Saturday, December 8, 2012


Marc Rocco

Danny Eisenberg
John Norvet
Marc Rocco

Catherine Mary Stewart
Alex Rocco
Cameron Dye
Steve Railsback
Lisa Blake Richards
Joe Pantoliano
Jewel Shepard
And many others.....

Debi DiAngelo ( Catherine Mary Stewart )

Nathan DiAngelo ( Alex Rocco )

Harry and Niles ( Steve Railsback and Cameron Dye )

Dana ( Jewel Shepard )

Debi is a young aspiring singer / songwriter / musician. She thinks she's independent, but she's not. She gets financial assistance from her wealthy parents.

Her brother Kerry has a self destructive streak, and his deteriorating mental state seems to go unnoticed by everyone.

Debi's roomate, Dana, tells Debi she's pregnant. Debi's father happens to be Dana's boss. Is the baby his?

One day, Debi goes to an audition. The band's manager, Harry, decides to hire her.

Debi and Niles, the lead singer, become romantically involved.

Manny, a big-shot in the music world, makes the band an offer they can't refuse.

Soon afterwards, Manny convinces Niles to dump Harry, and the rest of the band. Did I mention that Harry and Niles are brothers?

Almost immediately, Niles starts taking credit for the songs Debi wrote.

Soon after, Debi discovers Niles true colors, and she goes ballistic. Does she dump him?... NO!... Why?, because her vagina is doing all the thinking!

As it turns out, the band is the least of her worries, as Debi's personal life quickly falls apart.

How will it all end?... You'll have to find out for yourself.

Manny: "Take your fifteen percent and mind your own business"

Makeup artist: "you know what matters in this life?... the way you look"

Harry: "You're a whore"

Niles: I've seen you looking at that tight little ass, and you're not gettin' any of it"

Debi: "You son-of-a-bitch"

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Rated R
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PRICE - Free


Generally speaking, I loath movies about the music industry. but I made an exception for this flick.

Yes, this movie is filled with material we've all seen countless times before. But, that does NOT make it a bad movie. So don't believe most of the bad press you read.

It' too bad they didn't focus the story on Debi and Dana. Why?.. because the parts that involve Debi's family and Dana, were far more interesting that the parts that dealt with the band.

Steve Railsback and Joe Pantoliano don't have much to do.

Jewel Shepard, this woman's real voice is incredibly sultry. Unfortunately, during most of Dana's scenes, she seems to use her air-headed-valley-girl voice. Dana sounds like Ms. Shepard's GARFEILD character.

My two favorite scenes are as follows:

1 - The characters played by Catherine Mary Stewart, Alex Rocco, and Lisa Blake Richards, are coming to terms with Kerry's suicide. There was a lot of truth in that scene, and it felt sincere.

2 - During a scene in their apartment, Jewel Shepard's performance is subdued and realistic. Her character's pain feels genuine. It's too bad her part wasn't bigger, because she finally got to show off her dramatic skills.

Catherine Mary Stewart has got a beautiful singing voice. Yes, she actually sings in this movie.

This is a RARE movie. It was released on VHS by CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT.

AMAZON also released it on VHS, as one of their so-called "exclusives".

There is no legit region one DVD. I've only seen "grey-market" discs for sale.


  1. I would like to get this movie. The record producer party was filmed at my house over 3 days. I was a extra. I left the country for school in 86 so never knew it made it.

  2. Any assholes on the set?

    Did they feed you?

    As of October 2014, this movie is still NOT on legit region one DVD... But, you can find it on VHS. There's TWO versions, one is by CHARTER ENTERTAINMENT ( nice front and back photo covers ), or the AMAZON edition ( plain generic covers ).

    As I write this, the AMAZON version is being sold for $2.95 from HAMILTON BOOK DOT COM ( they only ship to U.S. addresses ).