.

At the police department, Jerry Moriarty and Anne Oshenbull, think they know who the killer is, but Gallagher doesn't want to hear their opinions. It doesn't help, that Jerry is a bit of a buffoon. He just doesn't know when to keep his big mouth shut.

It all ends in a very cinematic climax...

Stella: "Brain food is what you need, not escapist trash!"

Marty: "Binford, you're a fuck-up!"

Marilyn: "I'll never be a model with these thighs"

Richie: "Binford is a... he's sick in the head, he's like retarded or something"

Bart: "How are they going to find Richie's killer?!"

Jerry "Captain, I know the human mind, especially the sick ones!"

Gary: "You know something kid?, you got a real feel for film"

Marty: "I can't picture the creature that would want to marry you"

Gallagher: "I think we got ourselves a real wacko here"

Eric: "Top of the world..."

Region - Not applicable
Company - American Cinema Releasing / Media Home Ent / Anchor Bay Ent
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable

PRICE - Free


A sincere salute to everyone involved with this movie!... This is one of my favorite 1980s flicks.

Dennis Christopher as Eric, is truly outstanding. So are Eve Brent as Stella, and Norman Burton as Eric's boss Marty.

Linda Kerridge - the actress that plays Marilyn - does a great job with the amount of time - and material - she was given to work with... Ms. Kerridge gives Marilyn a heart.

Apparently, Ms. Kerridge was on the cover of PLAYBOY ( several editions ), OUI, and other magazines ( as Marilyn Monroe ).

It's fun watching a young Mickey Rourke as one of Eric's co-workers.

This movie was released on VHS by MEDIA HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

FADE TO BLACK was also released by itself, on region one DVD by ANCHOR BAY. And it was re-released as part of a double feature with HELL NIGHT ( also by ANCHOR BAY ).
Both versions are OUT OF PRINT and selling at INSANE prices on the secondary market.

If you pay absurd amounts of money for used VHS / DVDs then you either have money to burn, or shit for brains, or both...

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