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John Dahl

John Dahl
Rick Dahl

Nicolas Cage
J.T. Walsh
Lara Flynn Boyle
Dennis Hopper
Timothy Carhart
Dwight Yoakam
And others...

Michael ( Nicolas Cage )

Suzanne ( Lara Flynn Boyle )

Wayne ( J.T. Walsh )

Lyle ( Dennis Hopper )

Deputy Matt Greytack ( Timothy Carhart )

Michael is unemployed, broke, alone, and running on empty. He's also a man of pride and principles in a world filled with shameless and immoral people.

He's driven from Texas to Wyoming for a potential job.

He arrives at the company's property, but is rejected for the job, when he admits to having a bad leg. So he thanks his friend and leaves.

He ends up in a small town called Red Rock.

Michael drifts into a bar. While he's there, the bar owner Wayne, mistakenly gives him a job intended for a Texan named Lyle.

Wayne takes Michael to a back room and tells him to kill his wife Suzanne, and to make it look like an accident.

Michael goes to the couple's ranch and confesses the plan to Suzanne. Who makes her own deal with Michael.

Now Michael has money coming out of his ears. So he goes to a mini-mart and proceeds to get a full tank of gas, food, and other supplies.

He then writes a letter to the police. He details the couple's plans and mails it.

It's "a dark and stormy night", and Michael is feeling pretty good as he drives out of Red Rock. Suddenly, things get uglier than the weather.

Michael hits a man with his car, and then takes him to the local hospital. A short time later, the deputies show up. Then the sheriff arrives, and he just happens to be Wayne.

Wayne takes Michael on a ride. Wayne is really pissed that Michael is not the hit-man, and that Suzanne is still alive.

One thing leads to another, and before you know it, Michael escapes. He runs across a wet road, and proceeds to slip and fall in front of an oncoming car. The driver turns out to be Lyle, the hit-man from Texas!

Poor Michael... things are a mess, and he always seems to end up where he started.

Will he ever get out of Red Rock alive?....

Michael: "I'd hate to see an innocent woman get hurt, but it's an awful lot of money"

Suzanne: "Love does crazy things to people"

Lyle: "If I hadn't had my breaks just done, I'd be picking your brains outta my radiator"

Lyle: "Don't piss on the seat, even it they did, it's bad luck"

Truck driver: "Does that tickle?.. because it won't if I pull the trigger"

Michael: "If I were you, I'd get a divorce"

Michael: "When I was a kid, my dad took me to Veracruz, and he bought me a purple sombrero, and a little guitar.. it was nice"

Lyle: "You think you're better than me, don't ya?"

Wayne: "Who's got the fucking keys?!"

Michael: "You know what?.. I am better than you"

WIDEscreen and FULLscreen ( double sided disc )
Region one
Rated R
Extras - Just one, an audio commentary by John Dahl and Rick Dahl
Inserts - Yes. Contains a 4 page color folder

PRICE - $3.00

HELL NO!!!!!...

RED ROCK WEST is one of my favorite movies of all time!


I can't recommend it enough!

Everybody involved with this movie kicks ass!

I can identify with "Michael" on many levels. Such as, when his dinosaur sized Cadillac coupe is dying of thirst, but he can only afford to feed it five dollars worth of food.

FYI: according to the audio commentary, the Dwight Yoakam song A THOUSAND MILES FROM NOWHERE was written especially for this movie, and a soundtrack album that was never released.

RED ROCK WEST was released on VHS by SONY.

In the United States, RED ROCK WEST was released on region one DVD by SONY ( now OUT OF PRINT ).

It was also released on region one DVD by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT. A word of caution, I've been told that the IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT DVD is FULLscreen only.

As of this writing, it has NOT been released on BLU-RAY.

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